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Thread: Trump wants to add $54 billion to defense and cut social spending

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    The only thing for real they will do with Africa IS TOO DIG IT UP, MINE IT UP AND DESTROY all HABITAT FOR CREATURES while the workers eat the last wild gorillas on earth - soon only in zoos. Money money $$$$$. Stocks, stocks.

    SOS hillary promoted fracking everywhere with our technology/chemicals - what do you think mr exxon tillerson will do?
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    I think we should cut out all foreign aid. If we want - or need - to help the people of a country, do it directly to the people.

    It shouldn't be through the so called 'charities' or some church either.

    Foreign aid seems to be just a means for foreign governments to either buy American military goods, or to grease the palms of rulers to allow American corporations to operate, as they wish in the country, or allow NGO's to do more harm than good, while lining their own pockets.

    We should cease and desist all funding to any organization - period.

    No more 'grants' for this organization for art, music, to build bike paths, museums, etc., etc.

    We should use taxpayer dollars to operate the government - nothing else.

    Close all departments except those that are actually part of the federal government's mandate. I'm thinking cutting Education, HEW, Agriculture - and more. Those that are necessary are best handled by the states.

    We could pay off the national debt in jig time.
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    Yes, I think our companies should hand out the aid to Africa. I trust them more than many of the governments in Africa. I think the companies would do it smart and make sure it got to the people in ways that actually make a more permanent difference. And just for a short time. It doesn't need to be a long term project. Just doing a few right things to jump start some things, then the people of Africa will take the ball and run with it.
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