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Thread: Twitter Allows Death Threats Against FCC Chair Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote

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    Twitter Allows Death Threats Against FCC Chair Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote

    Twitter Allows Death Threats Against FCC Chair Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote

    Pai has the votes to repeal Obama-era Net Neutrality on Dec. 14

    Jerome Corsi | -

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – In his speech last week to the R Street Institute in Washington, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai attacked Twitter censorship by name, with a warning that reverberated throughout Silicon Valley.
    Almost as if in retaliation, Twitter has allowed users to post a startling number of hateful Tweets containing death threats against Pai and his family.
    “When it comes to a free and open Internet, Twitter is part of the problem,” Pai said, attacking the Internet edge company content provider for hiding behind net neutrality rules to implement an aggressive plan to censor conservatives and libertarians from the website.

    “The company has a viewpoint and uses that viewpoint to discriminate,” Pai continued. “This conduct is many things but it isn’t fighting for an open Internet.”
    Pai signaled out Twitter as a leading abuser of censorship practices that has “a double-standard” in screening out conservative users in favor of left-leaning liberal users.
    “Twitter is the lead offender using algorithms to block speech considered offense,” Pai argued, stressing his view that the Internet content providers are the more serious problem when it came to Internet censorship.
    “The real interest of these Internet giants is to use regulation to cement their dominance in the Internet economy,” Pai stressed. “Under Net Neutrality rules, the problem does not lie with Internet Service Providers, but with the deliverers of content on the Internet.”
    Twitter allows death threats against FCC chairman and his family
    Consider the following hate-laden death threats Twitter has allowed to remain posted attacking Pai:

    • Vincent_hirt Tweet: @AjitPaiFCC: “I will travel back in time and rape the bloody wounds of your mother when she is pregnant”
    • Dominic Carazmo Tweet: @AjitPaiFCC: “I hope you get assassinated.”
    • Rramierz Gaston Tweet: “I have ypur Address, i will go to your house for answers if this passes”
    • Fire Ember 345 Tweet: “You do know that if you take our internet away from us, there will be a revolution and the people will murder you, congress, Trump and put your heads on spikes. There is already talk and people are getting ready. So, if you want to live, leave our internet alone.”
    • New 2016 User Tweet: “Let’s plan a murder by pretending that there’s an issue with our internet and call Ajit Pai at 202-418-1000. I thought an awful lot to assassinate @AjitPaiFCC so he won’t end #NetNeutrality FBI **** YOU”
    • “Josh Bashes Homos Tweet: We should rape his wife and tie him up with a tape logged on his mouth, and hear him cry while we have some fun”
    • Pratikr 1096 Tweet: “Kill yourself.”
    • Bagooska Tweet: “reminder i hope bad things happen to you and your family @AjitPaiFCC”
    • Coop Coop Coop Tweet: “@AjitPaiFCC I hope your children get cancer.”
    • The Sedaiv Tweet: “Someone needs to walk behind Ajit and inject him with bleach or introduce a meat cleaver to his skull. In short: I agree, he’s a horrific person and deserves the absolute worse”
    • Arron Vaughn Tweet: “@AjitPaiFCC if net neutrality actually gets repealed you will be the most hated person in america. You best delete all your social media’s and get plastic surgery now because if anyone recognizes you after that your gonna get your shit knocked in or hopefully killed.
    • I Am The Pie King Tweet: (personal information, address, phone number)
    • The Real Vampire 3 Tweet: “1 like and I’ll murder the whole pai family if they kill the internet. (included a picture of Pai and his wife)”

    Pai has votes to repeal Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules
    At, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai his R Street Institute, Pai was joined by Trump-appointed Commissioner Brendan Carr and GOP Commissioner Michael O’Reilly, initially nominated by President Obama in 2013 and re-nominated in 2017 by President Trump.
    In their prepared remarks, all three expressed their enthusiasm for a return to the “free and open Internet” previously experienced under the “light-touch” FCC regulation of the Internet that existed prior to 2015.
    Pai explained the plan to restore Internet freedom will bring back the same rules that governed the Internet until 3 years ago, when the Obama administration, on a party-line vote at the FCC, imposed Title II regulation on the Internet, regulating the Internet as a common carrier under “Net Neutrality” rules.
    The FCC 5-person commission is scheduled to vote on Dec. 14, on Pai’s proposed order to repeal the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules, with Pai clearly commanding the required three votes to carry the vote.
    Eliminating Net Neutrality “heavy-handed” regulation
    Pai argued that by eliminating “Net Neutrality” rules, increased investment resulting from less “heavy-handed” Title II regulation would expand the availability of high-speed, low-cost Internet service, not restrict it. has repeatedly reported that since 2015, when the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules were put in place, instances of blocking and censoring have only occurred at a rapid pace on platforms owned by Facebook, Google and Twitter, which all lobbied hard for the 2015 “Net Neutrality” rules, which were carefully crafted so as to not touch those companies.
    The implementation of these 2015 Obama-era “Net neutrality” regulations, which were heavily pushed by Google in hundreds of closed-door meetings at the Obama White House, carved out Google and the other Silicon Valley behemoths and secured their position as absolute information gatekeepers.
    Since these 2015 regulations passed, Internet giant portals like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have moved to become the judge, jury, and executioner of the contact we read on the Internet, under the guise of eliminating “fake news.”
    Federal Trade Commission Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen agreed with Pai that repealing “Net Neutrality” rules would allow market forces to dictate a broader range of ISP services with varying data and pricing policies that she believes will be more responsive to consumer needs.
    “The Federal Trade Commission has tools that can protect consumers online more effectively than the Federal Communications Commission,” she argued, stressing that the FCC regulating the Internet as a Title II utility lacked the regulatory authority the FTC has regulating the Internet under trade provisions to protect Internet privacy and to prevent the censorship of ideas and users on ideological grounds.
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