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Thread: Why arenít Republicans thanking Donald Trump?

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    Why arenít Republicans thanking Donald Trump?

    Heís fueling interest in the candidates and the party

    By Judson Phillips - - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    A few days ago, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker created a new leadership style. He called it ďLeadership by quitting.Ē Leadership by quitting is a novel concept. How have major American business schools, where leadership is a core skill, missed this concept?

    Mr. Walker went from the top of the pack in the Republican presidential race to barely registering in polls in an amazingly short time. Mr. Walker quickly identified the problem: It was Donald Trump. It was not the Walker campaignís amazingly poor management skills. It could not have been his flip-flopping on major issues. It could not have been his incredibly poor debate performances or his unbelievably bad political strategy.

    It was Donald Trump.

    As he checked out of the race, Mr. Walker launched a tirade against Mr. Trump, though he did not call Mr. Trump by name. He urged other Republicans to ďlead by quittingĒ so there could be a united front against Mr. Trump.

    Mr. Walkerís anger against Mr. Trump is not unlike the wrath of the Republican Party establishment against Mr. Trump. The GOP establishment doesnít like Donald Trump. He isnít their man. Of course, this is the same crowd that thought John McCain and Mitt Romney would be great candidates. This is the same group that expected everyone to fall down and crown Jeb Bush the Republican nominee, so their judgment is at best delusional.

    But the Republican Party is missing something obvious and something huge.

    The early Republican debates are drawing record audiences.

    Both the Fox News and CNN debates set ratings records. The obvious question is why and the equally obvious answer is Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is fueling interest in the debates and, by extension, exposing the Republican presidential candidates to a greater audience.

    The Republicans should be thrilled about this. But they arenít. The fact that Donald Trump is driving viewers to the debates is far less important to the Grand Old Party elites than the fact he is not one of their anointed candidates. Instead of being grateful for this opportunity to expose the Republican Party and its beliefs to new people, the GOP just wants to complain about Trump.

    If the Republican leadership had any sense, they would be demanding the networks carrying the debates allow the GOP to run some ďJoin the Republican PartyĒ commercials. Instead of doing something really smart, like trying to grow the party, the establishment just wants to destroy Mr. Trump.

    Why does the GOP hate Mr. Trump so much?

    Mr. Trump isnít under the control of the establishment. He also is against the top priority of the Republican Party. He is for protecting America against illegal aliens. The Republican establishment takes its orders from the Chamber of Commerce and they want amnesty.

    Rather than celebrate the fact that record numbers of people are watching Republican debates, the establishment would be happier if no one was watching, as long as Donald Trump was not in the debates.

    As the Republicans look at 2016, this should be the year of the GOP. But then again, 2012, should have been the Republicansí year as well. But when the Republican leadership is so at odds with the base, the future of the Republican Party is in question.

    The GOP leadership may get its wish and eventually may force Mr. Trump out of the race for the Republican nomination. But the GOP leadership ignores the fact that Mr. Trumpís message is resonating with the base and the GOPís message is not.
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    What an outstanding article and a great question posed to the GOP "establishment"! Thank you Judson Phillips, and thank you Jean for finding and posting this article.
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    " Jeb Bush the Republican nominee, so
    their judgement is at best delusional."

    Absolutely correct, but we must never forget that their Presidents suffer the same. "Mission Accomplished" will live in infamy. A very great many of the party's congress members also suffer delusions. It is common affliction in D.C. A great many Democrats are afflicted, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer.

    Might be something in the soil, maybe we should entertain moving the Capitol.

    Anyway, rest assured hat I will not risk voting for one with delusions.

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