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Thread: Virginia senator begins openly carrying gun as ‘deterrent’

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    Virginia senator begins openly carrying gun as ‘deterrent’

    Virginia senator begins openly carrying gun as ‘deterrent’

    By Bradford Betz, Fox News

    January 18, 2019 | 2:14pm | Updated

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    Amanda Chase wears her gun while she presented a resolution in the State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia on Jan. 15.AP

    A Virginia state senator this week began openly carrying a .38-caliber revolver strapped to her hip, calling it a “deterrent” against confrontational protesters and other potential threats.

    Sen. Amanda Chase, a Republican freshman legislator, said she became concerned for her safety on Monday after a group of immigration activistsconfronted her colleague, state Sen. Richard H. Black, over his bill to ban sanctuary cities.
    The next day, Chase — who claims she has long held a concealed carry permit — was seen in the Virginia state Capitol in Richmond, visibly wearing a revolver.

    “I’ve had people get in my face. I’ve had people come up and try to touch me inappropriately,” Chase told reporters.

    “I’ve had threats. I’ve had stalkers since I’ve been in the General Assembly.”

    But Chase insisted she would not “be intimidated by people who would try to physically harm me.”

    Chase wore the revolver on the floor of the Virginia state Senate on Tuesday while presenting two bills in the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, including an alternative to the Equal Rights Amendment resolution that reaffirms equal protection under the law, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

    She described openly carrying guns as empowering women and even likened it to her own Equal Rights Amendment.

    Chase told the Washington Post that some of her colleagues were on board with the move but others thought it was unnecessary.

    “[I]f any member has concerns, they really should express those to Capitol Police so they feel secure while they’re doing the people’s business in the people’s house,” said Democrat Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety and homeland security.

    Democratic state Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw mocked the gesture, joking: “If she gets in an argument, what’s she gonna [do], pull out a gun and shoot them? I think it’s absurd.”

    Opinion on social media has also been split.

    No More Gun Deaths@No2Guns
    Replying to @shannonrwatts
    State senator Amanda Chase,
    You are a disgrace to your office,
    and a threat to the safety of your constituents.#resign

    7:34 AM - Jan 16, 2019

    Chris LaCour@ChrisLaCour13

    Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase is “for real”. Showing the public she is not afraid and will protect herself. Left leaning, brain dead individuals will harass and harm you. You go girl! Move to Louisiana, I would vote for you. A leader with sense. Rare thing today.

    4:14 AM - Jan 18, 2019

    Being a public figure, Chase said, can make a person vulnerable to those who may get too overheated about political issues.

    “Sometimes it’s a deterrent for over-exuberant folks,” Chase told the Times-Dispatch, referring to her gun.

    “Unfortunately in the General Assembly we see the good, we see the bad, we see all types of things. It’s just for personal safety, quite honestly.”

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    Where do American's get "sanctuary" from lawless sanctuary cities and their gang of violent protestors and law breakers?

    Now we have to "carry" to protect ourselves in OUR own country against foreign criminal trespassers and their brain washed followers who advocate and facilitate this invasion and crimes against our citizens!

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