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Thread: VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Grills Jonathan Allen on Jeff Sessions Being Racist

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    VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Grills Jonathan Allen on Jeff Sessions Being Racist

    Tucker Carlson of FOX News interviewed Jonathan Allen of Roll Call about a scathing story he wrote on Senator Jeff Sessions.
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    Watch as Tucker Carlson reams MSM reporter for acting as DNC stenographer attacking J

    Watch as Tucker Carlson reams MSM reporter for acting as DNC stenographer attacking Jeff Sessions
    November 19, 2016
    By Thomas Lifson

    Members of the mainstream media still are having a hard time understanding that the old days in which they could get away with pretending to be journalists, not propagandists, are fading into memory. Donald Trump called their bluff, WikiLeaks exposed the level of conspiracy between Democrat leaders and journalists propagandists, and the American people confounded the media and supported Trump and Republicans down the ticket.

    Nobody is taking better advantage of the new relationship between journalists propagandists and the voting public than Tucker Carlson. I have to say that I am highly impressed with the way he is taking on the shibboleths of lefty journalists propagandists in his new role as host of the eponymous Tucker Carlson Tonight, replacing On the Record with Greta van Susteren in the 7 P.M. time slot on Fox News Channel. I now faithfully record every new show and watch for Tucker unsheathing his critical mind and challenging the blatant bias of guests who think the old rules still apply.

    Yesterday, in his first segment of the show, Carlson took on Jonathan Allen, a columnist for Roll Call, who published an attack on Jeff Sessions (written prior to his nomination for A.G.) that, in Carlson’s words, was “one of the most unfair things I’ve ever read ... almost like a pure download from the DNC website.”

    Prior to the last couple of months, this could be written off by Allen’s MSM buddies as hyperbole. But in the wake of WikiLeaks proving that coordination among the bigwigs of the left and media is quite real, and so common that nobody in the WikiLeaks emails ever mentions any qualms about conspiring against the public to corrupt journalism.

    Watch and enjoy. My guess is that Carlson’s ratings will climb. He has a sunny personality and demeanor, which makes his criticisms all the more difficult to counter:
    (same video as GeorgiaPeach posted above)
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    Tucker Carlso ripped that dude a new one!!!


    Great job exposing this dishonest reporter, writer, commentator, "whatever" for Roll Call.

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