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    Russell Pearce..Our boys still workin it!

    Welcome to

    Sen. Russell Pearce new BAN AMNESTY NOW President!

    Senator Russell Pearce has accepted the position of President of Ban Amnesty Now (, effective Monday, January 23rd, making Pearce the 2nd president of B.A.N., and the second role for Pearce with the organization. Previously, he had served as honorary chairman.

    Said Senator Pearce, “This is a significant time for Ban Amnesty Now, this is a critical time for America and for the growing majority of Americans who support securing our borders NOW, support protecting our communities NOW, support protecting our jobs NOW, and stand steadfast in our shared opposition to amnesty for the millions upon millions of criminal illegal aliens who broke the law crossing the border and break the law today by remaining illegally in this nation.

    "I look forward to working with state legislators, governors, members of congress and the hundreds of thousands of Americans already on board supporting B.A.N. and our mission to make America safer, stronger and more secure,” said Pearce. “We have a very important mission coming up in the U.S. Supreme Court to defend SB1070; “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act” being modeled by many states and on its way to the Supreme Court.

    About Pearce's SB107, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association had this to say: "Since SB1070, Phoenix has experienced a 30-year low crime rate. 600 police vacancies, budget cuts, and old policing strategies didn’t bring about these falling crime rates. SB1070 did. When hard-working rank-and-file Phoenix Police Officers were given access to the tool of SB1070, the deterrence factor this legislation brought about was clearly instrumental in our unprecedented drop in crime. And all of this without a single civil rights, racial profiling, or biased policing complaint. To ignore the positive impact of SB1070 in the City of Phoenix is to ignore the huge elephant in the middle of the room."

    In addition to SB1070, Senator Pearce is the author/sponsor of a lengthy list of historic pieces of legislation, including:

    --Proposition 200 in 2004: Requires proof of citizenship to register to vote, ID at the polls and proof of eligibility in order to get any taxpayer funded benefits.

    --Prop. 103 in 2006: A Constitutional Amendment, making English the Official Language in Arizona.

    --Prop. 100 in 2006: A Constitutional prohibition to prevent bail for any illegal alien who commits a serious crime in Arizona (NO BOND). (By the way this was placed on the ballot and passed by 78%).

    --HB2779 in 2007: Arizona’s Fair and Legal Employment Act to protect American jobs by taking the license of any business who “knowingly” hires illegal aliens; sued by the left, including our own federal government and in 2010 won a huge Supreme Court decision by 5 to 3. Another victory for states’ rights.

    --Prop. 107 in 2010: A Constitutional Amendment to eliminate Affirmative Action in Arizona.

    Said Pearce, “I am calling on Patriots across this great Republic, on all my supporters, all my friends, and everyone who has stood by Arizona in this long battle against Barack Obama and those who don’t believe in the rule of law. There is not a state in the nation that isn’t watching, waiting, wondering how the Supreme Court will rule in our case and it is imperative we act now to ensure our legal battle is as strong as it could ever possibly be.”

    In his role as President, Senator Pearce will lead B.A.N.’s various educational, informational, legal, advocacy, and fundraising efforts. Pearce will now also host "BAN AMNESTY NOW Radio”, the weekly radio show sponsored by Ban Amnesty Now and the Conservative Leadership Coalition, on KFNX News Talk Radio 1100am each Tuesday evening at 7:00PM.

    Obama appoints amnesty-czar top White House aide!

    El Presidente Barack Hussein Obama has a new White House Domestic Policy chief, and conservatives are reacting in horror! Mr. Obama has appointed noneother than National Council of La Raza Vice President Cecilia Munoz as head of the President's Domestic Policy Council, with the official administration title of White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

    What does Ms. Munoz do in this role? The lead architect of the Obama amnesty policy is now responsible for crafting the White House's relationship and policies with both state and local governments. Yes, you read that right!

    The former #2 at an organization which flies the Mexican flag at events in the United States now holds the senior policy position in an American White House. And, as the Obama White House kicks into re-election overdrive, there is little doubt Munoz will be in the spotlight in a major way to win back the hearts and minds of the nation's growing Hispanic population (both legal and illegal).

    If you haven't already it is more important than ever for all concerned citizens to sign the B.A.N. petition against amnesty today! Our pro-amnesty opponents are now holding positions of incredible power in the highest offices in the land. We must unite and be prepared to act at a moment's notice when the move to inflict amnesty on the American people.

    CLICK HERE to sign!

    AMNESTY WARNING: Obama ignores Congress and American people; enacts DREAM ACT by exectutive fiat!

    On June 11, 20011, with no fanfare, no press coverage, and with every effort made to hide his actions from the American people, Barack Obama enacted the nightmarish DREAM Act!

    Opposed by a majority of the American people and TWICE defeated in Congress, the DREAM Act grants amnesty to Illegal Aliens criminally residing in the United States if they agree to enlist in the U.S. military or enter college.

    The Obama administration memo from the John Morton, Director of I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) directs I.C.E. agents now to use “prosecutorial discretion” with regard to enforcing immigration laws. Writes Director Morton of the new Obama Administration policy not to enforce immigration laws: “When ICE favorably exercises prosecutorial discretion, it essentially decides not to assert the full scope of the enforcement authority available to the agency.”

    You read that right: according to the Obama administration, “favorable” enforcement is NOT enforcing the law!

    According to one of the first press reports to break this important story, the new Obama policy is cut and dry: “federal immigration officials do not have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. military service, or even if they are pregnant or nursing.”

    Does Barack Obama expect us to stand idly by and watch him grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens – AGAINST the rule of law, AGAINST recent votes of Congress, and AGAINST the express wishes of the American people?

    NO! Barack Obama cannot be allowed to think that his actions will be allowed to go unchallenged. Whether through public pressure, through Congress, or even legal action in America’s courts we will not let this unprecedented, un-American act stand!

    Join BAN AMNESTY NOW (CLICK HERE!) and help lead the fight to stop this blatant AMNESTY attack!

    But at BAN AMNESTY NOW, we will not stop our own efforts to educate Americans of the threat which clearly exists for our election system so long as illegal aliens remain allowed to register – and cast their illegal votes. Thank you again for your steadfast support.

    Great gifts, great deals at the online store!We are already getting great reviews of the BANAMNESTYNOW.COM ONLINE STORE!

    Contracted through, you'll find an outstanding selection of conservative clothes, mugs, office gifts and more -- with custom designs like you see right here! And, everything comes with the Cafepress 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Support B.A.N., Senator Pearce and SB1070 today... and let the liberals see just how much YOU love America!

    More than 28,000 Americans following B.A.N. on Facebook!

    B.A.N. is thrilled to be among the fasted-growing anti-illegal amnesty pages on Facebook... AND THE MOST ACTIVE! In the three months since we opened the facebook page, more than 9,000 patriotic Americans have already signed on as fans. Recent reports from Facebook show we reached a RECORD 223,846page views in just one day!

    So you can see why the entire B.A.N. team is so excited about our Facebook Fans! CLICK BELOW to join now!

    B.A.N. is dedicated to united Americans behind border security and stopping amnesty. The more we communicate with one another, the stronger our united voice will become!

    Join the B.A.N. Wagon

    Social Networks

    Watch State Senator Russell PEArce on Fox News

    B.A.N. BLOG

    Blog Posts:

    Innocent lives hurt when businesses break the law
    April 22, 2011, 02:05 AM
    When federal agents raided a chain of Chuy’s Restaurants across Arizona and California, more than 40 illegal aliens were arrested, along with several of the chain’s top executives were arrested, including the father-and-son owners and their accountant. Yes, LA RAZA & CO will scream and moan, but the illegal aliens apprehended here, aren't the victims. Neither are the business owners accused of breaking the law. The real victims are the legal employees whose jobs will be lost because their employer refused to obey the law.

    April 18, 2011, 01:48 PM
    With just one signature, Gov. Brewer can change the American political landscape.

    HB 2177 has already passed the Arizona State House and State Senate. The legislation would require candidates for the highest office in the land to prove their qualifications.

    Among those qualifications, candidates for United States President must have been born in the United States – or at least on a military base near the Panama Canal, in Sen. John McCain’s case.

    February 23, 2011, 11:21 PM
    On the left is Arthur Olivas. He is Latino, and like most Arizonans and Americans, he supports LEGAL immigration and was at Arizona’s state Capitol to voice support for a new round of anti-illegal immigration legislation working its way through the legislature.

    B.A.N. VIP's

    Blog Posts:

    February 13, 2011, 03:00 AM
    Illegal immigrants leave when laws are enforced.

    The Migration Policy Institute report cited in the article found that consistent enforcement leads illegal immigrants to leave the United States voluntarily. This counters arguments that amnesty is the way to solve illegal immigration.

    MICHELLE MALKIN: "Grahmnesty Rides Again"
    February 10, 2011, 08:46 PM
    WARNING: LINDSAY GRAHAM, CHUCK SHUMER AND OTHERS (EXPECT JOHN MCCAIN, ET AL) ARE PREPARING TO UNLEASH A NEW "McAMNESTY/GRAHAMNESTY" ASSAULT ON AMERICA! Here, columnist Michelle Malkin explores how it's something we've seen before, and should have been expecting.


    NEWT GINGRICH: We are losing the war on terror.
    February 03, 2011, 04:02 PM
    "Any honest assessment on 9/11 this year, ten years after the attacks, I think will have to conclude we are slowly losing the war," Gingrich said. "We are losing the war because madrasas are out there teaching hatred, we're losing the war because the network of terror is bigger, not smaller... We're losing the war because there's a real possibility that in a few weeks, unfortunately, Egypt will join Iran and join Lebanon and join Gaza and join the things that are happening that are extraordinarily dangerous. "


    B.A.N. Staff

    Blog Posts:

    Janet Napolitano Claims DREAM Act Will Help DHS "Do its Job"
    December 07, 2010, 10:56 PM
    The Department of Homeland Security is designed to keep our borders strong, our country safe, and to enforce our immigration laws. Under Obama and Janet Napolitano, however, the DHS is not guided by any of these key values, but rather, by their own self-serving agenda... regardless of how unfair that agenda is to U.S. citizens. Recently, Napolitano actually went so far as to claim that Congress must pass the DREAM Act because the DREAM Act will make our borders stronger and will allow DHS to "do its job of enforcing the nation's immigration law."

    Obama Rewards Sanctuary Cities
    November 30, 2010, 06:58 PM
    In addition to suing the state of Arizona, Obama's Justice Department has given over $60 million to Sanctuary Cities across the United States. In this year alone, Obama’s Justice Department has funneled approximately $62.2 million into cities, counties, and states that offer sanctuary to illegal aliens.

    "Self Deportation" = FAILED Immigration Enforcement
    November 05, 2010, 07:58 PM
    An illegal immigrant should still be in Colorado awaiting trial. Instead, he was escorted to the Mexican border and set free.” Yes, that’s right, he was not only set free; he was set free by ICE!


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