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Thread: Why the Democrats Can't Stop Calling the GOP Racists

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    Why the Democrats Can't Stop Calling the GOP Racists

    November 30, 2016
    By Karin McQuillan

    President Obama, Democrat politicians and the mainstream media are still calling Trump KKK. They’re tarring his team as anti-Semites and racists. The electoral map would stop any normal politicians in their tracks, but Democrat hate speech is only getting louder and more hysterical. A major course correction is not going to happen for three reasons:

    1. Democrat leadership;

    2. Democrat donors;

    3. Democrat voting blocks.

    There is no force in the party that wants to change.

    Democrats don’t debate Trump on the issues, because their agenda is a turn-off. Under the leadership of Alinskyite Barack Obama, the Democratic Party has degenerated from liberalism to progressivism. It has not been pretty. A focus on preferential treatment for blacks has given way to a war on cops. Caring about Hispanic Americans suddenly means America shouldn’t have borders and should have sanctuary for rapists and killers -- as long as they are here illegally.

    Browbeating college kids by empowerring feminists and black activists with Title IX money has turned college campuses against freedom of thought and speech. Women’s issues have bizarrely turned into a war on masculinity. Gay rights has morphed into men in women’s bathrooms. Pro-choice turned into third-trimester infanticide and lawsuits against the Little Sisters of the Poor. Physical violence against Republicans is encouraged by President Obama and Clinton under the euphemism ‘protest.’

    Democrat progressive politics is weird and ugly and dangerous, and people across the country have recoiled from it. As Marc Thiessen says with his usual eloquence, “You can drive some 3,000 miles across the entire continental United States — from sea to shining sea — without driving through a single county that voted for Hillary Clinton.”

    Yet Democrats continue to think they can win by disrespecting the white working class and religious Americans, because “demographics are on our side,” as Obama stated defiantly after Trump’s electoral college blow-out. The wealthy coastal liberals and brown-skinned America are the only ones who count in Obama’s calculus. The map above strikes no chord in his heart.

    Progressives want to rule all those red counties in perpetuity: a one-party state, based on racial voting. They look forward to a colonial society with the liberal elite ruling a continent from their isolated blue enclaves.

    Obama remains triumphalist about his version of the Democrat party based on race. He told David Remnick:

    “Democrats are well positioned to keep winning Presidential elections just by appealing to the base. And, each year, the demographic improves.”

    His interviewer Remnick spells out what Obama means by improved demographics:

    To put it more bluntly than Obama did, the nonwhite percentage of the population will continue to increase.

    The Democrats have paid a high price for their campaign of progressive identity politics. The Obama impact on statehouses and state governors is far more devastating than the loss of one Presidential election.

    “Under our current leadership, Democrats have been reduced to our smallest congressional minority since 1929. . . . We have the fewest Democrats in state and federal offices since Reconstruction.” – Rep. Tim Ryan, challenger to Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader

    Yet the Democrat voices calling for a return to something resembling the Bill Clinton mainstream are few indeed – some lesser known journalists, one academic, Bill Maher, one or two Congressman from districts that voted Trump. It is not enough.

    Obama so far has miraculously stood apart from the destruction he has wrought. He still aims to build a revolutionary cultural movement aiming at the “fundamental transformation of America.” Obama has no intention of retiring from politics as every President since George Washington has done.

    Our outgoing President’s thoughts on the Trump victory: he and Michelle will get busy “creating… the next generation of leadership,” a new America where work and success are “disconnected.” Obama wants an America “in which productivity and wealth generation are not automatically linked to how many hours you put in, where the links between production and distribution are broken, in some sense.” His groupie interviewer, David Remnick, summarizes: Obama “seemed to be returning to the days when he was a community organizer in the Atgeld Gardens housing project, on the South Side of Chicago.”

    In the immediate future, not insignificantly, there is a lot of radical leftist and racialist dirt about to be uncovered by Jeff Sessions at Obama’s DOJ, including the funneling of half a billion dollars to left-wing activist groups. That’s one reason Obama is leading the Democrats in a mad rush to delegitimize the new AG Jeff Sessions as a Klan supporter.

    Obama’s race-based progressivism is shared by the leaders of the Democratic Party. The next DNC chair is likely to be the loathsome Keith Ellison, who is backed by Sanders, Warren, Schumer and Reid. Why? He is black and he is Muslim, perfect for attacking the Trump administration as racist and Islamophobic.

    The structural damage to the Democratic machine has clearly been done, and the party seems incapable of realizing its own political mistakes. The influence of heavyweight progressive-movement donors continues to bind the party to its losing left-wing identity.

    The most important voters in the Democrat base are sadly, our very ill served black community. Democrats are nothing without black block voting, which they curry not by helping blacks, but by hurting them with the big lie that white America is racist.

    In a post-election New Yorker interview, Obama libels his own white working class voters, describing them as “people who may, nevertheless, have … biases about African-Americans or Latinos or women or gays.” Obama explained the Trump victory to his daughters as a “flare-up of bigotry.”

    This is why, more than ever since the election, the Democratic Party’s organizing principle is calling Republicans racists.

    Yet regardless of the facts, most liberals and their friends in the media continue to view Mr. Trump’s victory through a self-serving racial lens. Today, race is the Democratic Party’s organizing principle. Group identity is a doctrine and group grievances are to be nurtured and exploited politically no matter the damage to civil discourse.

    Ugly identity politics meets the emotional needs of the Democrats’ main voting blocks and promotes the special interests of their progressive donor class. Democrat politicians at the state and county level are collateral damage.
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    As to their phony race card against Republicans:

    THAT DOG WON'T HUNT! - Lyndon Johnson
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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