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    The White House Locker Room and the Bounties against American Taxpaying Citizens’ Fre

    The Euro-Socialist ‘syndicate’ has been ‘drafting’ and indoctrinating players within our government for the subjugation of our nation over several generations, and they believe this is the time to seal the deal in destroying our republic

    The White House Locker Room and the Bounties against American Taxpaying Citizens’ Freedoms!

    - A.J. Cameron Monday, April 9, 2012

    trust you enjoyed a spiritually awakening Easter or Passover, and are spiritually prepared to take the field against the American infidels in government, regardless of party affiliation. To that end, don’t we need to speak bravely to the truth and be prepared for the dirty hits from those entrenched in power? Much is being made of New Orleans assistance coach Greg Williams’ bounties against opposing players, and rightly so! What isn’t being given much attention outside of the ‘tin-foil hat club’ is the bevy of blindside bounties employed by ‘Eur-Obama’ and covetous members of Congress to steal the freedoms and money from average American taxpaying citizens through Euro-Socialist sabotage!

    With the elite Progressives having inserted themselves throughout our government and society over several generations, how do the elite Progressives take out their enemies? With graft, malfeasance, thuggery, unconstitutional and abusive agencies and departments, czars, selective surreptitious application of our Constitution and legal system, constrictive fiscal policies, onerous taxes and profligate spending, these domestic terrorists enjoy the benefits of ‘professional’ protective gear that the average American citizen lacks on the political playing field. These domestic terrorists have been working to re-colonize the USA as just another outpost for the Eurocentric U. N., through our own government, the WTO, the IMF, and the grand puppeteers of the Bilderbergers, CFR and Trilateral Commission.

    Who are the targets of the regressive-oppressive-Progressives? Based upon actions taken by this unchecked regime, the list includes the American citizen/taxpayer, traditional patriots; Catholics, Christians and Jews; anyone in the private sector, especially small business and non-union businesses; those who grow and raise the food we eat and those who eat food; those who use and drink water; those who use coal and/or natural gas to heat and cool their homes; those who use gasoline for their automobiles, etc. The list of ‘enemies’ is quite extensive.

    If you were a coach inside the White House, with a goal to seize dictatorial control over the citizens of the U. S. at any cost, what policies would you pursue and actions would you take to destroy our country morally, constitutionally, and financially, and to eliminate those with the courage to resist the assaults? The Euro-Socialist ‘syndicate’ has been ‘drafting’ and indoctrinating players within our government for the subjugation of our nation over several generations, and they believe this is the time to seal the deal in destroying our constitutional republic. What would it be like to be a fly on the wall within the Oval Office as Euro-Socialist loving Obama directs his players to use all means possible to take out the opposition?

    By growing the Federal government massively in excess of what is constitutional according to Amendment X to the Constitution, government power and government spending of taxpayers’ money has mushroomed over the generations. Unconstitutional departments and agencies have been established and grown with a wink-and-a-nod by both parties, because politicians’ powers and fortunes have grown in tandem with these departments and agencies.

    The hourglass of financial freedom has been turned upside-down within our society. In earlier times, the higher incomes and upwardly mobile opportunities were found within the private sector. The less enterprising and those seeking security found sanctuary in the ‘public service,’ of government. While the private sector still offers tremendous opportunities, over the years, government jobs have come to demand an ever-increasing theft of the incomes from the private sector. Many of these jobs have become the eternal lottery tickets in the workplace, leading to an unabashed entitlement mentality by many government employees, from the top of the political power pyramid to the TSA gropers.

    Because of the giant and increasing sucking of taxpayer money, an annual, auto-increasing budget of approximately eight percent was established to prevent those in Congress from being forced to make visible, difficult decisions on government spending. As a result, government spending predictably doubles approximately every nine years, regardless of which party is in power, and we have hit the power curve, the point of no return! The blindside shot of scheduled, profligate, ever increasing spending does not include the insanity of DictatorCare, TARP, the Stimulus, Dodd-Frank, etc. Sadly, even those who object to this serial theft by an out-of-control government have either been mute, or muted by government ‘colleagues’ and the co-conspiratorial media.

    With an army of government employees looking to protect their outlandish gains over the years, the elite Progressives have been able to advance their and their puppeteers’ agenda. The implementation of U. N. Agenda 21 is the Trojan Horse Extraordinaire that has opened many doors to the systematic destruction of innovation and our quality of life within the U. S. Social justice, economic prosperity, environmental integrity and sustainability are code for the loss of individual and national sovereignty. Progressives pluck the heartstrings of class envy, racism and despair, playing people for pathetic fools. The pathetic fools are primed to fall for the lies of Progressives and they become greedy of others’ fortunes, becoming useful tools in the advancement of the Progressive agenda.
    If you were intent upon stealing people’s freedoms and destroying our republic, wouldn’t the following cheap shots be on your bounty list?

    • Implementation of policies designed to constrict our economy, stifling employment within the private sector
    • The calculated shredding of our Constitution, especially the many assaults against the protections provided by our Bill of Rights
    • The calculated and consistent assault against morality and religious beliefs and faiths, especially Catholics, Christians and Jews
    • The failed Fast & Furious scheme in an attempt to strip American citizens of their right to bear arms
    • Quantitative easing that sparks inflation that fuels the increasing costs of oil and products and services shipped within our economy, and across the world
    • The inhibiting of allowing students who are ill-served by their current teachers and schools to receive vouchers for access to a better educational opportunity, damning many students to the predominant indoctrination mills of the Progressive agenda within public education, and of limited life opportunities following school
    • The bribery for the votes of resistant Satancrats in ramming the damning DictatorCare upon an unprotected and unrepresented citizenry, especially with the unelected HHS Secretary and Death Panel ensconced within the bill*
    • An attempt to stack the SCOTUS, not just with Progressive judges, but with an architect of DictatorCare who is too arrogant to recuse herself from voting upon its constitutionality
    • The passage of the Dodd-Frank assault upon the private sector under the oversight of a vengeful government bureaucracy*
    • An unholy alliance to the thuggish tendencies of many within private and public union employment
    • The stifling of drilling for oil on Federal lands (owned by the taxpayers), forcing the cost of gasoline to skyrocket, affecting individuals, the cost of farming and the cost of transportation of virtually all products to market, and car pools at all levels of government
    • When Congress was unable to impose draconian restrictions upon oil, coal and water to meet the stagnation goals of Agenda 21, the subversive use of the EPA to ram these restrictions through by unelected bureaucrats*
    • The obstinate maintaining of what is now the highest corporate tax rate in the world, forcing domestic companies to seek refuge beyond our borders and maintaining a deterrent to foreign investment
    • The unconscionable malfeasance of throwing taxpayer money at campaign donors and political cronies for questionable energy alternatives
    • The unveiling of a Domestic Terrorist Profile, but a staunch resistance to establishing of an Islamic or Foreign Terrorist Profile, and a refusal to address the ‘illegal’ immigration problems costing the American taxpaying citizens millions of dollars annually
    • The attacks upon those attempting to enforce our voting and border laws by a renegade Department of Injustice
    • The unconstitutional waivers for those here illegally in an attempt to hijack the 2012 election
    • The theft of bondholders’ investments in Government Motors and Chrysler, altering the legal positions of investors going forward
    • The bypassing of the Congressional approval process to install unconstitutional appointments
    • The giving of taxpayer money to Brazil to drill within the Gulf, claiming we will be a customer of the Brazilian-owned oil company, in lieu of allowing U. S. petroleum companies to drill in the Gulf without the use of taxpayer money
    • The use of taxpayer money to employ Chinese workers to build roads and bridges within the U. S., in lieu of employing U. S. citizens for these coveted jobs
    • The use of Executive Orders to bypass Congress
    • The bypassing of Congress to intervene in Libya
    • The intentional weakening of our military
    • The rebuke and insults to traditional allies and the embrace of antagonistic, dictatorial or totalitarian leaders
    • The employment of divisive policies to advance a decidedly divisive agenda
    • The unrestrained, insane spending of taxpayer money, even though $.41 of every dollar spent is borrowed (whenever dollar figures on spending are reported, we need to multiple these figures by 1.41 to realize how much all spending and largesse actually costs the U. S. taxpayer)
    • The bowing to international and Sharia law in deference to our own Constitution within our legal system
    • The threats that most assuredly must have been made to prevent Ford Motor Company from airing an ad that touted its success, in spite of not taking money from the Obama regime, the reassignment of Sharyl Attkinson at CBS for practicing journalistic integrity in her coverage of the DOJ’s deadly Fast & Furious scheme, and the schism of Glenn Beck and the release of Judge Napolitano from Fox News, and the release of Pat Buchanan from MSNBC, and others whose political views are in conflict with the self-believed, self-deceived deity

    *The Lying King claims the SCOTUS must not strike down his signature DictatorCare because it was passed by elected Senators and Representatives, yet within DictatorCare, Dodd-Frank, and through the Lying King’s use of the EPA, he is utilizing unelected bureaucrats to trample upon those he has sworn an oath to serve and protect. He is duplicitous and self-serving. Only a fool or a naïve opportunist would dare trust his word or his judgment.
    This is a partial list of cheap shots that have been, or are being taken, to destroy our republic. As egregious as these and other assaults have been, and continue to be, of greater concern is what is being done under the radar.

    Since taking his oath of office, much has been made of the Lying King’s bowing to other nations’ rulers and heads of state. His bowing is not to honor the person to whom he has bowed, but a human reaction of someone who knows he is betraying his oath of office. This betrayal must be even more conflicting because he knows those he professes to speak for the most are the ones who have the most to lose if he is successful in scuttling our republic. The opportunities for self-improvement our republic has afforded so many generations will be stolen for untold future generations, and he knows it. The arrogance and vindictiveness of this narcissist, in conjunction with his teleprompter, act as defensive shields for living in conflict every day, as he sells out his fawning base and his country.

    What patriotic conservatives see as treason, Progressives embrace as success. We have much to do to blunt this attack. We must reset ourselves morally to have the foundation necessary to rebuild what has been torn asunder. Wanton, wasteful spending must be addressed quickly, but before touching Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the entitlement positions within the abusive and unconstitutional agencies and departments must be eliminated.

    The encouraging aspect of the Progressive blitzkrieg overreach is that more people are beginning to realize just how dangerous the Progressive blindside shots and bounties within our government really are. Lord, please help us preserve our blessed republic!
    The White House Locker Room and the Bounties against American Taxpaying Citizens’ Freedoms!
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    Posted an article from here to 50 million facebook users today! A good one!
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    I read a list of CFR members and Romney's name was on there.

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