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    Well if that don't beat all....


    Read this and get mad, get very mad...


    <begin snip from the Americanpatrol>

    Save Our State:

    Everything that we argued the monument stood for was reinforced by the
    hundreds of activists who opposed our presence in Baldwin Park.
    Numerous times we were told that this land is Mexico and that they
    were taking it back. Numerous times racists epithets were hurled away.
    One person even hurled a full water bottle at our side and sent one of
    our activists to the hospital with bleeding in the brain.
    Unfortunately, she is now in the intensive care unit and we are all
    praying and hoping for the best. [Note: Even though tape footage is
    available of the injured woman and of Latinos screaming, 'This is our
    land!', the media chose not to show it today.]

    <end snip from the Americanpatrol>

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    The media is liberal and thus a part of the scheme. They are the ones calling for us to be "sensitive" toward the illegals. They put out that "they only come here to work stuff.

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    well if somebody throws something at me during the MMP in Texas they'll be in for a big surprize. I notice they always go for people over 60...

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    Has anybody been arrested?

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    If the lady in intensive care dies, only because there is a tape of it, then maybe someone will be arrested.

    The MSM is part of the problem; they think their future is with the globalists so cater to them instead of our Nation and their viewers; and the ONLY way to reach the MSM is to boycott all American business by only purchasing the bare essentials through the end of the year.

    MSM will get on board; when the globalists say....oops....maybe we should have paid more attention to our bread and butter which is the Americans.

    We've learned this whole awful outrageous ordeal is about MONEY.

    Keep your MONEY.....let them STARVE......they'll come around because the only nose they have is the nose that follows the money....!!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    Could you possibly post some pictures and vid caps here?

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