by Tyler Durden
Jan 7, 2017 7:30 PM

Earlier in the week, president-elect Donald Trump tweeted that:

"It is for the American people to make up their minds as to the truth."
And now we have the answer.

When CNBC's Podesta-panderer and Trump-denier John Harwood asked the question yesterday "who do you believe America?" we suspect he was not expecting the answer he received from over 84,000 American citizens...

John Harwood ✔ @JohnJHarwood
Who do you believe America?
5:25 PM - 5 Jan 2017
17%US intel officials
84,115 votes • Final results
11,547 11,547 Retweets 9,620 9,620 likes

It would appear that "We, the people" have spoken once more and only 1 in 6 believe in the elite establishment-delivered narrative.

This merely confirms Lou Dobbs' survey from earlier in the week.

Lou Dobbs ✔ @LouDobbs
#LDTPoll: Who do you believe on the Russian hacking allegations?
4:01 PM - 3 Jan 2017 · Manhattan, NY
6%President Obama
94%Julian Assange
17,899 votes • Final results
3,703 3,703 Retweets 3,467 3,467 likes

Once again the establishment has learned absolutely nothing from the campaign and election of Donald Trump, and refuses to listen to anything outside of the cozy echo-chamber in which they hamster-wheel their lives away in.