• William Gheen Vs. Geraldo Rivera: Rescue California from Illegal Alien Licenses

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    ALIPAC supporters in California have done the most to support this organization, and to fight for immigration enforcement bills in all states while fighting to help you stop pro illegal alien bills.

    Today, we need ALIPAC supporters in ALL STATES responding quickly, fervently, and accurately to our activism alert to STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM RECEIVING LICENSES in California which would devastate our efforts.

    ALIPAC's President William Gheen will be on the Geraldo Rivera radio show on 790 KABC Los Angeles this morning at 10am Pacific Time to challenge Geraldo's support for licenses for illegal aliens legislation in California that has recently been filed.

    Please tune in to the show if you can. We need someone to please make a digital recording of this portion of Geraldo's show for us to share with others. you can listen on 790am if you are near Los Angeles or from anywhere in the world via this link

    Gheen Vs. Rivera on Illegal Alien Licenses Tues Feb 28 10:20am PT / 1:20pm ET


    Step 1: Please review our suggested language for your calls and e-mails. Remember how important it is for you to craft your own distinct version of our message as bulk electronic communications will have reduced chances of being effective. Personalizing each call and email and creating your own version will have maximum effect.

    "I am calling/writing today to ask you to oppose Assemblyman Gil Cedillo's attempt to give licenses to illegal immigrants. National polls report that 77% of Americans oppose licenses for illegal aiens and that is why every state in America, except for 3, have ended the practice. In fact, no state has ever intentionally given licenses to illegal immigrants. Illegals have exploited loopholes and lax security, but no state has very specifically tried to aid them with licenses. Don't let California betray the rest of America! Please stop the licenses for illegal aliens bill in California! It is a violation of federal law for anyone to willfully encourage illegal immigrants to enter or remain in the US unlawfully. Clearly, Cedillo's licenses for illegal aliens bill does that and will only encourage more illegal immigration into California and America. Please stand with the three out of four Americans who oppose licenses for illegal immigrants."

    Step 2: Use these simple website links to click your mouse a few times to access the contact info for members of the California Assembly and Senate. Focus on calls followed by emails, faxes, and letters! Focus on the Assembly and then the Senate.

    CA State Assembly
    Members | Assembly Internet

    CA State Senate
    Senators | Senate Internet

    Please use this coordination link to post any questions or responses from lawmakers, suggestions, etc....

    ALIPAC is pleased to announce we now have a state coordinator for California. MontereySherry will be leading the charge on this effort and will be tracking legislator response in Sacramento.

    California, we stand with you against this invasion.

    Help is on the way!

    Let's roll ALIPACers!

    The ALIPAC Team

    PS: If you approve of the job ALIPAC is doing, please take time to participate in our first funds drive of 2012 at this link...
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