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Thread: ustin Amash White Knights for Socialist Democrats, Calls President Trump ‘Racist and

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    ustin Amash White Knights for Socialist Democrats, Calls President Trump ‘Racist and

    Justin Amash White Knights for Socialist Democrats, Calls President Trump ‘Racist and Disgusting’

    Amash, son of a Palestinian refugee, sympathizes with the foreigner.

    20 hours ago on
    Jul 15, 2019
    Shane Trejo

    Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) is offended after President Donald Trump posted a series of hard-hitting tweets exposing anti-American Democratic Party legislators who have exacerbated the national emergency at the U.S. southern border with their irresponsible rhetoric.

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    It’s been assumed that Trump was referring to Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-IL), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-MA) with his tweets. Amash, the impeachment cheerleader who has become a favorite of Democrats, did not miss his cue to white knight on behalf of the radically socialist lawmakers.
    Amash has similar roots to Tlaib, as both of their parents came to the U.S. from Palestine as refugees. Their shared values have caused them to oppose the President and support open border policies.
    “One of the things I would say that influenced me to really get involved was my dad’s background especially,” Amash said during an interview with the ‘Lions for Liberty’ podcast in March. “Both of my parents are immigrants. My father is a refugee.”

    “Here on Capitol Hill, my friends are all nice people and they don’t mind that sometimes I’m going to side with Democrats,” Amash added, reveling in his support from the Washington D.C. swamp for his ‘Never Trump’ push.
    Tlaib has also praised Amash publicly for leading the charge on impeachment. She wants to work together with her cohort of Palestinian origin on efforts to undo the 2016 presidential election and boot Trump from office.
    Amash left the Republican Party officially on July 4th, declaring his so-called independence amid glowing coverage from the fake news. He has not been missed by the pro-Trump constituents who he betrayed for self-serving gains.

    So WHY DO WE HAVE 2 PALESTINIANS in Congress now????? It's because Israel THREW THEIR PARENTS OUT OF THEIR HOUSES AND OFF THEIR LAND!!!!! I've got Palestinian Muslims ALL OVER THE PLACE around my area of Chicago. Muslims are FLOODING the area and taking it over and 1/2 come from PALESTINE/ISRAEL because they're being ETHNICALLY CLEANSED OVER THERE. Funny how ISRAEL is ethnically cleansing Palestinians and then send/flood them over here to the USA to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE "ME". We're getting 100% SCREWED on Israel and the organized Jewish politcal establishment in this nation.

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    Why do these "black and brown" people flock to racist "white" America and Europe?

    And we stupidly let them in. Well I say, no more.

    Ask the Psycho-Squad that question!

    Ask Omar why she came here. Ask Omar why she LIED on her Visa Application to come here. She should have stayed in Somalia. What is with these people? They have no pride in their own country to stay and fix their problems, fight for their heritage, and land? We owe them nothing. Then they come here and trash us and ours!

    They flee the very violence, rape, overbreeding, hate, poverty, and corruption THEY created on their own soil.

    Now they bring those same ideals here. Get them out of here! Their offspring grow up and carry on the hate in their souls, it is in their DNA. They do not know what "a better life is". They appreciate nothing this country GIVES them, including the money out of our paychecks against our will.

    Are they not capable of solving their own problems in their own country?

    Come here waving their countries Flags, screaming the battle cry, we are racists? LOL.

    These people have no will, no morals, no integrity to fix their own problems they create on their own soil.

    Why come here? They are not welcome any more. They are creating civil unrest, hate, violence, and disgust for our country and our Flag.

    China and Japan full of "brown" people...why are they so successful?

    I am sick of this racist crap!



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