Trump Supporter Makes Sign So Big, It's Only Visible From The Air

Feb 25, 2017

Despite the townhall protests and Women’s March, there are more Trump supporters than Hillary supporters out there. The November 2016 election proved it. Colorado might have gone for Hillary, but one Colorado farmer didn’t. Doug Koehn is a Trump supporter, and he decided to tell the world. He turned his support for Trump into a huge sign. So huge, it’s visible from Denver Airport. Here’s Doug Koehn talking about it: “If you fly in or out of Denver soon, you might spot what we’re pretty sure is the state’s largest political sign.

Frustrated at some of the negativity coming from opponents of President Donald Trump, rancher Doug Koehn hopped on his plow and carved the word ‘TRUMP’ in big block letters into his field. ‘The letters are 800 feet wide and approximately 800 feet long,’ Koehn said. ‘A mile-long Trump.’ You can’t really read it from ground level. The first time Koehn saw the whole thing in one frame was when 9NEWS showed up with a drone to see it.” -- Trump supporters are standing up. Go, Doug Koehn!

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