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18 Jun 2016

When Donald Trump came to town Friday night, his enthusiastic supporters vastly outnumbered a pathetically small protester turnout which kept the chaos to a minimum. Although there was at least one brief fight, for the most part the protesters were contained by sheriff’s deputies and police officers.

Fight begins with headbutt from alleged Trump supporter. (Video Screenshot: Breitbart Texas/Lee Stranahan)

The fight occurred between the Trump protester and a Trump supporter, after exchanging heated words. In this video, the black protester can be seen saying something to the white Trump supporter just before being head butted and then punched. The melee resulted in the arrest of both men.

Still, the event had dozens of protesters that would be amusing if their goals were not so dangerous. One key factor in the lack of protesters seem to be the lack of funded or organized support.

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As this reporter has seen repeatedly since Donald Trump’s first big rally in Phoenix Arizona months ago, the anti-Trump protester are buoyed by well-financed, well-organized leftist groups.

One confused anti-Trump protester could not explain what was bad about Hitler.

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More on the street interviews:

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