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Thread: What do I do?

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    This is just aweful. Please keep us posted on what happens. This woman should be thrown in prison. Unfortunately calling ICE is a waste of time. ICE doesn't do jack squat. They won't go after anybody unless it's murder or terrorism and that's if they actually feel like getting off their collective behinds. I would suggest getting a lawyer and pressing charges. Change your locks, passwords, bank account and credit card info asap.

    It makes me sick that our elected leaders continue to do nothing about this. Instead you'll get the usual snake oil from Bush and his cronies about how they are just good hearted people who just sneak in to find work, yet they blatantly ignore the obvious negative impacts they have on our society as a whole.

    I hope everything works out for you. Good luck!
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    Re: What do I do?

    Quote Originally Posted by gspva
    I was married to a women this past summer. At the time she did not disclose her leagl status to me, until after we were married. It soon became appaerant that she was after immirgartion papers. I left her for that reason. When unpacking my stuff I realized that she had stolen all of my legal papers,(birth certifcate, divorce papers, ssn card). Through a mutual friend I have learn that she has filed some of her paerwork using my documments. What should I do?
    The USCIS does not permit those in the country illegally to adjust their immigration status. She will have to leave the country to apply for residence.

    You can get information on what forms to fill out at
    It's a user-friendly site.

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    This info may help:


    Reference your inquiry on marriage fraud - individuals asking for help in
    the form of friends or relatives who know of someone in marriage fraud or
    an actual U.S. citizen who claims they were not bribed but taken for a

    1. A third party informant who has knowledge a felony fraud sham marriage
    has occurred and what do they do with the information.

    Keep in mind that our American government has become as corrupt or more so
    than that well known in third world nations. This is NOT the America we
    grew up in and few find anywhere to go for justice for extensive
    corruption as permeated government officials from local FBI to U.S.
    Attorneys to Congress to the White House.

    For seven years, through 'hundreds' of communication, (for the moment, I
    am prohibited from posting on my website hundreds of letters and memoranda
    on government letterhead and government emails), I contacted ALL
    accountable and responsible officials apprising them of extensive marriage
    fraud, involving many different nationals, in particular illegal Muslims
    who may be a threat to our national security -- ALL officials and over 50
    media have knowingly participated in the extensive cover up.

    IF the marriage fraud does NOT involve illegal Muslims [since these
    traitors and treasonous officials from George W. Bush to FBI Director
    Robert Mueller, to DHS (Ptech criminal) Michael Chertoff and formerly Tom
    Ridge, former DOJ Attorney General John Ashcroft, DOJ Inspector General
    Glen A. Fine, DHS/CIS Internal Audit Investigations Director John Chase,
    and some 70 Congressmen) are knowingly and willing rewarding illegal
    Muslims felonies with green cards and United States citizenship], and IF
    this marriage fraud is occurring outside of Orlando and outside of the
    Florida District, PERHAPS the third party informant can contact the local
    CBP or CIS in person or, if preferred, by mail, anonymously if necessary,
    but with sufficient details to pursue.

    However, I advise they keep copies of all documented information and
    evidence and this be done by certified/return receipt so they have
    evidence of notification IF responsible officials engage in Gross
    Misconduct and Criminal Malfeasance and fail to pursue the FELONY fraud
    and perjury.

    IF the third party informant

    IF the third party informant has evidentiary information on bribes
    occurring with conspirators in a Sham Marriage Ring and/or involving
    corrupt officials they may first try the U.S. Attorney's office since
    there appears to be an immediate willingness from bureaucrats and
    officials to cover up and consistently violate the 'rule of law' we once
    had in America.

    They may try giving the information to the Inspector General of the DHS,
    keeping in mind that Ptech criminal Michael Chertoff is now the DHS
    Secretary and CIS Internal Audit Investigations Director John Chase has
    covered up extensive treasonous briberies involving illegal Muslims.

    It is possible a third party informant may live in an area where the
    corruption isn't so extensive and they will be surprised their courage to
    report felonies is rewarded with indictments.

    IF a third party informant provides vital intelligience on conspirators
    involved in felony briberies, whether public or officials, to the U.S.
    Attorney, FBI or Inspector General and these corrupt officials join in on
    the conspiracies perhaps the informant can find a courageous jouranlist to
    expose the corruption.

    *** If a third party informant provides their name and this evidence is
    used in a denial of the green card, the marriage fraud participants (the
    U.S. citizen and illegal alien) during the appeal process, in order to
    refute evidence, are given access to informants names, even if they
    previously requested to remain confidential.

    2. Actual U.S. citizen involved in a felony fraud sham marriage.

    If the U.S. citizen petitioner becomes aware they have been emotionally
    abused and taken for a ride by a 'charming' but deceitful liar, he/she
    must IMMEDIATELY withdraw their petition to prevent approval and issuance
    of the green card.

    This can be done in person, or, I advise this be done in writing by
    certified/return receipt, keeping copies of all documents. [in numerous
    cases that I obtained from the U.S. citizen petitioner a videotaped
    written withdrawal of the petition confessing to a sham marriage, the
    felony fraud sham marriage case was surreptitiously removed from my office
    and the illegal alien was criminally approved for a green card anyway
    based on the marriage being valid -- the videotaped incriminating material
    evidence subsequently destroyed]. It is VITAL that anyone reporting a
    felony fraud sham marriage keep copies of all documents.

    It is very easy for the U.S. citizen to withdraw their Petition for Alien
    Relative, Form I-130, PRIOR to approval; whether typed or printed with
    their official signature and date of signature. It can be as simple as
    taking a plain piece of paper and including the following information:

    Alien File No. (the A number)
    Alien Beneficiary complete name
    Alien's date of birth
    Alien's country of birth
    Petitioner's complete name
    Date of filing the petition
    Date of wedding

    I wish to withdraw the Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130, which I
    filed on behalf of (alien name).


    The U.S. citizen may include further information if they wish, such as "we
    are separated", or "(name of alien) never lived with me after the
    wedding", or information of emotional or physical abuse, bizarre behavior,
    adultery, etc.

    AFTER approval of the U.S. citizen's Petition for Alien Relative, Form
    I-130, it is very, very different.

    Just verbal he said this, she said that, will not hold up well in court.

    The U.S. citizen petitioner will now need to provide evidence that the
    alien entered into the marriage to circumvent immigration laws. This can
    be in many different forms such as any letters, cards or documents which
    refers to intent of a sham marriage, evidence the alien beneficiary
    resides at an address other than the U.S. citizen petitioner, preferably
    two or more witnesses who can attest to the alien beneficiary stating the
    marriage was used to obtain a green card, the date and place these
    statements occurred, etc.

    Keep in mind that a judge will weigh all evidence and the alien
    beneficiary will bring their own corroborating witnesses.

    IF our very own beloved, naive American citizen has been subjected to
    emotional abuse by an alien beneficiary it is an emotional nightmare for
    them. This takes place with American citizens from all walks of life,
    from all class status.

    Often the alien beneficiary will wait until after receiving the initial
    two year conditional green card in the mail, or AFTER two years when
    he/she has received the permanent green card and now has a clear field to
    our highest privilege of United States citizenship.


    William: You may post this if you like.
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    Hey guys thank you for all the advice. I have not mad to much progress yet but she was arrested for the theft of my documents. She appear in court this week. I will update you on the outcome.

    Thanks again for the help.

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