• Kansas is Number One Destination for Illegal Aliens

    Kansas is Number One Destination for Illegal Aliens

    "They can't deport us all" campaign is popular in Kansas, which is a sanctuary state for Mexican illegals.

    "Unless Kansas acts," said Kris Kobach, "we will become the number one destination for illegal aliens in the Midwest. Indeed, we are already well on our way to holding that title."

    Robert Tilford
    Charlotte City Buzz Examiner

    The Kansas Secretary of State “slammed” legislators last week for failing to adopt powerful tools for discouraging illegal immigrants from moving to Kansas.

    The secretary of state pressed for passage of contents in four bills open for debate before the House Federal and State Affairs Committee. These legislators are weighing two bills that require state and local governmental agencies and their contractors to use the federal E-Verify program to check the status of new workers.

    “We were told there are jobs here”, says Jose “Don” Smith (not his real name), a self admitted illegal alien here on business. “We don’t care what you think, we are only about the money we can get. The police won’t do anything. You can deport us all”, he said.

    Kobach said the most significant step available to Kansas would be statewide imposition of an E-Verify requirement. Something most of Kansas legislature seems to oppose?

    Employers in the state have long taken advantage of the plight of illegals to their own advantage. “They know the people are desperate and will work for poverty wages, part time”, said Derek Sims of Charlotte, N.C. “Kansas, and for that matter North Carolina should be required to type the name of potential employees into a computer to verify whether they are in the United States legally.”

    Kansas small business loves to hire illegals so they can pass along the health insurance costs to the state. They can also work them like livestock. School districts are paid on a per child enrollment in their schools, so no questions are asked, even if the child speaks no English whatsoever. They claim it is not their responsibility to enforce immigration laws.

    On the law enforcement front, Dale Goter, a paid lobbyist with the city of Wichita, said “the measure compelling local police officers to serve as immigration enforcement staff would prove to be an unfunded mandate that created more problems than it resolved.” Goter represents the city of Wichita in opposing immigration enforcement. For that he is paid very handsomely using tax payer funds, but that’s another issue entirely. The requirement would “undermine years of relationship building by police”, he said.

    "Creating a state law which pits local police against thousands of citizens will destroy this cultivated relationship," he said. "Crimes will no longer be reported by many of our Hispanic population. The lack of reporting serves the criminal element quite well."

    “We protect businesses in Kansas that use "ILLEGAL" immigrants as nothing but slave labor. How sick is that. Kansas needs to step up and get a grip on this ILLEGAL immigration issue lest we become the joke of the nation. Hell we already are the laughing stock of the nation”, sasy Bill Owens of Hays, Kansas. "The requirement would undermine years of relationship building by police, he said" Is he talking about a relationship between our police and criminals (illegal immigrants)... oh the hypocrisy. It makes me sick”, he said.

    “We are the destination for illegal immigrants because Kansas has typically been a low wage state. People can't make a living here working for a farmer. Illegal immigrants come here in droves , live together carpool and help one another, like one big illegal family. They shop garage sales and share vehicles, split expenses, share food, support relatives back in Mexico - two got stopped on our street - the car didn't belong to either of them - it belonged to another illegal immigrant who paid the rent on the house they all lived in. Later it was discovered 7 men shared the same residence, a two bedroom house. When farmers start paying workers better (and other businesses do the same) then you'll get American citizen workers. Pay them enough to live on and you can dent the illegal immigrant problem. Problem is greed here in Kansas”, says Sally Johnson of Salina, Kansas. “We all know we break and undermine the immigration laws, be it city officials, cops who won’t ask for ID, or employers who accept fake and stolen social security cards for employment…They don’t want E- Verify requirement”, she said.

    “Lucinda farms and businesses are never going to offer a decent wage as long as they are finding people who will work for nothing. I wish they would enforce the laws already on the books and arrest anybody caught employing illegals”, said Tom Smith of Wichita. “That would force farms and businesses to offer appropriate wages”, he said.

    Kansas wants illegal workers (see Youtube):

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