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    28 Puppies Found Stuffed Under Car Seat ... 32006&ts=H
    Dogs Dehydrated, Hyperglycemic

    POSTED: 12:29 pm PDT April 13, 2006
    UPDATED: 3:49 pm PDT April 13, 2006

    SAN DIEGO -- More than two dozen puppies, some of them sick, were seized from a motorist trying to smuggle them across the Otay Mesa border Tuesday.

    Border Patrol alerted animal control officials after noticing the base of the vehicle's front seats had been taped to conceal the 28 puppies. Some of the dogs, which included 3- to 5-week-old Chihuahuas, boxers, cocker spaniels and poodle mixes, were very sick.

    "Some of the 28 puppies needed immediate medical care and were taken to an emergency veterinary clinic," Department of Animal Services Director Dawn Danielson said. "They were hypoglycemic; they were dehydrated."

    Animal control officers said it is common for puppies to be illegally taken across the border and sold in San Diego. They warned the public not to buy them.

    "When people see them at swap meets and on the street corners and their heart goes out to them," Danielson said. "What the public doesn't understand is that purchasing them creates more demand."

    The county says if the animals are determined healthy, they'll eventually be put up for adoption.

    Carlos Lopez, of Los Angeles, was cited on 28 animal cruelty counts -- one for each puppy found beneath the vehicle's seats, NBC 7/39 reported. Lopez allegedly planned to sell the puppies at a swap meet.
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    And this is what we want more of?

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    3- to 5-week-old Chihuahuas, boxers, cocker spaniels and poodle mixes, were very sick.
    They're not even old enough to be away from the mother. They're not even weaned yet!

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    That is sick. It reminds me of when we went to pick a dog from the city pound and this Mexican was beating on the cages of the pit bulls trying to see which ones were mean enough to fight. My friend went and got someone but I don't know what was done about it. I just know that the guy disappeard.

    BTW, I found out that all the dogs on that wing were adoped on that day if anyone would like to know!

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    That's right, they were too young to be weaned and many of them were sick. Unforutnately some of them will probably have to be put down

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