• SPLC and ADL Exposed for Violence Inspiring Defamation and Lies

    August 23, 2012

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    For many years now, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have engaged in the repulsive tactic of attacking conservative groups and Christians. They have falsely equated innocent people with the KKK and Neo-Nazis, and all this for speaking out against illegal immigration, traditional marriage, and a host of other mainstream political issues which increases the chances of persecution and violence against those they target!

    New focus is being applied to these kinds of reprehensible actions of the SPLC and ADL now that Floyd Lee Corkins has stormed the offices of one of their targets intent upon mass murder of Christians that support traditional marriage. Corkins marched into the DC office lobby of the Family Research Council (FRC) bringing a bag full of Chic-fil-A sandwiches, a box of ammo, a Sig Sauer nine-millimeter handgun, and the address of the Traditional Values Coalition, which Corkins planned to hit after conducting the mass murder of Christians at the FRC! Floyd Lee Corkins is a leftist, gay rights activist, who is likely motivated by the violence-inspiring rhetoric and defamation coming from groups like the ADL and SPLC. Thanks to the heroism of security guard Leo Johnson, who was shot in the arm during the attack, the mass murder and domestic terrorism that had been planned by Corkins was narrowly averted.

    This shooting in DC hits close to home for ALIPAC even though we are proudly not based in Washington, DC. The second target of Floyd Lee Corkins, according to the FBI, was the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), which is headed up by Andrea Lafferty. Mrs. Lafferty is the wife of Jim Lafferty who encouraged us to found our organization ALIPAC in 2004 and served as our volunteer DC lobbyist in 2004 and 2005.

    ALIPAC has also been defamed in the same fashion by the SPLC and ADL, and we have suffered the resulting threats and menacing that is characteristic when being lied about, being falsely accused of racism, and being erroneously associated with the KKK and Nazis simply because you oppose illegal immigration.

    Violence Leads To Calls for Reform

    In the days since this shooting, the President of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins singled out the Southern Poverty Law Center during a national press conference because his organization was put on a list of "hate groups." The SPLC supports gay marriage while the FRC opposes it so the Southern Poverty Law Center falsly claims the FRC is related to the KKK. Tony Perkins said that action gave the gunman "a license to shoot an unarmed man," and he urged that the law center be "held accountable for their reckless use of terminology."

    Accompanying Tony Perkins's rightfully placed concerns about the SPLC stirring up hate and rage against peaceful conservative groups by equating groups that lobby Congress with the KKK, the SPLC took another credibility hit this past spring when they admitted to the National Review that despite their claims of being a "hate" watchdog group, they do not even monitor radical left wing groups at all.

    SPLC Biased Confirmed

    The SPLC now admits they only monitor right wing groups and conservatives and show no concern about violence or hate from the left! Could it be that they do not monitor violence from the left because they are quite aware that their targeting of innocent conservatives, Christians, or people concerned about illegal immigration carries the threat of such violence and they enjoy that as part of their power?

    Anthony Martin writes for The Examiner on May 4, 2012....

    In a stunning display of candor the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) of Montgomery, Alabama admitted today that it does not monitor "the extreme Left" although for years the organization has billed itself as a watchdog of hate groups.

    The admission came during a phone interview conducted by Charles C.W. Cooke of the National Review. During the conversation Cooke asked a spokesman for SPLC if the organization had plans to begin to track the Occupy movement, in light of the foiled terrorist attempt to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio?

    The suspects who were arrested in the case are connected directly to the Occupy movement.
    So if you are the group of left wing anarchists that recently stormed a restaurant beating up patrons targeted by the SPLC and ADL along with bystanders in a wedding party, you have no watchdog. Or if you are with the bunch of leftist Occupy Wall Street protesters recently arrested for trying to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, the ADL and SPLC are not concerned with you. Or if you are with the group of New Black Panthers forming a lynch mob and proclaiming that whites should be hunted down like animals, you have no need to worry about the SPLC. But if you are an American citizen concerned about illegal immigration and calling Congress with ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, or FAIR, you are somehow in cahoots with the KKK and deserve to be maligned, threatened, persecuted, or beaten by angry mobs motivated by SPLC and ADL disinformation.

    This deluge of recent growing problems for the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League does not end here!

    SPLC Hate Group Claims Negated By US Commission on Civil Rights

    Last week the Southern Poverty Law Center was rebuked by the US Commission on Civil Rights last week during hearings the Commission is conducting in Alabama regarding their new strong anti-illegal immigration state laws that have sent illegal immigrants fleeing the state.

    For years now the SPLC has falsely claimed that the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a hate group. They have also falsely claimed that our organization ALIPAC is backed by FAIR and that is absolutely false as well. We are a separate organization that once attended one of FAIR's events in DC, but we have never received any support from FAIR. So the SPLC is wrong on two of many issues there. ALIPAC has told the media on many occasions that we are not backed by FAIR, we do not recognize the SPLC's attack on FAIR as legitimate, and that we are also victims of their abusive and dehumanizing labeling.

    According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Aug. 17, 2012)...

    ...The hearing became controversial even before it began. In a conference call Thursday, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other civil and immigrant rights groups criticized the commission for inviting a representative of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington-based organization that advocates tougher immigration enforcement. In written testimony submitted to the panel, the SPLC called FAIR a "nativist hate group."

    In an interview before the hearing Friday morning, Dan Stein, President of FAIR, called the SPLC's criticism defamatory and said he planned to call on the commission to remove the SPLC's testimony from the record.
    And then the other shoe dropped! According to Kim Chandler reporting for Alabama Blog's Montgomery Bureau...

    A spokeswoman for the commission said speakers for briefings are selected for their expertise and to reflect a wide variety of viewpoints.

    "To our knowledge as staff there are no people we consider as members of hate groups speaking," said Lenore Ostrowsky acting chief, Public Affairs Unit.
    There you have it folks, an official spokeswoman for the US Commission on Civil Rights has rebuked the SPLC's labeling of FAIR as a Hate Group. I hope FAIR puts out a national press release on this point soon because as soon as I read this news in the alipac.us archives I knew it was major development. The SPLC's political smears have been officially rebuked by an actual governmental agency.

    ADL and SPLC Lies Calculated To Inspire Violence and Abuse

    The ADL and SPLC will spend time fighting the small and dispersed remnants of the KKK and Neo-Nazis that can barely get 5 people into a room together anymore in America. They will then take the credibility they accrue fighting the subjectively named "hate groups" and apply the same derogatory labels and accusations to innocent American activists and organizations that refuse to bow to the Political Correctness police.

    Anyone who has ever been targeted by these groups knows you had better lock your windows and doors and be ready to read emails and hear phone messages of people threatening to harm you and your family based on what they read on the ADL and SPLC websites. Be prepared for resulting family, peer, and employment difficulties that arise when powerful multimillion dollar groups treated as credible by the media claim that you are part of some "hate" or "extremist" group.

    If you were walking down the street with a KKK hood on or a big swastika sign you would be a likely target of threats, taunts, abuse, and violence, and the same is true for anyone maligned by the SPLC and ADL. If you carried the same symbols into work, you would be fired. In the case of the SPLC and ADL, you can literally wake up one morning to find a swastika painted on your face because you spoke out against illegal immigration.

    Anyone targeted by the ADL or SPLC can look forward to any coworker, neighbor, classmate, friend, or complete stranger with a different political view citing the ADL and SPLC branding anytime a dispute or opportunity for exploit arises. The Hollywood and main stream media backed attacks of the ADL and SPLC lead to harassment and threats of all kinds which yours truly has experienced and will gladly testify to in a court of law.

    When people think of a "hate group" or "extremist group," they think of the lynching of blacks, genocide against Jews, and individuals who prowl around killing people, blowing things up, or menacing large groups of people just because of their color or ethnicity. Such things are exceptionally rare in American society and while they may exist in some places, America deserves a lot of credit for becoming the most racially inclusive and sensitive society in human history.

    Groups like ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, The Family Research Council, The Traditional Values Coalition, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and many others do not deserve to be labeled as "extremists" and "hate groups" just for simple issue advocacy against illegal immigration or gay marriage.

    False Associations and Omission Lies

    Currently, our organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is listed on the SPLC's
    "Nativist Extremist Group" list as we have been for years. They list 173 groups on this list as you can see here. According to the SPLC, a group qualifies for the list by targeting individuals for abuse which is something that ALIPAC has never done.

    The SPLC says that I am a bad, racist man because I once spoke on a radio show out of Tennessee that had past guests appear, like David Duke of the KKK. I never know who the prior lengthy lists of guests are for the hundreds of radio shows I've done, and I'm not confident that having a guest on your radio show in any way equates support from the show for the guest, or certainly not support from guest to guest. But this is the kind of loose association and omission lie games the SPLC and ADL play to put people like me and others like me in danger.

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which we refer to as "The Defamation League," says that our national organization, including the 22% of our supporters who are minorities, are somehow backed by Neo-Nazis because one or two anonymous people online posted some links to our website on racist blogs and forums. Using the ADL's skewed logic, both American Idol and Barack Obama receive the same support from racists and skinheads because they post links to their websites on those blogs too! And since when does posting a link to a website equate to "backing"? From the ADL's description, one would think I had recently returned from a Neo-Nazi conference with a sack full of checks!

    On top of the loose association defamation the SPLC and ADL engage in, they are also masters of the omission lie. Both groups know full well that our organization is multi-racial, racially inclusive, works extensively with minority leaders and organizations, and states in print to all media that we are committed to unifying Americans of all races and walks of life against illegal immigration. As president of this organization, I have spent many years back in the 1990's helping to elect women and minorities to public office.

    Isn't it amazing how the SPLC and ADL ignore this public knowledge in their efforts to try to malign and silence me and many others?

    SPLC Lies About Character and Number of Hate and Extremist Groups

    Here is another political bomb shell for the SPLC. While the SPLC eagerly seeks more media exposure and conducts fund raising to fight the "growing" presence of "hate groups" and the 173 "nativist extremist groups" they say ALIPAC belongs to, the truth is most of these groups no longer exist and many never existed at all!

    The SPLC has no clearly defined rules for determining what constitutes a group. So you too, can join the list by making online comments from your mother's basement if you like.

    Fourteen of the 173 listed "extremist groups" alongside ALIPAC are listed as FIRE Coalition groups. Here's a little secret about FIRE Coalition that used to be run by a guy named Jason Mrochek. First, nobody has heard or seen any activity by Mrochek and his FIRE Coalition in many years. Second, Mrochek used to list people on his website as a "Fire Coalition Group" if they wrote him an email and said they wanted to get involved. This guy handed out titles like tin stars at a kid's cowboy birthday party. The Fire Coalition Groups were never groups, just individuals who sent emails to Jason Mrochek. The SPLC should know this, but they don't seem to care. So that leaves us with 150 groups.

    Of the remaining 150 groups listed by the SPLC, 18 are listed at MMP or Minuteman Project groups. The Minuteman Project's last and only successful event was their first muster on the border in April of 2005. A subsequent attempt in 2006 led by Jim Gilchrist quickly unraveled and fell apart. With no significant border operations since 2006, Jim Gilchrist and MMP have fallen completely silent after his close association with convicted child murderer Shawna Forde, which was exposed several years ago. So Minuteman Project "Groups" are still listed even though most are not actual groups, just individual activists showing minimal or no actual group activity but listed on a national group website to make the Minuteman Project national group appear bigger and stronger.

    I've been fighting illegal immigration nationally while based in Raleigh, NC, and I've never heard of the "Triangle Minutemen Patriots (MMP)" located 30 minutes out of town in Pittsboro, NC. Raleigh is part of the "Triangle" and I've spoken at many events in Pittsboro but I've never met anyone with "Triangle Minutemen Patriots."

    Amazingly, the SPCL's duplicity and deceit seem to strive for new lows! Astonishingly, there is no listing for Minuteman Projects for Aliso Viejo, CA, which is where the head of the national organization, Jim Gilchrist, resides and operates!

    In fact, the SPLC appears to have removed most of their earlier criticisms of Jim Gilchrist from their site since Gilchrist has spent the last few years attacking other illegal immigration fighting groups. Jim Gilchrist's service to the pro-illegal alien cause of the ADL and SPLC appears to have earned him a reprieve from their attacks even though his most recent "border operations manager" Shawna Forde is on death row for double homicide including the murder of a nine year old girl. Again, more evidence these groups will cut you some slack on violence and murder if you serve their left wing cause.

    So if we remove the 18 groups listed of the now long defunct Minuteman Project (MMP) affiliates that leaves us with just 132.

    Of the 132 remaining groups listed, again we are looking at local affiliates of the national group MCDC or Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which used to be run by Chris Simcox and Carmen Mercer with the silent backing of a group called the Declaration Alliance that is associated with past GOP Presidential candidate Alan Keyes.

    Seventy-eight of these SPLC defined "extremist" groups are listed as MCDC affiliates, and while MCDC did have some of the best operating affiliate groups in America fighting illegal immigration, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp disbanded in the Spring of 2010 almost 2.5 years ago at the time of this report. We have detected no significant activity from any of the MCDC affiliates prior to the disbanding of the national MCDC organization.

    So that drops us down to only 54 of these alleged 173 "extremist" groups promoted by the SPLC! I see several other names of long defunct groups on their list, such as Save Our State.

    The vast majority of groups listed by the SPLC as "nativist extremist groups" are not made up of extremists, no longer exist, or never really existed as groups at all!

    Further inspection of the ADL's "Hate Group" and "Extremist Group" lists would likely yield just volumes of more deception, lies designed to further their aims at any cost, to help them raise funds, and put their political opponents in fear for their jobs and lives.

    The SPLC claims they need more funding from donors and attention from the American media because, although the number of actual hate crimes has been decreasing for the last ten years, they say there are more "hate groups" than ever before.

    It is high time that some conservative and Christian groups did a full analysis of the SPLC's 1,018 "active hate groups'" in the United States in 2011. It is very likely that many of these "groups" are missing many of the characteristics the public would expect of a "hate" organization or an actual "group" of any kind.

    The SPLC has recently been busted by Cornell Law School's Associate Clinical Professor William A. Jacobson for listing nonexistent "hate groups" of supposed KKK and Neo-Nazi supporters in Rhode Island! There was also a recent story out of Texas where a local sheriff went looking for one of the groups on the SPLC list in his town. The police could find no evidence that any such did exist or ever existed in their town despite the listing on the SPLC "hate maps."

    And even though we know the SPLC is lying on a grand scale, just a few days ago on August 18, 2012, CNN's SUSAN CANDIOTTI broadcast to the nation, "It's a disturbing trend. Hate groups are on the rise. The consequences, violence and deadly." The source cited by CNN was the unlikely new claims by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Time To End SPLC and ADL Abuse and Defamation

    America needs new organizations and activists to speak out against a new threat to our nation. That threat is groups such as SPLC and ADL that are exploiting our American freedoms with the greatest level of hypocrisy. They are claiming to oppose intolerance, deception, defamation, and targeting of individuals, yet that is exactly what groups like the ADL and SPLC are doing. Like a thief who is the first to accuse another of the crime, these groups are being aided and empowered by the American media and Hollywood, thus creating what is rotten at the core of America.

    Now that the bullets have started flying from those inspired by the real HATE coming from the ADL and SPLC, the situation these groups have helped to create is going to a whole new level of potential violence and unrest.

    We call on the ADL and the SPLC to remove their fictitious depictions of ALIPAC and many others being characterized as "hate" or "extremist" groups. To date, no members of these organizations have been associated with or created any violence while displaying operations aimed at peaceful political efforts. Groups that consistently speak out against racism should never be targeted by the ADL and SPLC as is the case today, and real Americans need to pursue every political and legal remedy possible to stop the violence-inspiring defamation coming out of the SPLC and ADL these days.

    The American media needs to start doing some deep fact checking on claims by the ADL and SPLC before reporting any of their claims and numbers due to the fact their works are overtly false in a climate where Hollywood and the media gives them free reign to distort and lie without correction.
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