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    Will Trump suck up to Paul Ryan, the Establishment’s talking sock puppet?

    Those who call Paul Ryan a “conservative”, like Charles Krauthammer who appears on FoxNews, ought to have their head examine or at least give their definition of a “conservative”.

    Apparently, under Krauthammer’s definition of a “conservative”, it is one who:

    Ignores our Constitution and advocates Congress’ power to regulate commerce with foreign nations ought to be switched with the President’s power [under fast track trade promotion authority] allowing the president to formulate regulations of commerce with foreign nations and have Congress then exercise the president’s veto power over the president’s proposed legislation cooked up in secret with the nations involved.

    It is more than obvious that Paul Ryan is very much against an America First Trade policy which is intentionally designed to promote the general welfare of the United States and her citizens, and he embraces a managed trade, like the NAFTA, which is managed by a group of individuals who are not elected by the Citizens of the United States ___ a majority of whom are foreigners and represent the interests of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation. SEE Establishment of Binational Panels

    Paul Ryan is also a big fan of Line item veto power being placed in the Presidents hands which blatantly violates our Constitution, and would place an extraordinary blackmailing power in the president’s hands.

    The President’s veto procedure is laid out in crystal clear language in our Constitution. If the president vetoes a bill it is returned to the House that originated the bill with the president’s objections, and the bill [not parts of the bill which the president doesn’t like] is then to be reconsidered and needs a two thirds vote of that House to override the President’s veto which then requires the bill to be sent, together with the Objections, to the other House, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered, and if approved by two thirds of that House, it shall become a Law.

    Our Establishment’s talking sock puppet, Paul Ryan, is comfortable with taking it upon himself to change the veto procedure outlined in our Constitution and do for the people that which the people have not willingly agreed to do for themselves via our Constitution‘s required amendment process.

    Under Ryan’s circumvention of our Constitution, the president is granted extraordinary power to withhold funding for whatever he so desires which not only defies appropriations made by law and undermines the legislative “sausage” making process that created the bill, but as we were warned:

    ''The negative of the governor was constantly made use of to extort money. No good law whatever could be passed without a private bargain with him. An increase of salary or some donation, was always made a condition; till at last, it became the regular practice to have orders in his favor on the treasury presented along with the bills to be signed, so that he might actually receive the former before he should sign the latter. When the Indians were scalping the Western people, and notice of it arrived, the concurrence of the governor in the means of self-defense could not be got, until it was agreed that the people were to fight for the security of his property, whilst he was to have no share of the burdens of taxation.'' ___ SEE: Benjamin Franklin, June 4 of the Constitutional Convention

    Paul Ryan also lies by saying “Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following: Article I, Section 9, Clause 7.” which has nothing to do with the allowable veto power procedure which is articulated in Article 1, Section 7, Clause 2.

    Paul Ryan also advocates cutting veterans benefits and even Doubles Down on Cutting Veteran Pensions

    What Paul Ryan intentionally refuses to acknowledge is, of the defined and limited powers granted to our federal government by our Constitution which are intended to promote the general welfare of the United States, one just happens to be its power over our nation’s military. Unlike the countless federal government free-cheese programs not authorized by our Constitution and which work to balloon our annual federal deficits, providing for our nation’s veterans is a legitimate and constitutionally based obligation.

    Paul Ryan is also a big fan of amnesty and making American Citizens tax slaves to support the economic needs of the millions of foreigners who have invaded our borders. Let us not forget his spending bill which financed Obama’s ongoing invasion of our borders.

    Ryan also voted in favor of George W. Bush’s deficit spending spree, the unconstitutional No Child Left Behind Act, and Medicare Part D which was projected to add $852 billion to the debt over a 10 year period.

    The bottom line is, Paul Ryan is no “conservative”. The only question remaining is, will Donald Trump suck up to this Establishment’s talking sock puppet and ignore the people who have placed their confidence in him?


    Let us not forget this coming election the betrayal by House Republicans and Senate Republicans who voted in favor of Paul Ryan’s Bill to finance Obama’s invasion of our borders!
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