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    Utica, NY and the New American Economy's Propaganda

    Utica, NY and the New American Economy’s Propaganda

    February 1, 2019 ~ Ann Corcoran

    Editor: Frauds and Crooks is one month old today!

    On January first, when I welcomed you to my new blog, I said my first priority was to counter the media reports that have begun to spew from the Open Borders propaganda machine about how migrants of all stripes are just the ticket for saving America’s economy while bringing the joys of diversity to you, the deplorables.

    And so it is funny that this news from Utica, NY published yesterday is exactly what I warned about one month ago.

    You will be seeing news like this from sea to shining sea in the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential contest.
    The Cities Refugees Saved

    Of course, I question the premise of the story from CityLab in the first place. Why must we save a city that is no longer providing jobs or has been poorly run by Democrats for decades?

    First just so you know here are the ‘brains’ behind the New American Economy propaganda machine. Tell me if this bunch has anything more on their minds than cheap immigrant labor and more Democrat voters!

    CityLab calls the New American Economy, a bipartisan immigration reform group!

    This is my post from earlier this month on the New American Economy.

    CityLab reports that the New American Economy gang has teamed up (has hired) a film company to put together a film that will showcase Utica’s booming refugee-driven economy. (They love films!)

    Symbol of the NEW Utica: Historic Methodist Church becomes a mosque

    Film maker Adam Bedient (director of photography and editor at Off Ramp Films) says he grew up nearby and it was just a dying city but now, joy of joys the Bosnian Muslims that Bill Clinton welcomed to America have turned the city around.

    Now, he’s working on a full-length feature about the refugee communities in Utica, and when he drives through town, he finds it simmering with new life. Old buildings are getting refurbished. Construction cranes bob up and down. And at the center of town is a long-vacant historic Methodist church that has been renovated and converted into a beautiful mosque—a symbol of the new Utica.
    The CitiLab story goes on to report how the city is thriving. You can read it yourself.

    When you see news like this, look to see if they have included any mention of problems, like the one I reported at Refugee Resettlement Watch in 2015 about the school funding crisis when the city of Utica sued the state of New York for a refugee-created school funding shortfall.

    See if they mention anything about dollars from Washington (from you) that fuel the local ‘new American’ economy via welfare—food stamps, housing subsidies, healthcare, federal grants for myriad refugee/immigrant services, grants to non-profits that service migrants and so forth.

    In other words , is Utica a prime example of simply shifting federal tax dollars to a dying city?

    Useful graphic from the story. Heads up if you live in one of those cities, you might be next for a propaganda film about your growing refugee population. At RRW I wrote about problems in almost every one of them!

    CityLab goes on (as expected) to bash the President and White House policy staffer Stephen Miller saying they don’t know what they are talking about when they express concerns about the cost of more refugee resettlement or any issues of safety and security. You can read it all here.

    The story wraps with a quote from Bedient about that on-going debate,

    This kind of wrangling over the true impact of refugees doesn’t get much traction in Utica, where refugees now make up almost a quarter of the city’s population, Bedient says. It’s not really up for debate at this point—“it’s a part of the city’s identity now,” he says.

    Bottomline, the New American Economy and the Open Borders cabal have decided, there is no longer any debate, so shut up!
    Here is what I don’t get!

    Utica, has been paraded out for over a decade as a city saved by refugees, but no group on the immigration control side of the debate has ever (to my knowledge) gone to Utica to investigate the claims and counter them. Why is that?
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