I wonder what the real unemployment raate would be if there were millions illegals taking jobs.

Wall Street Adviser Exposes Obama’s Soviet-Style Accounting

JANUARY 31, 2014

The corrupt American media is lying for their president Barack Obama again. Our economy is not improving – it is getting worse. Unemployment is not falling – it is rising. Americans are not feeling good about the future – we are suffering from Jimmy Carter-like misery, a new report from a respected Wall Street adviser tells us.

According to the calculations of David John Marotta, our effective unemployment rate is not the 6.7% as reported by Obama’s apparatchiks in media, but a staggering and more believable 37.2%. Moreover, the Misery Index we are suffering under is 14, not the Ministry of Propaganda’s reported 8 points.

In terms of the unemployment numbers, Marotta’s reasoning is that what the government is reporting only includes those who are still looking for work. It does not take into account those who have stopped looking. Because we now have 92 million people who could be working but are not, the real unemployment number is 37.2%.

In old Soviet-style accounting, these Americans are “non-people.” They cannot therefore be allowed to stain the great achievement of Comrade President in pulling America out of the “Bush” recession – which by the way ended in 2009, according to the comrades in the Ministry of Propaganda.

The Misery Index, which combines the rate of inflation with the rate of unemployment, is also therefore artificially low. It does not account for the billions of dollars the government is printing and handing to Wall Street each month to keep the Dow Jones artificially high to dazzle the dummies who vote Democrat.

Because of tricks like, this the inflation rate as officially reported (1.24%) is a fraudulent number. The real number is more like 4.23% as Marotta sees it. When added to even a more plausible unemployment rate of 10.2%, this gives us a Misery Index of 14.7 points. This is higher than it has been in 40 years.

The danger of these lies is that no one can fix our economy until the truth comes out. Doctors don’t guess the extent of a broken arm; to get the facts, they used diagnostic tools. Without real numbers, we cannot begin to clean up comrade Obama’s mess; but his apparatchiks in the media won’t report them.

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