BREAKING: ABC reports Obama may do something SUPER illegal tomorrow…

David Rufful

According to the sources of ABC’s Jon Karl, Emperor Obama could grant executive amnesty as early as tomorrow.

Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly oppose amnesty, but Obama couldn’t care less about the will of the people. In his mind, only he and his elite liberal friends in a far-distant capitol are smart enough to know what’s truly best for Americans.

From Washington Free Beacon:

“I am told the president could issue the executive order as early as tomorrow,” Karl said, “this would be a far-reaching action that could grant legal status to up to 5 million people in the United States now illegally”…

The president has faced continued pressure from immigrant groups throughout his presidency, but refused to act because according to Obama he is not an “emperor” and lacked the legal authority to grant amnesty.
The inconsistency between previous comments by Obama and his proposed executive order have led to some confusion.

Karl elaborated on this issue, saying that the White House’s stance that Obama is not an emperor remains, but that he simply “has changed his view on what he can do legally on immigration.”