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Thread: Trump wants you to help prevent a rigged election

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    Trump wants you to help prevent a rigged election

    Trump wants you to help prevent a rigged election

    By Mary Kay Linge

    August 14, 2016 | 2:56am

    Donald Trump is imploring fans to get to the polls on Election Day — to keep an eye on other voters.

    “Help me stop Crooked Hillary from rigging this election!” he urged followers in a new page on the Trump-Pence campaign site.

    Those who sign up receive an e-mail from the campaign promising, “We are going to do everything we are legally allowed to do” to keep the vote on the up-and-up.

    The effort to recruit poll watchers began Friday after the GOP nominee warned of Democratic vote tampering, telling a Pennsylvania rally, “The only way they can beat [us] . . . is if in certain sections of the state they cheat.”

    Trump’s effort drew heated backlash from opponents on social media, who saw it as an attempt at voter suppression.

    “Trump Election Observer = Voter intimidation,” @RadioRodriguez tweeted.

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    “Trump Election Observer = Voter intimidation,” @RadioRodriguez tweeted.
    But black panthers outside Philadelphia voting booths during obama voting wasn't? I don't tweet but somebody should educate this ignorant person.

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    they could be in fear to be around voting polls as you need ten body guards for a single person if you're a Donald Trump supporter (juste like here if you are a Front National voter) i saw even police officer were attacked as only being there for laws and order over here medias did say a word about riots against Donald Trump supporters and police this mean they're happy as Hillary Clinton is their candidat
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    Stick to the issues....if voters are in an environment that is hostile, then that is purely un-American and needs to be addressed. If you are in a hostile environment, just put a big smile on, pretend you voted for whoever and in the booth, pull the lever for Trump. Sounds more like a third world country or Russia with voter intimidation tactics.

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    I work the polls on election day here in California and the situation is very, very bad. Everyone working the polls routinely flaunts the ballot collecting security measures. Intimidation and manipulation at the polling centers is bad and clearly favors political cliques. There is a thing called "provisional voting" that further loosens security and confuses vote counting. People who worry about the polls say they would like to make voter ID necessary, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    I think the thing that would cure the problem would be to get rid of the polling places all together and switch to vote by mail.
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