Watch Ann Coulter FIGHT For Trump In an Epic Speech That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You


This article by Paris Swade

Ann Coulter loves Donald Trump. She has been supporting him since day one. Ann Coulter has a VIP spot on the Trump Train because of what she has said about Trump since the beginning of his campaign.

Recently, Ann coulter appeared on BBC Radio 4’s morning show and announced that Americans don’t have a “home” anymore.

“Americans don’t want immigration.” Coulter said. “They don’t want anymore. Why can’t we have a home?”

Take a listen to what she has to say. You’ll love Ann Coulter even more after watching this.

She makes the amazing case that American’s are the only people on earth that can’t have a home. She is right. We need to build our country back. We need to be strong again and we need jobs.

“Everyone else can have a home,” Coulter said. “We are the only people on Earth who are not allowed to have a home.”

She is right. This country is getting overrun. We have to stop illegal immigrants coming in our borders. They are bringing in drugs and they are abusing the systems across the United States.

*** Americans don’t want to live in an America that gives out welfare to everyone.

Americans want jobs. Let’s vote Donald Trump and let’s bring the STRONG America that we read about in text books back, baby! (h/t Real Clear Politics)
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