• We need calls and emails to these lawmakers fast!

    We have just received word that Rep. William Brawley is bringing Rep. Warren's Licenses for illegal aliens bill (HB 328 ) up for a vote in tomorrow morning's House Finance Committee meeting at 8:30am in room 544 of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh, NC!

    This past weekend, a resolution to censure (click to read) the 11 GOP lawmakers captured on video voting to protect the licenses for illegals provision in the bill was distributed at the NC GOP Convention and while that resolution was not heard, a request for the new chairman of the NC Republican Party to call a special meeting to address this resolution is in progress!

    Also, there are now meetings taking place behind the scenes to recruit tier 1 GOP Primary challengers for the GOP Lawmakers working with Obama's Democrats to pass this bill!

    The 2014 NC GOP Platform clearly states in Article 5, section 7 We support the issuance of a driver’s license or state identification card only to those who are lawfully present.”

    This direct violation of the GOP platform combined with the polling data indicating super majorities of GOP voters oppose licenses or driving permits for illegals means these 11 NC Republican House seats are up for the taking! Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau money can't save these lawmakers if they pass HB 328! Challengers can beat these incumbents with only a fraction of the funds the incumbents will have, and our video footage can be used for the online and TV commercials exposing the Republicans who voted for Licenses for Illegal Aliens!


    Please call and write these 11 GOP lawmakers and Chairman Bill Brawley to let them know that their support for HB 328 violates the GOP Platform, is opposed by large majorities of their constituents, and will assure primary challengers for each of them if the bill passes!

    Call today, tonight, and tomorrow morning till you hear the results from ALIPAC!

    Bill Brawley
    919-733-5800 Bill.Brawley@ncleg.net
    Harry Warren
    919-733-5784 Harry.Warren@ncleg.net
    Brian Brown
    919-733-5757 Brian.Brown@ncleg.net
    Jeff Collins
    919-733-5802 Jeff.Collins@ncleg.net
    Jonathan Jordan
    919-733-7727 Jonathan.Jordan@ncleg.net
    Nelson Dollar
    919-715-0795 Nelson.Dollar@ncleg.net
    Larry Yarborough
    919-715-0850 Larry.Yarborough@ncleg.net
    Paul "Skip" Stam
    919-733-2962 Paul.Stam@ncleg.net
    Charles Jeter
    919-733-5654 Charles.Jeter@ncleg.net
    Bob Steinberg
    919-733-0010 Bob.Steinburg@ncleg.net
    Susan Martin
    919-715-3023 Susan.Martin@ncleg.net
    Jay Adams
    919-733-5988 Jay.Adams@ncleg.net
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