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Thread: Beware the Left-Wing-Funded "Main Street" Republicans

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    Beware the Left-Wing-Funded "Main Street" Republicans

    Beware the Left-Wing-Funded "Main Street" Republicans

    Michelle Malkin | Jan 10, 2014

    What do George Soros, labor unions and money-grubbing former GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette all have in common?
    They're control freaks. They're power hounds. They're united against tea party conservatives. And they all have operated under the umbrella of D.C. groups masquerading as "Main Street" Republicans.

    LaTourette heads up the so-called "Main Street Partnership," which claims to represent "thoughtful," "pragmatic," "common sense" and "centrist" Republican leadership. Reality check: The pro-bailout, pro-debt, pro-amnesty, anti-drilling group founded by former liberal New York GOP Congressman Amory Houghton includes three liberal Senate Republicans (John McCain, Mark Kirk and Susan Collins) and 52 center-left House Republicans. LaTourette himself is a self-serving Beltway barnacle who held office for nearly two decades. Now he's leveraging his new tea party-bashing platform to benefit a family-operated lobbying business.

    The New York Times shed light on LaTourette's tangled web of GOP establishment outfits last week. But that story just scratched the surface. As the paper reported, the Main Street Partnership is a nonprofit group that charges members up to $25,000 per year to rub elbows with Washington's rich and powerful. The Main Street Advocacy Fund and the Defending Main Street SuperPAC are political satellites planning to amass $8 million to bolster Republican liberals and moderates facing tea party challengers in 2014. McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies is LaTourette's lobbying firm.

    The Times notes that "corporations and lobbyists" fund the Main Street Partnership. But far-left donors provided seed money for these affiliated K Street fronts. Who's behind the Defending Main Street SuperPAC? Big Labor. National Journal's Scott Bland reported last month that "two labor organizations, the International Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers' International Union of North America, directed a combined $400,000 to the Republican group in September and October. Main Street says it has raised roughly $2 million total between its super PAC and an affiliated nonprofit group so far -- and that means labor has supplied at least 20 percent of those funds."

    Along with the anti-tea party U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the "Main Street" fat cats and union leaders have banded together to help President Obama push through illegal alien amnesty. The payoff: cheap labor for big business, cheap votes for the Democratic Party.

    Main Street Partnership's chief operating and financial officer is Sarah Chamberlain Resnick. She also serves on the partnership's board of directors and previously served as an officer of the soft-money-raising Main Street Individual Fund. The MSIF is yet another spinoff group that received $50,000 from progressive billionaire George Soros in 2002 soon after it was created. Soros also dangled a "seven-figure contribution" in front of the Main Street Partnership, but Resnick said the group declined that one. The MSIF accepted a separate $50,000 Soros donation during the 2004 election cycle. It was mysteriously returned in November 2005 after I called attention to it.

    These various groups are legally independent entities on paper, but have shared staff and legal resources. When I reported on the "Main Street" farce eight years ago, the partnership's counsel sent me a threatening letter baselessly claiming I had made "libelous" statements about its network. My sin? Exposing the radical environmental funders of "Main Street" Republicans who had sabotaged House conservative efforts to open up drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    The "Main Street" Republicans back then gloated over their successful campaign to force squishy GOP leaders in D.C. to cave in to the left. There's nothing principled about their agenda. It's not about "common sense." It's about the Benjamins. These statists in populist clothing are running a Washington incumbency protection racket. Same as it ever was.

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    Added to Homepage with slightly amended title:
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    The list here can be very long but here are my top 4 Republican Rino's who don't work for "We the People" but for" We meaning US"
    John Boehner Follows the Yellow Brick Road

    Bill Tatro | Dec 14, 2013

    “So I’ve lost my credibility,” says John Boehner, as he and Senator Patty Murray (D –Wash.) go skipping down the yellow brick road. In fact, I can somehow visualize Patty Murray acting as Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) and I can also imagine Congressmen Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as the Tin Man, with John Boehner turning into the Cowardly Lion, and Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) inserting himself into the action as the Scarecrow.
    The Cowardly Lion (Boehner) somehow believes that nobody really knows all the details of the recent budget deal reached by Dorothy (Murray) and the Tin Man (Ryan.), and therefore no one should have an opinion regarding the framework of the budget. However, on The Mark Levin Show, the Tin Man carefully laid out the program in very fine detail. Thus, perhaps the Cowardly Lion believes that nobody listens to Levin. According to the Tin Man, the flying monkeys (Democrats) are going to receive a reconfiguration of the “sequester,” which in essence means that spending will go up in the short-term. Mr. Tin Man also remarked that many of his conference members (also flying monkeys) were disturbed by the cutbacks in military spending. It seems the Republican flying monkeys have some military industrial complexes located directly in their portion of Oz, and thus they’re deeply concerned about their potential reelection to the flying monkey corps.
    The monkeys promised the “sequester” would never change and that their spending cuts would be locked in stone. (Never trust a flying monkey of either political party.)
    However, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man — truly Munchkins at heart — believe the flying monkeys will somehow keep their word this time by reducing spending in the so-called out-years. Since the Scarecrow (Reid) is the only one to have a brain, he’s convinced the others that the budget deal makes great sense. Of course, cackling all-knowingly as she looks into her crystal ball is the Wicked Witch of the West, better known as Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. As she diplomatically directs the flying monkeys, the Wicked Witch convinces our whole cast of characters that the notion of “no place like home” is only for fools.
    As John Boehner continues to ponder his credibility while being challenged by his alter ego, the Cowardly Lion, I can only wonder if my soliloquy would have been better served by using Popeye’s well-known character Wimpy, who once uttered the classic line, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”
    Do you also believe that one, John Boehner?

    Freedom Outpost

    Marine to John McCain: I Would Have You Arrested for Treason - Freedom Outpost

    Marine to John McCain: I Would Have You Arrested for Treason - Freedom Outpost
    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has come under attack, and r …

    American Patriot added a new photo.

    Watchdog Networks

    Congress is a club for millionaires, natch.

    Most in Congress are millionaires, but not because they’re getting rich off the system
    By Eric Boehm | MINNEAPOLIS — For the first time in history, more than half of America’s elec

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    Wednesday, 15 January 2014 09:38 Socialists and Soros Fight for Article V Convention

    Written by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

    Recently, The New American has reported on the efforts by radio talk show host Mark Levin and others to push for a constitutional convention (a convention of the states, in the parlance of the proponents).

    In his new book, Levin argues that such a convention is the last hope “to reform the federal government from its degenerate, bloated, imperial structure back to its (smaller) republican roots.”

    Unfortunately, many otherwise well-educated and well-meaning conservatives have succumbed to Levin’s siren song and they have gone so far as to deny the constitutionality of nullification and to insist that an Article V convention is the only way to restore the balance of federalism in our Republic.

    Fighting for the Constitution as given to us by our Founders is a noble goal and the anxiety of the conservative con-con collaborators is understandable. We at The New American and The John Birch Society welcome the help of all those courageous enough to enlist in the battle to defeat the forces of federal absolutism. We part company with those pushing for an Article V convention, however, and we believe that a constitutional convention is not the right way to stop the federal assault on our Constitution and the freedoms it protects.

    The New American and many other liberty-minded organizations promote nullification as the “rightful remedy” for curing the constant federal overreaching. We believe that as the agent of the states, the federal government has exceeded its contractual authority and the states as principals have the right to refuse to ratify any such usurpation.

    Since the publication of Levin’s admittedly popular book, the battle between those promoting nullification and those advocating for an Article V constitutional convention is a topic getting plenty of coverage in the alternative media.

    There is another uncomfortable aspect of the Article V movement that is not being discussed, however, but needs to be, particularly in light of the good people who have associated themselves with it.

    Within the ranks of those clamoring for an Article V convention are found numerous extremely radical, progressive, and socialist organizations that otherwise would have little in common with the conservatives fighting on the same side.

    Wolf-Pac is one of the groups that this reporter suspects many Levin listeners would be surprised to know is their compatriot in a call for a con-con.

    On its website, Wolf-Pac pushes for an Article V “convention of the states” as the best way to accomplish its “ultimate goal:"
    To restore true democracy in the United States by pressuring our State Representatives to pass a much needed 28th Amendment to our Constitution which would end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in our country.

    In order to persuade Americans to join its cause, Wolf-Pac will:
    inform the public by running television commercials, radio ads, social media, internet ads, and using the media platform of the largest online news show in the world, The Young Turks.

    The Young Turks? Most constitutionalists (and I imagine most fans of Mark Levin) don’t spend much time during the day watching the Young Turks, the YouTube-based news and entertainment channel that dubs itself the “world’s largest online news network.”

    As unfamiliar as they may be with the Young Turks, it seems certain conservatives pushing for a con-con are even more unfamiliar with who pays the bills at this online purveyor of progressive ideology: George Soros (shown). Dan Gainor reports:

    In fact, Soros funds nearly every major left-wing media source in the United States. Forty-five of those are financed through his support of the Media Consortium. That organization 'is a network of the country's leading, progressive, independent media outlets.' The list is predictable — everything from Alternet to the Young Turks.

    That’s right. George Soros — the financier of global fascism — is pumping millions of dollars into the same Article V campaign that is being promoted by Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other popular conservative spokesmen.

    What will those in Wolf-Pac do if they are able to get “their amendment” proposed and accepted by an Article V convention?

    “Celebrate the fact that we had the courage and persistance [sic] to accomplish something truly amazing and historic together.”

    Anything a group with this anti-constitutional agenda would do to our Constitution would certainly be historic — in the worst way.

    This should be enough to convince all true conservatives, constitutionalists, and friends of liberty to run headlong away from the ranks of the Article V con-con army, regardless of how popular and persuasive their generals may be.

    It will likely surprise these devoted, but deluded, Article V advocates that Wolf-Pac is just the tip of the iceberg. These good people would be wise to take a look at this heavily abbreviated roster of their radical fellow travelers in the con-con movement, each of which is a registered “founding member” of the “Move to Amend” coalition.
    Alliance for Democracy
    Center for Media and Democracy
    Code Pink
    Independent Progressive Politics Network
    Progressive Democrats of America
    Sierra Club
    Vermont for Single Payer

    Mind you, hundreds more groups “committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy” are gathered under this umbrella.

    This hardly seems to be a corps that most Levin listeners would be happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with in the fight for a “convention of the states.” In fairness, these allies likely don’t share their conservative cohorts’ love and loyalty to the Constitution.

    It’s time these right-minded men and women know with whom they are associating.

    Its doubtful that Mark Levin’s legion of listeners would be as eager to get behind his Article V con-con agenda if they knew whom they were fighting beside and how radically their new allies want to change our beloved Constitution.

    And that’s the problem. Regardless of the soothing words of Levin or others in the con-con camp, they cannot guarantee the outcome of such a convention. In fact, in light of the lists of leftist groups provided above, the results of the convention could be an outright scrapping of the Constitution written by the Founders in favor of one more in line with the progressive ideologies of Wolf-Pac, the Sierra Club, Code Pink, and others.

    Remember, according to the history of Article V-style conventions, regardless of any state or congressional legislation requiring them to consider only one amendment (a balanced budget amendment, for example), the delegates elected to the convention would possess unlimited, though not unprecedented, power to propose revisions to the existing Constitution, based on the inherent right of the People in convention to alter or revise their government.

    The mind boggles at the potential proposals that could come out of a convention composed of such radical representatives.

    Don’t forget, George Soros’s billions are funding these fringe groups and politicians aren't known for their ability to resist hefty campaign contributions.

    Conservatives should shudder at the specter of a convention endowed with power of this magnitude, populated by activists who have a Soros credit card in their pocket and a commitment to “social justice” as their purpose. All the good intentions of the conservatives in the Article V camp would not be enough to force all these devastating changes to the Constitution back inside the progressive Pandora's Box.

    Readers are encouraged to click the links provided in this article and to investigate for themselves the agenda of the various Article V advocates and to determine if it's worth the risk to our Constitution that would be posed by the presence of these groups in the "convention of the states."

    Finally, the startling information set out in this article is not meant as an attack on Mark Levin or anyone else working to call a “convention of the states.” Rather, it is intended to help the thousands of committed constitutionalists who find themselves believing in the Article V gospel he’s preaching to realize who’s sitting in the pews with them and whose money built the church.
    Photo of George Soros: AP Images
    Joe A. Wolverton, II, J.D. is a correspondent for The New American and travels frequently nationwide speaking on topics of nullification, the NDAA, the Second Amendment, and the surveillance state. He is the co-founder of Liberty Rising, an educational endeavor aimed at promoting and preserving the Constitution. Follow him on Twitter @TNAJoeWolverton and he can be reached at


    Campus Liberty Alliance

    "There is another uncomfortable aspect of the Article V movement that is not being discussed, however, but needs to be, particularly in light of the good people who have associated themselves with it.

    Within the ranks of those clamoring for an Article V convention are found numerous extremely radical, progressive, and socialist organizations that otherwise would have little in common with the conservatives fighting on the same side.

    Wolf PAC is one of the groups that this reporter suspects many Levin listeners would be surprised to know is their compatriot in a call for a con-con."
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    Will someone tell me what's wrong with being distrustful of government? Isn't government the problem? They sure aren't the solution..

    Establishment-GOP slanders conservatives as anti-government
    conservatives, that have been staples of liberal Democrats' playbook against the GOP since at least the late 1960s. As reported by JoeForAmerica two days ag ...

    Compassionate-Bushites slander conservatives as anti-government

    Posted by Mike DeVine on Jan 14, 2014

    Further, two prominent Bush Administration Republicans echo many Big Lies against tea partiers and other conservatives, that have been staples of liberal Democrats’ playbook against the GOP since at least the late 1960s.
    As reported by JoeForAmerica two days ago, Sen. John McCain’s Phoenix/Maricopa County, Arizona-base of precinct committeemen had had enough of such defamation that they chose to censure their own senior senator by a 77% vote. And of course we all remember the first words out of Speaker John Boehner’s mouth after tea partier conservatives returned the GOP to control of the House on promises to oppose Obamacare:
    “We are only one-half of one-third of the government.”
    Never mind that they own 100% of the purse strings required to fund Obamacare.
    Enter his and other establishment, ruling class, moderate (given that a majority of elected Republicans in D.C. vote with Boehner et al, we do not consider them RINOs) Republican defenders, two self-described compassionate conservatives that served in the NCLB and Medicare Rx-drug administration of President George W. Bush have unleashed at an ad hominem attack against conservatives, disguised as a scholarly “Conservative Vision of Government”, that includes not one quote from any self-identified tea partier or conservative to justify the claim that we are “anti-government” or oppose reasonable government regulation or a safety net for the truly needy.
    Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner, in part:
    The administration’s federal power grabs have hardly gone unopposed, of course. Channeling public alarm, particularly regarding the stimulus and health-care legislation, the Republican Party scored a historic victory in the 2010 mid-term elections. Since then, the Republican-controlled House has sought to restrain and re-limit government, including championing key reforms to Medicare. And Republican lawmakers have provided an effective counterweight to presidential overreach — significantly restraining spending since 2011 and preventing further leftward legislative leaps.
    Republicans have argued that unrestrained spending, and particularly unreformed entitlements, will burden the nation with unmanageable levels of debt in the coming decades and starve the budget of funds for other essential purposes. They further contend that a large, meddlesome, intrusive state not only undermines the private economy but also crowds out civil society and enervates civic character.
    They have therefore been fairly clear, and quite emphatic, about what they believe the government should not be doing. But if it is true, as they have argued, that the Democrats’ vision is a travesty of American government, then what is the proper and appropriate extent and purpose of that government?
    Conservatives in recent years have not done enough to answer this question, and as a result have offered voters an oppositional view of government that, while perhaps stoking worry and resentment, is insufficient to build public trust in the prospect of a conservative government. And such a negative approach to the question of the role of government is not only electorally insufficient — it is unbecoming of conservatism and of the deep commitment that conservatives claim to the nation’s founding ideals.
    They drone on this way for nine pages (click here) but never do they justify their false claims against conservatives nor provide any actual alternatives to what Boehner’s House, McConnell’s Senate and Obama’s Democrats have wrought. Never do they mention that that Obama as “unopposed” means only that the Speaker made speeches in opposition but never used the constitutional power of the House to relive Americans from the suffering caused by Obamanomics and Obamacare. Rather, they attempt to brand tea partiers as anarchists and themselves as consistent with the Founding Fathers and framers of the U.S. Constitution, without any persuasive evidence. Moreover, those esoteric arguments miss the main point: Big government as it has evolved and is today reduces liberty, wealth creation, economic prosperity and runs up dangerous levels of debt, to which the Gersons, Wehners and Boehners have no antidote they are willing to risk uttering in Washington, D.C.
    Without success in our view. One of our main observations of moderate-fiscal conservatives over the past 10-15 years has been a decided lack of any specific plan to get us to a smaller federal government, much less any plan for transition to wean Americans off gargantuan-Welfare-State-addiction. Instead, it has been conservatives like Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) that do so.
    Nowhere do you find prominent and large numbers of tea partiers or other conservatives argue for elimination of Medicare, Social Security or even Food Stamps. We do argue for reform, and in much more specificity than moderates. Moreover, unlike House budget chair Paul Ryan’s supposed draconian proposal before the 2012 campaign, other more conservative proposals actually make a real dent in entitlement spending that threatens a prosperous American future.
    That conservatives can’t read a 9-page “vision” every time they oppose Obama with the appropriate “no” to his government power expansions, is no evidence of how Gerson and Wehner seek to elevate themselves and their timid branch of too-satisfied-Republicans by libeling tea partiers as against any government relief for the poor and middle class.
    Let Gerson and Wehner propose actual significant reforms and they will find themselves libeled by the Democrats as bigots that don’t care about the old, young, disabled and the poor. It is unbecoming of them, while eating peanuts on the sidelines during the government shutdown for example, to so slander conservatives that dare to engage liberal Democrats in the arena.
    An answer to Boehner et al:

    “One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

    video at link below
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    House Republicans Have Let Us Down Again – What’s New?

    Posted by Rodney Lee Conover on Jan 15, 2014

    House Republicans displayed the type of behavior on this budget bill that have people literally giving up on them. Now the details of their “cuts” have been rushed out and who wouldn’t feel let down by our team?
    Last month, the Paul Ryan-Patty Murray budget was unveiled and rightly ridiculed by all thinking Americans who ever balanced a household budget, ran a small business, or taught a grade school math class.
    Sometimes I wonder if cuts to military pensions, including disabled Veterans were not included to draw attention away from the fact that the Affordable Care Act, or “ObamaCare” as I still refer to it, remained fully funded despite the fact that I still receive full color, taxpayer paid for mailer from my Congressman, Paul Cook, stating plainly that he is “working hard” against it.
    Now the details with the devil were unveiled Monday night – all 2,860 pages – an omnibus spending bill to be voted on less than 48 hours after copies became available. I suppose I should mention that after Tea Party voters swept House Republicans into the majority in 2010, they promised to give these bills at least 72 hours minimum to be thoroughly combed over. But really, who needs to read these things when you can just pass them and then see what’s in them?
    Case in point: I immediately received notice from the offices of House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R., Ky.) and Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Barbara Mikulski that the bill weighs in at the low, low price of only $1.1 trillion. But already, Senate staffers report it actually spends $18 billion more than that. What compels our representatives to act in a manner which would not only be unacceptable in the private sector, but land a company in more than hot water legally? But I digress..
    Here’s the great news which is supposed to shut us all up: The cuts to military retirement for disabled veterans has been restored. Why this was necessary is beyond anyone, but hey – it got done. Okay, the vast majority of pension cuts to military retirees remain, but look – they fixed what they could, didn’t they? They did the best they could by our Veterans – the best deal they could get, right – isn’t that what they say?
    I’m not tired; I’m not sick and I’m not fed up. I’m actually over it and have come to terms that these folks that are not getting the job done will never get the job done. Be they Democrats or Republicans they are not operating in the country’s best interest. Half the country is close to a mindset that Capitalism is an inferior product to what Barack Obama is selling and I for one am done blaming him because this is happening on our watch, guys and gals.
    60 years ago, some went to the Pacific, some to Africa, some trudged across Europe – some in their barefeet. Those brave men and women weren’t sure if they were going to win that war but they did. They saved us and now we get to go to Starbucks and shop on our iPhones and blog about what a jerk Eric Holder is. Lucky us. I’m not being facetious. We’re damn lucky they had the cajones to think so highly of their country and their grandchildren.
    Here’s the sick joke: There are no actual spending cuts in this bill, with the one exception: Veterans’ pensions are actually being reduced. That is, veterans will be paid less money than they were promised during their decades of service. Everything else is merely a reduction in growth – not a cut.
    You may ask yourself: “Isn’t there anything that can be done?”
    In a magical, Planet Bizarro Congress world, they could save $6 billion by closing a loophole that makes it easy for illegal aliens to defraud the federal government out of welfare payments… OR – they could just leave the cuts to the veterans’ pensions in there, which turns out is the same $6 billion. Democrats in the Senate blocked a Republican amendment which would have accomplished just that, but why would any Republican – much less my fellow Republican and Marine Veteran Paul Cook of California’s 8th District – vote for it in the first place?
    BTW – If anyone ever questions Colonel Cook personally they will have me to deal with and I will come down on them with a vengeance as they say in the movies. His service to this country cannot be paid back – I know – I’ve been trying for most of my adult life. You just thank him and all Veterans for their sacrifice and what they’ve done. But you don’t cut their pensions.
    Paul Cook’s voting record is fair game. Game on.
    - 30 -
    Rodney Lee Conover is running for Congress in California’s 8th District
    Read about him HERE


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    Published on Jan 15, 2014
    Political Reporter, Yahoo News, Chris Moody talks with Bill Press about the Republican National Committee's reflection on what Republicans need to do to reach minority groups, and appeal to a changing demographic.

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      Are we impressed with the RINO's Repugnant Party yet????????

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    January 16, 2014 Levin Refuses To Stop Using The Word ‘RINO’

    Go To Full Post: Levin Refuses To Stop Using The Word ‘RINO’

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathyet2 View Post
    Wednesday, 15 January 2014 09:38 Socialists and Soros Fight for Article V Convention

    Written by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

    This brings to mind the old saying of "Be very careful of what you want because sometimes you get it".

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    We need a list of the 52 GOP members of Congress that are in the bag with this George Soros group as soon as one of you can get it for us please!

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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