Unmasking the Marco Rubio “Conservative” Foolishness!

John Lillipop | April 24, 2012

From the “you- can- fool -all –of- the- people -some -of -the time” archive comes this: For a brief while, Florida Senator Marco Rubio seemed sufficiently conservative and American to be on the national ticket as Vice President nominee along side Mitt Romney, presumptive nominee for the numero uno slot for the Republicans.

Rubio was, and is, very articulate, photogenic, says most of the right things most of the time, and did not appear to be a fanatic about illegal immigration, a trap that many Hispanics fall into.

Above all else, Rubio is Hispanic, a demographic constituency with whom Republicans struggle mightily, mostly due to the right-wing position which holds that the rule of law should be applied uniformly to all, without regard to ethnicity or race.

It was naively assumed that Rubio shared conservative ideals when it comes to immigration.

Unfortunately, that assumption was pounded into oblivion like a helpless pinata when Rubio proposed that “Racial Profiling” be made a part of the GOP platform through adoption of the Rubio version of the DREAM ACT.

As reported at the reference, in part:
Rubio's still-evolving bill would allow young undocumented immigrants who graduated from high school and have no criminal record to obtain a nonimmigrant visa. They could stay in the United States, obtain a drivers' license and work or continued their studies but would have no special path to citizenship. Rubio has said his goal is to craft a Republican compromise on the so-called DREAM Act in time for the upcoming Fall semester that Romney could support”

Fact of the matter, the young Hispanics that Rubio is so obsessed about are “Illegal aliens” as defined in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. They are here illegally and should be rounded up and deported back to Mexico, or other nation of origin immediately.

Calling invading criminals “Undocumented” is disrespectful, dishonest, and demeaning to the millions of Americans whom have gone through the rigors of legal immigration and made America their home in accordance with the law.

Mr. Rubio and like minded folks like the Bushes and all Democrats seem to think that simply being Hispanic entitles one to ignore the rule of law with impunity! After all, they seem to argue, Hispanics are special and should not be forced to abide by the law as everyone else must.

Has there ever been a more un-American definition of “racial profiling”?

The fact is, Mr. Rubio, there are anywhere from 12-30 million illegal aliens in America right now! This after the 1986 amnesty that was granted to 3-4 million invaders with the promise that that amnesty would end the unlawful invasions, once and for all.

A whopping $110 billion dollars is spent by American taxpayers every year to feed, house, and educate illegal aliens, most of whom are Hispanic!

Bottom line: America owes illegal aliens, even those brought here as children, nada, not one thin dime.

Illegal invasions are a huge problem for homeland security, educational resources, the economy, and American culture, including language.

Preservation of American sovereignty, language, and culture should be the greatest priority for all politicians, regardless of political party, race, or ethnicity.

THAT is so fundamental that it should not even have to be mentioned.

DREAM ACT, Senator?

Why not a dream act for the American people for a change?

Let’s enforce our borders and deport all illegal aliens! NOW!


Reference Romney Passes on Rubio's DREAM Act Plan - for Now | Fox News Latino

source: American Conservative Daily