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Vote For The Biggest Crook, Hillary Clinton Promises More Lawbreaking To Entice Criminal Voters

Posted on May 8, 2015
by Rick Wells

It wasn’t long ago that an adherence to the values of honesty, the rule of law and a patriotic respect of our national sovereignty were an intrinsic part of the American ideal and significant components of what America looked for in choosing a president. Those days are long gone, at least when it comes to the Democrat half of the equation. These days gender, race and other insignificant factors, as well as a willingness to violate the Constitution and American law for the right “cause” are what many voters are looking for. Some of those who vote will, by design, be members of the class of illegals who will benefit directly from Democrat lawbreaking.

One of those pandering for the lawbreaker vote is the career criminal who many ignorant Americans plan to vote for based simply upon the type of plumbing she was born with, Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday she declared that she would not only maintain the lawless direction of the current occupant of the White House, but she would expand upon it.

In a staged media event at a Nevada high school orchestrated to look like an actual meeting, Clinton told some illegal alien props, “If we claim that we are for families, we have to pull together and solve the outstanding issues around our broken immigration system. We can’t wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship.”

Of course Clinton herself could wait, it makes no difference to her what happens to the illegals or to the United States for that matter, as long as she is able to live her lavish lifestyle, launder money and be adored by stupid people. Since she sees selling out Americans to illegal invaders as her ticket to all of those things and more, it’s urgent; she can’t wait.

While heaping praise upon Hussein Obama for violating the Constitution and acting dictatorially, Clinton signaled that she sees the lawlessness of her possible predecessor as a green light to her own brand of rampant abuse of power. She pledged to “do everything possible under the law to go even further” in granting special illegal and unconstitutional privileges to illegal invaders. Under the law sounds nice, but Hillary Clinton views herself as above the law. Those words are meaningless, she does as she pleases.

Clinton attempted to advance her campaign by clinging to the criminal coattails of the current White House occupant, saying, “He had to act in the face of inaction that was not on the merits but politically motivated for partisan reasons.” The litmus test for violating the Constitution and the separation of powers for Clinton is now an ability to claim a perception of partisanship by the opposition. Is there anything she can’t do under that definition?

Clinton added, “Make no mistakes. Today, not a single Republican candidate — announced or potential — is clearly or consistently supporting a path to citizenship.” That is because most, but not all, Republicans believe in the rule of law, our Constitution and our sovereignty, Ms Clinton. They are not as unencumbered as their soulless Marxist Democrat counterparts.

As if she were talking to actual citizens who were being denied their legitimate rights, Clinton said of Republicans, “When they talk about legal status, that is code for second-class status.”

Second-class status is too good for illegals and several steps above where they ought to be as personas non grata with no status deserved other than that as ticket holders on a bus headed south.

Clinton promised that legalizing the illegals would be “among the priorities that I would be advocating for in the beginning.” Of course, advocating for and achieving are two different things, it’s an empty promise. She also left a path open to not advocate at a time after the beginning, dependent upon what her definition of are are.

Clinton was critical of a quota policy for illegal apprehensions saying that, in her view it was perverse to set an incentive for apprehensions. She said, “That just makes no sense at all to me. That’s not the way that we should be running any detention facility.” She then echoed the Democrat mantra that immigration law isn’t really law and that open borders and lawlessness are our future, saying we should only detain those with “a record of violent, illegal behavior.”

It’s natural that a career criminal such as Mrs. Clinton would adopt that position. Laws are made to be broken in her world.
As for deporting the illegals already here and those included in the tsunami that is heading our way, Clinton was brief and to the point. “That is not going to happen,” she said. Damn the laws, damn the Constitution, she’s campaigning.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit &