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    June 3rd Hands Across the Border Anti-Illegal Alien Protest

    I received this in an e-mail from Save Our State. This is the first I've heard of it and I haven't found it listed here yet (that doesn't mean it's not on ALIPAC yet, I just haven't seen it). There's not alot of time to plan to attend these events! Anyone who can should go!!!


    SOS BORDERS RALLY ALERT: Attention all project partners and friends standing on secure borders:

    We have an exciting announcement to make. We are hosting a "Hands Along the Border" Rally on June 3rd which will expand across the nation. As Partners for Secure Borders, we need your support.

    June 3, 2006 will bring a flood of rallies around the nation. Ground Zero for the event is the Arizona Border on one of the largest human and drug smuggling corridors on the southern border where human smugglers load human cargo to be transported to cities and towns all over the U.S.

    We are inviting all our project partners and friends to participate by either attending the rally at the AZ border or by holding one at the Mexican Consulate near you. If you have no consulate near you then hold one at the state capital, congressional offices or parks -- wherever you can gather. Bring your signs and flags.

    The AZ rally will begin at 9:00 am AZ time (Pacific Standard Time). We will hear various speakers addressing specific aspects of the border control issue. The event will be video taped and streamed live over the internet. Then at 11:30 those at the AZ rally will walk to the border and join hands in a human fence at 12:00 pm -- HIGH NOON -- AZ time. At the same time, all over America, citizens attending rallies at consulates, capitals and parks, will do the same thing. We will all unite and join hands in solidarity and yell out for all our elected leaders to hear, "SECURE OUR BORDERS NOW!" Check our website for rally locations, details and updates:

    If you would like to help with these rallies you can do so in the following ways:

    1. We need hosts for rallies at Mexican Consulates and locations in each state. They need to be people who can organize and address the crowd. Hosts can be state immigration groups, local groups or radio host or station. Please consider making this commitment. Our goal is at least one rally in each state with a Mexican consulate and one in each of 10 or more major cities (many of these will already be covered with the U.S. Consulate.)
    2. Help us get the word out. We need you to alert your friends and all those who are in your sphere of influence who stand on secure borders.

    3. If you are in the AZ area, we need shade tents, water coolers, lawn chairs and tables for ground zero.

    We will take care of all media but if you have any suggestions on specific media to contact or you have established relationships with certain media and would like to share info feel free to do so. We will be sending out a Press Release on Mon or Tues. to give us time to secure permits.

    Flyers are available for download on our website. We hope you will join us for this historic event as we stand together, united to send our message to Washington and our elected leaders throughout our nation—enforce our laws, "SECURE OUR BORDERS!"

    Our senators are ready to cave. Congress is ready to compromise. President Bush is discussing guest worker programs that in no way include the American worker. He is pushing a "comprehensive" immigration reform bill. We must keep the pressure on. Compromise and negotiations are for another day. Today is for enforcement. Rally with us on June 3 and tell Congress and President Bush that we want "SECURE BORDERS NOW!" Comprehensive immigration reform is a discussion for another day. We have made that mistake before. Let's not make it again.

    If you have any questions please contact Kimberly Fletcher, Co-executive Director of SOS Borders at (937)477-4365 or by email at


    Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help Secure the Borders FIRST and STOP "guest worker" amnesty for illegal aliens! Thank you!


    William Greene, President

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    Thank you Darcele. Ill send this to LegalUSCitizen and she will add it to the national schedule in the News from Other Groups section at the top. You can also access the schedule through the homepage.

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    Darcele, the protest information you provided has been listed under News From Other Groups at the very top where protest schedules are posted !! Thank you.
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