• IRS Agents Instructed to Ignore Fraudulent Claims and Pay Millions to Illegal Immigrants

    IRS Agents Instructed to Ignore Fraudulent Claims and Pay Millions in Refunds to Immigrants – Legal and Illegal
    posted on August 10, 2012 by da Tagliare of Godfather Politics

    One of the most dreaded pieces of mail any American can receive is one from the IRS that says you are going to be audited. No matter how well your taxes were prepared and how well you have documented everything, there is always that fear that the IRS will find something wrong and not allow you to leave without writing them a check.

    According to a recent report on an internal audit of the IRS, it doesn’t sound like immigrants, legal or illegal will have to worry about getting the dreaded audit letter from the IRS. Evidently, IRS employees have tried to report tax returns from immigrants that appear to be fraudulent and were instructed them to ignore the fraud and just process the forms and get the refunds out as soon as possible.

    The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report said that the focus of the IRS is to expedite refunds. To help speed up the process, they purposely eliminated some of the procedures they normally used to identify questionable refund requests. Furthermore, the employees were not properly trained or given the right tools to identify fraudulent claims made by immigrants paying taxes using an Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN).

    IRS officials are reacting to the report, claiming that they have implemented procedures and tools to catch fraudulent refund requests submitted by immigrants using ITINs. However, J. Russell George, the inspector general said that they had confirmed that IRS employees had been urged by their supervisors to ignore the returns they suspected to be fraudulent.

    Part of the problem involves the use of the same mailing address for multiple tax returns. In one case, the auditors discovered that 23, 994 refunds all had the same mailing address in Atlanta. IRS officials tried to defend themselves claiming that many immigrants use the address of the person or company preparing the tax returns instead of their own address to insure that the refund checks would be received.

    So not only are illegal immigrants given all kinds of free perks by the U.S. government such as free medical, free education, safety from deportation and now safety from being guilty of filing fraudulent tax returns. While our country is financially struggling, we continue to provide millions of dollars in free aid and evidently unquestioned tax returns to thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal.

    And this is how President Obama goes about helping America’s middle class as he so often points out. Mr. President, I can’t wait for the day that you and rest of the illegals are rounded up and deported back to where they belong.
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