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    Illegal Alien Reporting Site Gets Mexican Makeover for Cinco de Mayo

    Before I post a draft press release I'm preparing for a wire service to announce the new design of my website I want to say that I am jealous of the new ALIPAC website. Almost two years ago I launched Illegal Alien Report in haste after I realized that nobody had built a site specifically for listing illegal aliens online anonymously and that most anti-illegal alien sites looked horrible. Now I am happy to say that there are at least two websites built in support of legal immigration that look like they were built by professionals instead of angry rednecks with limited coding skills.

    I'm also happy to see the addition of banner advertising on this site. I've never used Adroll before, so unless some censorship Nazi rejects my banner I will do my best to make sure that my 2 week free trial is spent here.

    In case anyone too lazy to read the release before visiting my site wonders why my site is mostly red, white, and green I've temporarily swapped out blue for Mexican green to recognize Cinco de Mayo by making it easier for Americans to feel like aliens in their own country. The draft release with my phone number redacted as an anti-stalking measure and my email address redacted to avoid spam bots is as follows.


    George O’Brien
    IAR: Immigration Control and Border Security Services
    Phone: ###-###-####

    Illegal Alien Reporting Site Gets Mexican Makeover for Cinco de Mayo

    Portland, Oregon, 5/4/2012 – The Illegal Alien and Border Security Threat Tracking System created by Illegal Alien Report Immigration Control and Border Security Services has never looked so good thanks to the Mexican makeover it received just in time for Cinco de Mayo. The sleek new look is just one new addition to a site recently overhauled with the hope of lowering immigration levels by stimulating patriotic activity.

    Since its launch has always been fully capable of accomplishing its mission to expose people in countries illegally as well as their bosses, but it has also been criticized for many things the most disturbing of which besides lack of use being a lack of web 2.0 formatting, but that is to be expected when the target market is not satisfied simply by posting illegals online because they actually want to see something done and there are government agencies that claim to enforce immigration laws. Now thanks to a cross browser compatible CSS3 layout built to look great in up to date versions of all major browsers Illegal Alien Report is ready to help disappointed Americans keep their government honest by empowering the American people with the ability to document undocumented aliens themselves until the government is willing to do it for them and still look good doing it despite vandalizing itself with Mexican green in a non-smokable form as a color that has recently overrun the site leaving it nearly void of blue.

    Armed with user friendly search features, Google Maps, and a search engine friendly design the new Illegal Alien Report is a nightmare waiting to happen for illegal aliens and their employers alike. It is a reputation management nightmare for anyone who is now or has ever been an illegal alien capable of their hideouts on satellite maps for the whole world to find and bad for bad businesses that don’t want potential customers to find out about their illegal hiring practices while searching for them online. It is a nightmare for some that offers hope the rest of us that someday foreigners will not have to celebrate their independence in our country because they will be at home in theirs.

    Learn More:

    Illegal Alien Report: Immigration Control and Border Security Services

    Illegal Alien and Border Security Threat Tracking System

    How to Report Illegal Aliens
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    "Let's rally our friends and neighbors and other like minded Americans today. Let's get behind our candidates!"

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