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Thread: Veterans Group Supporting Donald Trump: Megyn Kelly ‘An Anti-Trump Activist’

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    Veterans Group Supporting Donald Trump: Megyn Kelly ‘An Anti-Trump Activist’

    28 Jan 2016
    Des Moines, Iowa

    Veterans for a Strong America (VSA) – the group that endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump aboard the USS Iowa in September – “absolutely supports” Trump’s boycott of Fox News’s GOP debate on Thursday and says the a debate moderated by Megyn Kelly was never going to be fair. The group calls Kelly “an anti-Trump activist.”

    VSA issued a statement saying that Kelly was a bad choice for a debate moderator, “where the focus should be on the contenders, not the moderators,” adding, “Fox News now has to live with consequences of their choice.”

    “For too long, self-important and self-appointed ‘pundits’ have run roughshod over the grassroots community, the political process, and have been given an out-sized role in the democratic process,” a statement released by VSA reads. “This system of ring-kissing and permission-asking at every level of the political spectrum has resulted in the wholesale disenfranchisement of large swaths of the American electorate. It is ruining the nation.”

    As for the debate, it is well known that Megyn Kelly has chosen to conduct herself as an anti-Trump activist and not as an unbiased news reporter. Why should any self-respecting person be forced to subject themselves to being maligned on television by someone who earns a living selling advertising time for reverse mortgages and gold coins? Megyn Kelly is not an expert in any field except the field of gaining TV viewers in order to sell advertising. A debate moderated by Ms. Kelly was never going to be an impartial exercise to explore weighty issues, but rather an exercise in sensationalism and in debasing the next President of the United States – all for her own aggrandizement in order to secure higher name ID for herself and for her television show. She was a poor choice to moderate an event where the focus should be on the contenders, not the moderators. Fox News now has to live with consequences of their choice.

    The organization said Trump’s event Thursday night “will be doing more to highlight the plight of today’s veterans than any debate could.”
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    bingo! They are right on the money about Megyn Kelly.

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    I for one don't like megyn kelly at all she act as if she the boss of fox new's & other thing trump said about her is true i don't look at fox news anymore
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