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Thread: Breaking: Democrats Say They Have Deal with Trump on Young Immigrants

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    Quote Originally Posted by MW View Post
    The ironic thing is the other "group" didn't even vote for Trump. President Trump needs to understand who buttered his bread!
    Yes, he should, but hasn't that been the case for decades in regards to the so called republicans?

    The American, any American people, have had no representation in Washington for maybe 40/50 years.

    If we give amnesty to these illegals, it is going to bring in more family members, and is going to encourage more illegals to come.

    The wall will really be a waste, then.

    Without the backbone to enforce our laws, just what we have on the books, and what has worked for a very long time, we are toast.

    Think about what it's going to be like in a generation when all these are in places of power and influence, and all the 'extended' - greatly extended - families are here, and our children and grandchildren are a minority in their own country. The minority being Americans of every skin hue. The country their ancestors fought, bled and died for and obeyed the law, built up this country are not only a minority but second class citizens.

    We, as in 'mature' adults may not live to see it, but I think our children or certainly grandchildren will. They may look back and have more empathy for the people around the world whose countries have been taken away.

    They will pay for our mistakes.

    I understand the concept of 'dancing with the one who brung ya', but as far as a president and elected officials, I've never felt it should be that way. I've always thought if a person is a law abiding citizen, the politicians should be working for that person whether he/she ever cast a vote or not.

    A republican or a democrat should work for the good of the people of this country and it's people. That is a foreign concept these days.

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    The Dreamers get to stay, have anchor babies. Can't break up families. Like in California they will take over our government and them Americans will find themselves as slaves for the LaRaza.
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    It's official. Trump's a traitor. I'm beyond pissed off!!!!
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    Why is this old outdated thread lit up as if it a new post on it?
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