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Thread: Trump: This Is the Republican Party, Itís Not Called the Conservative Party

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    Trump: This Is the Republican Party, Itís Not Called the Conservative Party

    Trump: This Is the Republican Party, Itís Not Called the Conservative Party

    BY: David Rutz
    May 8, 2016 11:58 am

    Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump said in an interview airing Sunday on ABC that while he was a conservative, people shouldnít forget that ďthis is called the Republican Party, itís not called the Conservative Party.Ē

    In a wide-ranging interview with This Weekís George Stephanopoulos, Trump addressed the problem he faces of unifying the Republican Party, which is divided over his presumptive nomination for the presidency. Prominent figures like Jeb Bush and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) have already stated they will not support him, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) said this week he was not ready to back Trump.

    Trump said, however, the party did not necessarily need to be unified in the traditional sense, alluding to former Democrats and working-class voters that have crossed over and supported his candidacy in the GOP primaries.

    ďI think it would be better if it were unified,Ē Trump said. ďThere would be something good about it, but I donít think it actually has to be unified in the traditional sense.Ē

    Trump said he would ďdo what I have to do,Ē pointing to peopleís support for his bashing of free trade agreements that traditionally have been supported by Republicans.

    ďI want trade.
    I donít want to be an isolationist, but whatís happening with China, whatís happening with Japan, whatís happening with Mexico, theyíre just absolutely eating our lunch,Ē Trump said. ďItís a shame. Itís terrible, so I have to stay true to my principles also, and Iím a conservative. But donít forget, this is called the Republican Party. Itís not called the Conservative Party. You know, there are conservative parties.

    Itís called the Republican Party.ď

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    Yes, it's the Republican Party, not the conservative party. Trump gets it. He's the first true Republican to run for President in a long time, possibly since Ford, maybe since Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt. He gets it because he's one of US. When the party wandered into globalism and open borders and deficit spending and nothing for infrastructure, and all focused if not obsessed with social issues, not civil rights issues of the party tradition and original purpose, but social issues, taking one group's view of how people should live and wanting to use laws and the force and power of government to shove it down everyone's throat, we became a perversion of what we were to begin with, the people's party, and because a subset of a particular group. Many left the party, many stayed and wailed like me, others just stayed home or went away.

    The reason Trump is getting so many votes even with so many others in the race for so long is because he's taking our party back to its original principles, its original philosophy, its original purpose.

    I for one am deeply grateful to Donald Trump for doing that for and with US.
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