• Test vote says we are very close to defeating Boehner's Obama Amnesty Funding Bill

    Great news patriots! (Minutes and every call counts right now!)

    The House just voted on "The Rule" which is usually just a procedural vote to proceed to a full vote! Somewhere between 50-60 Republicans voted with most of the Democrats against the rule in a charge led mostly by ALIPAC endorsed lawmakers! If the chair had not moved quickly, we would have just defeated the CRomnibus* bill! (click here to read details from Breitbart)

    This is very good news because it means that all of the GOP leaders' tough talk in the media about easily passing a sellout spending bill is just more lies!

    Take heart and take to the phone now. Call every GOP office on this list to say.... Minutes count!

    "Vote Against John Boehner's CRomnibus* spending bill that provides 2.5 Billion dollars of our money to aid illegal aliens while funding Obama's despicable amnesty decrees! Have you heard that more than 18 organizations have now called for Boehner and McConnell to lose their leadership positions over this spending bill? Tell Representative ___________ that I will consider a vote for this spending bill to be a vote for illegal aliens!"

    Call list (call your own state first then work on adjacent states)

    Ask them for emails, fax numbers, or website addresses where you can send in copies of our open letter to as many offices as you can before they vote!

    ALIPAC's rapidly growing open letter against the Obama-McConnell-Boehner Amnesty Plot #OMPAP

    Charge Americans! Give them nothing! Fight these traitors at every turn every step of the way!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: If you would like to help us broadcast this appeal to many new potential supporters and activists please make a quick donation of any amount to help us reach others rapidly at...

    *Continuing Resolution Omnibus
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