Who’s More Marxist: China or Obama?

BEIJING — The 798 Arts Districts stands located in the heart of China’s capital city. The neighborhood promotes the local modern art scene and touts the latest pop culture trends of Asia. Visitors can browse through a wide array of art galleries and shops. And there’s no shortage of propaganda artworks that praise Chairman Mao and the Chinese Communist Party. The latest fad of Mao Memorabilia happens to be designs that depict U.S. President Barack Obama as a heroic New Mao, which is dubbed, ‘ObaMao Art.’
One popular store here sells ‘ObaMao Art,’ where you can see the current U.S. President wearing the traditional green uniform of People’s Liberation Army. He’s often shown wearing the green PLA cap to show his solidarity for China’s Cultural Revolution era. He’s the Red Guard Messiah.
The shop sells ObaMao T-shirts, blankets, coffee mugs, posters, and so much more. And for true connoisseurs, they could purchase life-sized ObaMao statues or ‘Barack Meets Mao in CCP Heaven’ oil paintings.
Considering that China is governed by the Communist Party, it would seem apparent that the Chinese would worship Obama as the U.S. President who is leading a global campaign to fight the global income inequality gap, bringing ‘hope and change’ for neo-Marxists.
Yet upon closer inspection of ObaMao art shops, one might conclude that store owners are indirectly mocking Obama as a socialist icon. He gets depicted as a puppet, not a leader, since he’s only portrayed as wearing a common PLA soldier’s uniform. Meanwhile, some artwork could be deemed as insulting. One shop was selling ObaMao toilet bowls, where ‘yes you can,’ urinate or defecate on Obama.
Ironically, all shops located in the 798 Arts District are owned privately, meaning that capitalists reign supreme over selling ObaMao merchandise. It’s yet another sign of how China calls itself a Marxist country, but in reality is becoming a more free market-oriented nation than that of the United States of America.
While in recent years, President Obama and Congress have increased taxes, government spending and business regulations, Beijing continues to drive in the opposite direction by implementing initiatives to cut taxes, punish big-spending government officials and reduce red tape for companies and investors looking to do business in the country.
There’s even a popular saying in China, “if you want your child to learn how to make money as a capitalist send them to a business school in Shanghai, but if you want them to learn the Marxist Dialectic, enroll them at Harvard University.”
Yes, the tide has turned and if Americans want to look for better business opportunities they are more likely to find them in China and not at home. And America continues to head towards an even deeper abyss of socialism undermining its once proud economy. There seems to be no future for the free market in the United States.
When is the last time you heard Obama say, “I want to lower taxes for all Americans, I want to reduce the size of our bloated federal government and I want to slash regulations for companies?” Of course, Obama does not support such principles. He prefers that we Americans ‘share the wealth’ instead. He expects us to draw a ‘red line’ against capitalism.
Additionally, when some politicians affiliated with the Tea Party campaign on a platform to cut taxes and government spending, the mainstream media portrays them as “extremists” or the “lunatic right wing fringe.” They get marginalized as outcasts while those who support Marxist idealism are portrayed as courageous Americans who deserve to get elected.
Yet, ordinary Chinese citizens show no interest in returning to the days of Chairman Mao. They hold a blasé attitude to all political issues. I’ve lived in China for four years and it’s rare when the Chinese initiate political discussions. When you ask why, they explain that the less the government interferes with their lives the happier they are.
They have more important concerns, such as dealing with their jobs, families and living conditions. They have hope, because they see greater economic freedoms as the solution for a better way of life.
There’s a good reason for the Chinese to feel so apathetic about politics. They witnessed firsthand the disastrous consequences of Communist Revolution. They lived through the nightmare of a Marxist lifestyle before free market reforms were re-introduced to the country in 1979 after Mao’s death.
They understand where the path of socialism would lead them, but Obama seems to think that going down the road of income equality is a winning strategy. It’s where Obama meets Mao.

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