Border Patrol is being Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens Who Evade Arrest Attempts

Jose Nino
May 9, 2021

Border patrol is taking a beating right now.

The surge of unaccompanied minors and migrants moving in family units has stressed Border Patrol resources to the point that increased number of illegal aliens are breaking into the US’s interior and American authorities have proven incapable of containing them.

Charlotte Cuthbertson of Epoch Times outlined that in April “more than 177,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by Border Patrol, according to preliminary Customs and Border Protection (CBP) numbers, as provided to Jaeson Jones, former captain in the Texas Department of Public Safety.”

An additional 42,620 illegal aliens eluded arrest. Border patrol labels these cases as “gotaways”.

From February to March, the gotaway number was roughly 30,000 per month. In the present, Cuthbertson noted that these numbers are “up to almost 1,400 per day.”

“What gotaway numbers really signify is the level of infiltration coming into the country that’s getting past CBP at the border,” Jones said to The Epoch Times.

Indeed, the gotaway figures are perceived as conservative numbers. There is reason to believe that many illegal aliens have snuck into the country without any form of resistance or detection from authorities

The rise in gotaway numbers is indicative of a Border Patrol that is overstretched in its functions. For example, Border Patrol is currently engaging in acts of humanitarian care, which allows large groups of illegals to enter the country without any form of resistance from law enforcement.

A number of Texas border counties have put forward declarations of local disaster, with one school district advising parents to “please be watchful of your children as they are playing outside, walking home from school, or generally out of the house.”

Apprehensions by Border Patrol in April totaled around 177,431, which was a ten-fold increase from April 2020, where the number of apprehensions stood at 17,106 people. In 2019, when there was another migrant crisis, the migrant apprehensions were around 109,415.

Mass migration is opening up the country to all sorts of destabilization. If the American ruling class is serious about maintaining a cohesive nation, they will need to get the border situation sorted out. American cannot afford to have a porous border constantly exploited by nefarious actors.