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    Who's Counting? We Are!!!!

    Who’s Counting? We Are!!!!

    And we all should continue counting. Did you ever wonder what the problems of Illegal Immigration is costing the U.S. Taxpaying Citizen?

    Here is a link to the website of an organization called

    Not only does it contain informative articles regarding the Illegal Immigration problem; this website is an excellent research tool for all ALIPAC members. It indicates the escalating expenses that Illegal Immigration is costing us. Based from the earliest listed date of 1996, it contains information that we should all be apprised of every day as it shows escalating numbers in every category. As an example, I’ve provided a listing of categories and their numbers as they appeared just before I created this posting. Most of those numbers continue to rise steadily. Here they are:

    Illegals in Country: 21,236,239
    OTM (Other than Mexican) Illegals in Country: 525,858
    Money Wired to Mexico Since January 2006: $43,030,733,998 (rapidly rises by seconds)
    Money Wired to Latin America Since 2001: $340,790,434,949 (rapidly rises by seconds)
    Cost of Social Services for Illegals since 1996: $397,482,251,141 (rapidly rises)
    Children of Illegals in Public Schools: 4,194,590
    Cost of Illegals in Grades K-12 since 1996: $14,865,399,822 (rapidly rises)
    Illegals Incarcerated: 351,887
    Cost of Incarcerations Since 2001: $1,480,658,602
    Illegal Alien Fugitives: 664,235
    Anchor Babies Since 2002: 2,157,055 (steadily rises)
    Skilled Jobs Taken by Illegals: 10,247,983.

    Grand Total of Listed Monetary Expenses to the U.S. Taxpaying Citizen: $797,649,478,512. This reflects the dollar amounts listed here; all of which have most likely risen since the information was garnered for this posting.

    Log into this website now and you will see how much the figures have already escalated.

    Why should we count? Because we are the ones who are footing the bill and it all needs to stop.
    Remember that*all Politicians work for us, the U.S. Taxpaying Citizens.* If they are not doing their jobs to your liking, FIRE THEM in the next elections.

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    That is a great link!!!!

    I wonder how that total correlates directly with all of GW's friends big business profits?

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    Welcome Firemaneric to Alipac. We're glad to have you.
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    Hi there Firemaneric, welcome aboard!

    Feel free to ask any questions, offer suggestions, etc. as appropriate.

    Please stick around.
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    Almost 800 BILLION dollars!!! You know how many vacations we could all have with kind of dough?? Oh yeah, and our national debt would be FAR gone and we would have a tremendous balance to "play" with for new things .. including mortgage supplements (not just for poor schlups who won't keep up with the payments, either!), energy-efficiency, and other things that may cost a bit up front, but save a lot more over time.

    corhanem for President.

    Proud wife of an undocumented ICE agent.
    Definition of a RACIST according to Madeline Cosman : Real American Committed to Integrity Sovereignty and Truth

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    PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!!! 11/30
    HELP STOP "NORTH CAROLINA COMMUNITY COLLEGES" FROM ADMITTING ILLEGALS !!(This could come to your community college next)
    WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT ALIPAC Please Contribute!! ... page&pid=9
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    I think the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" should be towards the countries who don't hold their "nationals" accountable - the greatest offender being MEXICO. Policies should even be made tougher.

    I also think that when an "illegal" has a child who is on the welfare rolls here and returns to their native country, via deportation or voluntary, that we DEMAND some sort of parental responsibility (child support obligations) be met - whether it's a father or mother. Anchor babies and marriages for the "legal" status are increasing the number of "illegals" cries when they get busted. Oh my poor spouse, oh my poor baby or oh my poor family - get the picture, you are a criminal and although you may not be in prison here, you have a responsibility.
    From the Border Movie:

    I will not sell my country out ~ I WILL NOT!
    I'd like to see that pride back in AMERICA!!!

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