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Thread: The Truth Behind San Jose and Trump

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    Someone posted on Trumps facebook that there is going to be a lawsuit filed for the police and mayor not protecting the citizens at the Trump rally. There is a group filing it, one I believe is an attorney. About time. The people that were filmed in photos should also file charges. This will slow them down. They have been getting away with it to long and it is getting out of control.
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    this guy has a sign trump you are not welcome in mexico soil that ok but you come over to our country & get every free that not ok in my book you are all angry why trump want to build a wall
    & if company go over to your country they will have to pay & we will get our job's back
    & no more free be that why you are angry to bad . you come over to our country you think you . own it well you don't it our country trump saw what going on & Obama did not care what he did to us he just kick us in the ass & you all love that & michelle you just as bad & your husband by kicking trump in the ass he doing more for our country & vet's then you did. you & all,of the other country could all burn our flag our vet's are over sea fight for our country & you do this . why don't you all go over sea & fight why you are all still baby yet if you do go over sea you come back & kiss the ground you walk on .
    good Luck trump stand your ground . we want our country back
    God bless the usa

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    it about time they do something

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    31,502 that Attorney needs to file a Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of ALL American's who have been murdered by illegal aliens!

    The agreed upon settlement is Obama steps down and we put the troops on the border and get that WALL built. Also, end Cuban Adjustment Act, no anchor baby, no freebies to non-citizens, no school, no job, no housing, no medical, no detention, no rights and end failed refugee and asylum programs...DEPORTATION. No papers, no entry, no rights. One way ticket back.

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