• 83% Opposition to NC Bill To Give Licenses To Illegals

    83% Opposition to NC Bill To Give Licenses To Illegals

    April 15, 2015

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC.us) (919) 787-6009 | WilliamG@alipac.us

    NC state lawmakers will consider a bill today that would instruct state agencies to give a form of identification equivalent to a driver license to illegal immigrants.

    HB 328 is deceptively titled the "Highway Safety/Citizens Protection Act," and is sponsored by GOP lawmakers Rep. Harry Warren, Rep. Brian Brown, Rep. Jonathan Jordan, and Rep. Jeff Collins. This bill contains many provisions designed to conceal the highly controversial provision assisting illegal immigrants that is opposed by 77-83% of Americans according to certified polls.

    William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, plans to address NC lawmakers by speaking against HB 328, and invites other concerned North Carolina citizens to join his efforts to stop the bill from passing the Judiciary 1 Committee at 12:30pm today in room 415 of the Legislative Office Building (LOB).

    "Instead of giving licenses to illegals, lock picks to burglars, measuring scales to drug dealers, or new dresses to prostitutes, our lawmakers should be focused on catching all of the illegal immigrants that were detected committing felonies by registering and voting in our elections last year!" said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Unfortunately, these illegals are backed by some of the most wealthy influences in the world who appear to be more in control of lawmakers like Warren, Brown, Jordan, and Collins than US citizens are. Licenses for illegal aliens are opposed by more than 77% of Americans because they only send the message to more future illegals that North Carolina will welcome and aid them in their lawless activities that harm Americans in many ways."

    ALIPAC and allied groups like NCFIRE and NC Listen are planning to conduct town hall style meetings in the home districts of HB 328 sponsors Warren, Brown, Jordan, and Collins to educate voters about how their state house Representatives "support licenses for illegal aliens." It is hoped that these meetings will generate primary challengers for the sponsors of HB 328.

    In 2007, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer tried to give a new kind of ID and license to illegal immigrants, and political observers noted his resulting drop in approval ruined any future political aspirations the man had. Rasmussen conducted a nationwide poll in November of 2007 that found 77% of American adults are opposed to making drivers licenses available to people who are in the country illegally!

    In 2008, Hillary Clinton declared her support for licenses for illegals and as a result fell behind Obama in the Democratic primary to never regain the lead she had squandered with her unpopular position.

    In November of 2014, the citizens of Oregon, which is a deep blue Democrat state, defeated a ballot initiative called "Measure 88" that would have given licenses to illegal immigrants. The voters of Oregon rejected licenses for illegals in the 2014 elections with 67% of the vote!

    On April 5 of this year, Rasmussen polling found 83% of Americans believe people should prove they are legally in the United States before being able to receive any taxpayer benefits (licenses, in-state tuition, etc.)

    William Gheen is a prior legislative assistant and assistant sgt-at-arms for the NC General Assembly. For more information or to schedule interviews with William Gheen of ALIPAC as he meets with lawmakers today, please contact us at (919) 787-6009 or visit www.alipac.us.

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