• EMERGENCY! Indiana to pass in state tuition TODAY

    RED ALERT! We only have a few hours to CALL CALL CALL. Unfortunately this bill has already passed 2nd reading and is likely to pass if ALIPAC's national network does not jump up and stop it with a flood of calls. When you call the main switchboard numbers, insist on speaking with the actual lawmaker's office.

    Deliver the following message fast "I'm calling/writing to ask you to oppose
    House Bill 1326 in the Indiana Senate today! This bill provides In-State tuition for illegal aliens which scientific polling indicates is opposed by 81% of Americans. HB 1326 would replace innocent American students in the limited seats in our colleges with illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense! Please vote today with the 4/5 of your constituents that oppose instate tuition for illegals found in HB 1326 before the Indiana Senate today!"

    Here is the contact info you need...
    Indiana State Senate:
    Indiana General Assembly: FAQs

    UPDATE 11:18am ET:
    Their TOLL FREE numbers IS NOT working for calls coming in from outside of Indiana.
    Everyone outside of Indiana will need to use this number....
    When they say "would you like to leave your opinion on a bill?"
    you say "no, I would like to speak with Senator _____ please"

    SPECIAL NOTE: Spring on this fast. Im on the phones calling with you now. We just found out about this and we only have a few short hours to turn this around. The illegals are about to win a major battle sneaking this in in Indiana if we don't move fast and in large numbers.

    More details below

    URGENT! Hoosiers Say No to Instate Tuition Rates for Indiana ILLEGALS

    House Bill 1326 will give in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens in Indiana! This bill has already passed the House. The Indiana State Senate will vote on it THIS morning!


    We need your immediate action to stop this!

    1. Please send a short email to your State Senator demanding a NO vote on HB 1326. You may find your Senator’s contact information by clicking the Democrat or Republican buttons on the photo of the Senate Chamber found here.

    Indiana General Assembly: Home

    2. Please call your State Senator in the morning on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 to urge a NO vote. Toll free number: 1-800-382-9467.

    You may read the bill by clicking here.

    Indiana General Assembly

    Here is the pertinent line from the bill:

    “Provides that an individual who was enrolled in a state educational institution on or before July 1, 2011, is not lawfully present in the United States, and is a resident of Indiana may pay resident tuition at a state educational institution.”

    3. Please spread the word to your like-minded friends, family members and organizations.
    Thank you!!!

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    EMERGENCY! Indiana to pass in state tuition TODAY (only a few hours to move!)


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