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    Catholic Church & Charities Illegally 'Aid and Abet' Ali ... 9118.shtml

    Catholic Church & Charities Illegally 'Aid and Abet' Aliens
    By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
    Aug 17, 2005

    Because of the enormous size of the invasion, you cannot compare America's 'human tsunami' of illegal immigration with any other country in the world! The current number of illegal aliens is 18 - 20 million or more, and counting! The fact that our government has allowed these illegal aliens to overwhelm our country is so outrageous and egregious, that it boggles the mind! With nearly 90% of the illegals, Hispanics and Latinos, they WILL, by their sheer numbers, irrevocably alter our American community. They will divide our nation into two languages, two cultures, and two societies. Seemingly unaware of the danger, domesticated and pacified Americans, brainwashed by the 'cult of diversity,' have blindly embraced a multi-cultural concept, which by definition engenders a society that is divergent, different, and disparate, the exact inverse of our national motto -- E pluribus unum. Out of many, ONE!(1-

    While most Americans 'haven't a clue' and our pathetic government remains aloof and immobile, Mexico enforces their immigration laws. Outrageously, our government deliberately continues to leave our country wide-open to the Mexican invasion plan. A repeatedly declared manifesto to overrun America, in a human 'tsunami-like' wave after wave of its poorest citizens, who arrive here and suck our schools, jails, health, and welfare systems dry! Mexico is maliciously manipulating our, give-away 'free' society, while Bush 'fiddles.' They are NOT just coming here to do the jobs Americans won't do . . . they are coming here to TAKE OVER AMERICA!(9)

    How Will They Do it? Here's How:

    The ultimate goal of the Hispanic/Latino pro-illegal alien lobby, in collusion with the Mexican government, is to leverage their massive illegal alien population to achieve the political power necessary to "reconquista" (take back) the Southwestern United States of America. Their goals are very clear. In order to grow their political clout, they want to stop or eliminate any and all actions that might end the inflow of some 10,000 illegals per day, while they blatantly espouse and support the massive illegal alien invasion of our country!(5)( Racism is defined in Webster's as a program or practice that upholds the political or economic domination of one race over another or others. Sadly, the goals of the Hispanic/Latinos here in America, working in concert with the Mexican government are without doubt, the purist form of racism there is!(10)(11)(12)

    1. Vincente Fox, president of Mexico has declared that: "What they [illegal immigrants] are interested in is in having their rights respected." "These workers are not going to become American citizens, nor do they want U.S. citizenship."(13) Fox has also said "it is his government's ultimate goal to try to give all Mexicans living and working illegally in the United States 'all the rights that any worker has in that country'."(14) And: "My people are not doing anything wrong or breaking any laws, nor are they 'illegal aliens' [what is he smoking?]. They are Mexican citizens migrating north looking for work."(15)

    Fox has also stated that: In the last few months we have managed to achieve an improvement in the situation of many Mexicans in [the United States], regardless of their migratory [illegal alien] status, through schemes [by using American Laws] that have permitted them access to health and education systems, identity documents [Mexican matricula consular cards that only illegal aliens need], as well as the full respect for their human [illegal alien] rights [to illegally invade America].'(9)(16)

    "The Mexican government has a plan: the ongoing Mexicanization of the United Sates, paid for by Americans. The spectacle of a superpower being colonized by its impotent neighbor is without precedent in modern history. But to nationalist Mexicans nurtured on resentment of the Texas Revolution, Mexican War, and landings at Veracruz, it would be sweet revenge."(17)

    2. Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo first took office, in December 1994, after which he warned Washington that his country "'is ready to fight" should the United States enforce its immigration laws and tries to deport illegal alien Mexicans. "We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans [in America]." He went on to say that his first steps would be to appeal U.S. actions, to an International forum, should the American government dare to enforce their immigration laws!

    Zedillo also told TV host Larry King Live, that Mexicans "have a right to free education [in America thanks to judicial legislating from the bench!]." He also said: "Illegal immigrants are not criminals [untrue, they are!]." "Illegal immigration is not a crime [untrue, it is!]." Isn't it incredible, and beyond belief the chutzpa of these Mexican war lords! How audacious can you get? As we now know, it worked . . . because our government 'rolled over' and did exactly what he demanded!(1(19)

    3. In 1996, Mexico amended its constitution, permitting dual citizenship for all naturalized Mexican-American citizens which took effect in 1998.(20) What does that mean? In a Pew Hispanic Center poll of "Attitudes about Voting in Mexican Elections and Ties to Mexico" that surveyed nearly 5,000 Mexican migrants [read that illegal aliens] who were interviewed while applying for identity cards [Matricula Consular cards that only illegal aliens need since those here legally have U.S. government identification documents] at Mexican consulates in the United States has found that . . . [n]early nine out of ten (87%) of the respondents said they would vote in the next Mexican elections if they could!(21)

    4. In 2005, Mexico Approved The Right to Vote for All Mexican Nationals! This means that all Mexican-American citizens, all Mexicans here legally on visas, etc., and all illegal aliens now have the right to vote in the 2006 Mexican presidential elections by absentee ballot. Does that worry you? It should! You should also knew that "[t]he Central Mexican state of Zacatecas embraces Mexican 'migrants' as candidates for electoral office. [For example] Andres Bermudez, a wealthy California grower christened the 'Tomato King,' captured a mayoralty [in Mexico]. Two other immigrants garnered seats in the state legislature. Mexican candidates routinely motorcade in the U.S. seeking political support from Mexican-Americans."(22)

    Still not concerned? Do you wonder where their loyalties lie? Do you remember how Mexico 'stiffed' us when it came time to join in solidarity over the Afghan and Iraq war? Mexico 'insulted' us in spite of the millions of dollars in aid and financial 'bail outs' America has regularly provided. At every turn . . . Mexico blatantly interferes in our country's affairs, which is a violation of our laws, and no one in our State Department does anything about it! Ever wonder why?

    5. Where does a dual citizen's allegiance lie? With America, or Mexico? The Institute for Mexicans Abroad also known as the Instituto do los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME) has a stated mandate to attend to the tens of millions of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who live in the United States as citizens, residents, temporary workers and illegal aliens. It has "an advisory board of 130 members, mostly Mexican-Americans who live in the United States." They 'advise' the Mexican government on how to "improve and expand services and benefits to Mexicans" in America. In October 2003, the IME sponsored a meeting with thirty American state legislators and mayors of Mexican descent in Mexico City, that ended with plans to bring 400 more lawmakers, etc., of Mexican descent from the U.S., to Mexico City in 2004.(23)

    6. One of IME's 'collective wins' included the acceptance of the Mexican ID called the Matricula Consular card, needed ONLY by illegal aliens, since all others have legal American documents. The Mexican ID in now accepted all over everywhere, after it was approved by US Treasury Dept., over the objections of the Justice Dept. and the FBI. Once again our own government has compromised our security and 'slapped the face' of America's law abiding citizens. What is really interesting is that since it is against the law [who pays attention to law these days?] for a foreign government to 'meddle' in our country's affairs, Vincente Fox has cleverly elicited Mexican-American citizens to do it for him. Shrewd, clever, and diabolical isn't it?(23)

    In yet another event we find one of Vincente's Mexican-American 'helpers!' New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, an Hispanic, seen on the left, as he embraces the governor of the Mexican state of Coahuila, Enrique Martinez, at the end of the 13th conference of Border governors in the city of Torreon, Mexico on Friday July 15, 2005.(24)

    6. Referring to Mexico's official "National Plan of Development 2001-2006," W. J. Perry in his article titled: The Mexican Government's Official Plan for a Takeover of America says it most succinctly: "This shocking document is a five-year plan full of political rhetoric . . . [that] lays out specific strategies for expanding the nation's political reach far beyond the US-Mexico border. In other words, Mexico is systematically trying to cultivate dual loyalties, i.e., disloyalty, among its ethnic compatriots in America. This is a naked expansion of Mexico's national interest at the expense of ours; the mystery is: Why we are tolerating it?" An excellent question to be explored below!(25)(26)

    7. Dixie may have the answer . . . it is overrun by Mexicans and Central Americans who "have moved into the small towns of Dixie faster than in any other region of the country . . . [where] at the county level, [the increases are] exceeding 1,000 percent in some counties and 500 percent in many others."(27) The question is . . . why have we continued to allow the government of Mexico to execute a de facto war by encouraging tens of millions of their citizens to illegally enter America and then blatantly lobby, protest and provide support for them while our government 'rolls over' and plays dead?

    The Mexican illegal alien invasion is an 'act of war' that has reduced our country to nothing but a lawless territory, with little or no sovereignty left! It is absurd for America to continue to live under wave after wave of invading Mexican 'armies' of illegal aliens who will, by their sheer numbers, take over our society, culture and language!

    The Following Explains 'Why and How' Mexico Is Winning the War:

    Along with the Hispanic/Latino invasion, we Americans have been 'indoctrinated' and 'brainwashed' by the insidious, ongoing, social engineering 'group think' of 'diversity!' The insane devious 'educational' deception has been enforced through 'sensitivity training!' Through such programming, we are forced to accept and are expected to practice, the doctrine of diversity! For years, we have been coerced into applying and instituting the 'diversity doctrine' everywhere and everyplace.

    Why would we be 'brainwashed' into doing such a thing, when one considers that diversity is a dogma that requires us to promote and celebrate an American culture of non-assimilation and non-acculturation. One that encourages people who are dissimilar, unalike, and different from one another, to remain that way. A Machiavellian veneration that is the direct opposite of our world famous 'American melting pot,' a dynamic process that represents the coming together of diverse peoples who willingly assimilate and integrate into our unique, blended American culture!

    1. Mexico Cleverly Uses Hispanic Shills:

    Like LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) Chapter President, Paul Martinez, La Cruces, New Mexico, funded by the corporate dollars of the Ford foundation, who denounce the Minutemen patrols by saying: "They are hiding under the American flag claiming to be good patriots, but they are actually promoting racial hatred."(2 And, Adrian Garcia, a former Houston police officer, said HPD would monitor the Minutemen 'as they would the KKK, as they would the Black Panthers.'"(29) Are you outraged yet? Imagine . . . American patriots that want our country's immigration laws enforced, are branded by well funded Latino and Hispanic groups and Hispanic ex-police officers, as promoting 'racial hatred!' Is that how you see it?

    Perhaps you should know that another of the Hispanic/Latino group called MEChA has a motto that says: "For the race everything. For those outside the Race, nothing!" And . . . of course the 'race' they speak of is Hispanic/Latino.(30) Why do we Americans put up with being called 'racist' and 'anti-immigrant' by the truly racist pro-illegal alien Hispanic and Latino organizations, when we demand our immigration laws be enforced against illegal immigrants? Why do we let them get away with such hypocritical accusations?(11)

    2. By Colluding with Racist American Hispanic Groups:

    The National Council of La Raza (The Race), LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and the pro-illegal alien supporter the ACLU (See Note 4 below), all loudly advocate for open borders, protesting and demanding that illegal aliens receive driver's licenses, in-state tuition, and the end to Prop. 200! These groups have been absolutely rabid in their attempts to keep our sovereign borders wide open so that people of their race, can enter America with impunity! They demand that those 18-20 million illegal aliens, nearly 90% of whom are Hispanic and Latino, remain here unmolested and protected by 'sanctuary policies,' which they have promoted and received, as they continue to rail against any attempt to stop the massive amounts of 'public benefits' those illegal aliens receive.(1-

    These groups wage blatant 'in your face' campaigns of disinformation by calling themselves 'immigrant advocacy groups' or 'immigrant-rights groups!' They routinely call legislation that eliminates 'public benefits' for illegal aliens, as "anti-immigrant." You will notice, they NEVER say anti-illegal immigrant. The word "illegal" is NOT part of their vocabulary! Without fail, they deliberately obfuscate by using the term "immigrants" when we all know that the real issue is ILLEGAL immigrants. As usual, the Hispanic and Latino rhetoric and propaganda is deliberately obfuscating, duplicitous, hypocritical and dishonest!

    3. Because The Catholic Church 'Aids and Abets' Illegal Aliens:

    Why do religious institutions, like the Catholic Church defy our immigration laws? Why do they disobey our laws, by enabling millions upon millions of illegal aliens to enter, live and work in America? Do they do so in order to 'feel good' about what they see as their 'Christian duty'? Why do pious people of the Catholic faith believe it is okay for them to defy our laws, which were created to protect and defend our country and its populous? Do they feel that they are above the law? By their example, does that mean that it is okay the rest of us to disobey other laws, as we chose? As you will find below, the 'Catholic Church' does believe that they are ABOVE AND BEYOND THE LAW!

    Most unfortunately, you will also find that the Catholic Church and Charities and many, many of their misguided parishioners are collectively the largest and most blatant illegal alien enablers in this country. They are citizens of the United States who, in direct violation of our federal immigration laws, enable illegal aliens to enter, live and work here in America! Everything they do in the name of their 'Christian beliefs' is done in defiance of our immigration laws and without any concern for the harm they are causing the rest of us hard-working, honest, law-abiding, mostly Christian Americans. What they do, by definition, makes them traitors, guilty of treason because they betray their country, and countrymen in order to promote an agenda of aiding and abetting illegal aliens, in direct contravention of our laws.

    It is particularly egregious for the Catholic Church and Charities to ignore our immigration laws when it results in such damaging negative effects on the 'quality of life' for the rest of us Americans. What a shameful example they provide for us and our children. Any sanctimonious justifications they might give for their illegal behavior, is unacceptable! What they do, fosters anarchy and chaos, which impacts ALL Americans. Apparently Catholics and other religious organizations who join them, believe they are 'special' people,' when in fact they are criminals who are shamefully and erroneously justifying their behavior by sacrilegiously cloaking themselves in the mantle of Christianity and biblical mantras. Next you will find the list of our immigration laws they willfully and unconscionably defy, with their outrageous illegal behavior!

    How to Stop the Massive Illegal Alien Invasion:

    Enforce Our Immigration Laws, Which are as Follows: It is illegal to "encourage or induce an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law." 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv). Federal immigration laws also make it unlawful to aid or abet the commission of such acts. 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(II). It is also unlawful to conceal or attempt to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, illegal aliens, including any building or any means of transportation. 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii), and that it is illegal to "engage in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts." 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(I).(31)

    How the Catholic Church 'Aids and Abets' Illegal Aliens:

    In May, 2005, the "U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced . . . that the it will 'add the voice of the Catholic Church' to the call for a guest-worker program, and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens in the United States."(32) To support that goal the Catholic Church's 'Migration and Refugee Services' has launched a controversial campaign called 'Justice for Immigrants.' However it seems that their campaign apparently does not include obeying the immigration laws of our country! "The campaign hopes to use God's law to replace U.S. Immigration law. The church also wants lawmakers to develop a plan to help bring their families to the U.S. as well."(33)

    Do the math! That means if there are 18-20 million illegal aliens here now, that figure of potential influx could quadruple to 80 million if their families are brought in under the 'family reunification's plan that the Catholic Church espouses. In a country where the number of current legal citizens is 392 million . . . those numbers are a demographically overwhelming! Of course that does not include the 'anchor babies' they will also produce! To understand the depravity of this Catholic dogma, read on . . .

    1. Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the archbishop of Washington, according to the Washington Times, in May of 2005, said that "religious teachings justify aiding illegal aliens" . . . "We go right to the New Testament and say, him or her who is without sin cast the first stone. How many of us have not violated some laws, whatever they might have been -- either they're traffic laws or immigration laws or tax laws, something like that."(32)

    Perhaps some have occasionally cheated and done one, or all of the above. Does that justify the call by an archbishop of the Catholic Church to promote and deliberately ignore United States immigration laws? How outrageous can you get? Apparently 'Justice for [Illegal] Immigrants' includes the unspoken mandate of 'In-Justice for Honest, Law-Abiding American Citizens!'

    2. What Cardinal McCarrick is advocating, has long been a policy of the Catholic Church. One that encourages Catholics to, blatantly and with impunity, openly defy our immigration laws. How can the Catholic Church so outrageously announce their defiance of our laws? Could it be that they have a need to fill their church pews and parochial schools with the hordes of illegal alien Hispanic/Latinos arriving here daily, who are predominately Catholic, in order to "breathe new life into [their] parishes" and to "swell [the] local ranks of Catholics?"(34)(35)

    Did you know that . . . "nearly 40 percent of the Catholics living in the Untied States are Hispanic, making the constituency a highly important one for the church."(36) Did you know that the Hispanic/Latino population growth rates for some counties in the southeastern United States has exceeded a growth of 500 to 1,000 percent between 1990 and 2000!(27)

    In their 'blind ambition' for denominational dominance and economic resuscitation, has the Catholic Church slipped into the abyss of moral turpitude? Has the Catholic Church given up all pretense of holding to 'moral Christian ethics' in order to achieve greater attendance in their schools and churches? Could that explain everything?

    3. Or, is it all about a One World Order? At the first Binational Migration Conference, June 23, 2005, in El Paso, TX that looked at immigration and the Catholic Church where they held closed discussions and workshops with Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Derbez, U.S. Senator John Cornyn, and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Don't you wonder what was discussed? Perhaps the discussion was encapsulated by the speech of McCarrick's that read . . . "our late Pope John Paul II spoke of one continent, of one America joined by common need and common solidarity. This conference is important because we must work together for the common good and to answer the needs of our time and of this new moment of globalization."(37)

    Well now, there's your answer! According to the late Pope John Paul II and Cardinal McCarrick, it IS all about the One World Order, or as it is currently euphemistically called . . . the New World Order.

    4. Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Derbez speaking at that same 2005 Conference "lamented the poor image of hard-working, honest illegal [isn't that an oxymoron?] immigrants, which is being distorted by vigilante [the outrageous branding of American Patriots, by President Bush, has served the pro-illegal alien crowd well, hasn't it?] groups such as the Minuteman Project in Arizona . . . [t]he show of racism and xenophobia [that's what one is called, when you are an American citizen who insists that the laws of our country be enforced!] of certain individuals against undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens trying to break into America], especially on the border with Arizona, and which threatens to expand, is unacceptable."(3

    5. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick also said at that same 'groundbreaking' 1st Binational Migration Conference between U.S. and Mexican Catholic workers, on June 24, 2005, that: "The church in the United States is very, very Hispanic and what a blessing that is. They (Hispanic immigrants) come with the values that are so needed in the United States today."(39)

    Yes indeed, just what we need to do, celebrate the Hispanic immigrants' 'values' that just happen to include breaking our immigration laws to enter, reside, travel and work in the United States! Doesn't that make those Hispanic immigrants [read illegal aliens] lawbreakers committing acts that are . . . illegal, illegal, illegal, and illegal? You should also know that the Cardinal's 'Justice for Immigrants' (but not American citizens), plans to "educate and galvanize Catholics," to break our immigration laws, by having priests exhort their Catholic parishioners from their pulpits, to join in the conspiracy to 'aid and abet' those same illegal alien crimes, by committing additional acts that are also illegal, illegal, illegal and illegal!(40)

    6. Unfortunately, McCarrick goes on to say: "The simple truth is clear: We must welcome the stranger [illegal aliens], for in his or her face we see Christ. Sadly, the migration [of illegal aliens] experience today, according to the bishops of both countries, is far from the Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed."(39)

    Translated, God's Kingdom should supercede America's immigration laws, therefore, by implication our country's immigration laws are to be ignored! It is clear that McCarrick also believes that the church 'faithful' are expected to criminally 'aid and abet' those 'migrant' illegal aliens, all with the church's encouragement and blessings!

    What McCarrick's Catholic Church desires is to continue to criminally enable the human tsunami of Hispanic and Latino illegal aliens who are overwhelming our country, until it inevitably divides America into two languages, cultures, and societies. His expectations are that church's 'good Catholics' should 'aid and abet' those illegal Hispanic/Latinos hordes who are balkanizing our cities and towns, degrading and overwhelming our schools, hospitals and jails and draining our 'public benefits' and welfare systems dry! For shame! For shame!

    7. Some 67.3 million Catholic faithful are expected to 'aid and abet', which represents about one-forth of the U.S. population.(41) It is no secret that: "For years, its [Catholic] leaders have supported proposals to give legal status to undocumented workers [illegal aliens] but the new campaign ['Justice for Immigrants' (but not for American citizens)] focuses on the grass roots by, for example, providing outlines of sermons to priests and enlisting Catholic lay groups to promote the church's message [to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens], officials [of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops] said."(42)

    McCarrick's 'partners in crime' include: "Bishop James Tamayo of Laredo, TX; Celia Rivas of the Spanish Catholic Center in Gaithersburg, MD; and . . . 20 Catholic organizations, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Relief Services, and the U.S. Jesuit Conference, to name a few."(40)

    8. Another homily by McCarrick, speaking in both Spanish and English, says: "When there is a moral issue that concerns so many of our people, [Hispanics and Latinos] we have to speak. This is a special moment in the history of the Catholic church and the history of migration."(39)

    Oh yes . . . it certainly is a 'special moment' for which the Catholic Church will be roundly condemned for its 'morally bankrupt' program of fostering the blatant disregard of the immigration laws and sovereignty of the United States of America. But most of all, the church will be vigorously denounced for its 'slap in the face' to all honest, law-abiding, American citizens! A proud moment indeed!


    Who Are Those Catholic Illegal Alien Enablers?

    1. "The Mexican Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hermosillo plans to open two shelters for migrants in the Mexican border communities of Naco and Nogales [in America] . . . The Rev. Cayetano Cagbrera [said]: We've already begun by giving away meals from the church in Naco, but our objective is to open a shelter where we can house people who need the help of the church [to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens to break our immigration laws]."(43)

    Migrants [illegal aliens] already find help at a shelter started by the Rev. Rene Castanedo Castro, former head of the migrant [illegal alien] ministry for the Hermosillo Archdiocese "in Altar, a community about 60 miles SOUTH of the Arizona border that serves as a staging center for migrants [illegal aliens] heading north."(43)

    "The migrant shelter gives them an air-conditioned room to sleep in, a meal and a place to bathe and wash their clothes, all behind the protection of a 10-foot wall . . . [s]ince the shelter opened in 2000, more than 14,000 people have stayed there before heading north [to America]."(43)

    2. "The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake is getting on board a national effort ['Justice for Immigrants,' but not for American citizens] by church leaders to work toward comprehensive immigration reform that will include a broad legalization plan for undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens]."(44)

    "Bishop George Niederauer said his diocese isn't new to the immigration debate. Earlier this year, Bishop Niederauer wrote a letter to Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr, opposing SD277 --now law-- which replaces undocumented immigrants' [illegal aliens] drivers' licenses with driving privilege cards [which they shouldn't have either because they are criminals that are here illegally!]."(44) Apparently, the 'good' bishop believes illegal aliens should have regular driver's licenses, the same a American citizens and LEGAL immigrants have.

    3. "Eight years ago Sister Margaret Rose Smyth had to go out of her way to find illegal immigrants who might need her help, listening for Spanish conversations at the Kmart on the North Fork of Long Island. Now every day, Sister Margaret, a Roman Catholic nun who is the director of the North Fork Spanish Apostolate, typically sees off two early-morning busses filled with laborers [illegal aliens] seeking work along the Long Island Expressway, giving them business tips and moral support [and defying our immigration laws by 'aiding and abetting' aliens to work here illegally]."(45)

    "The housing and construction boom has more people working.' Sister Margaret said, noting that new she sees 1,000 migrants [illegal aliens] from Mexico and Central America, most of them undocumented [illegal aliens], at church each week. Somebody made it to Riverhead and got the word out,' she said."(45) As they say . . . if you build it, they will come!!!

    Meanwhile . . . "In the process, longtime residents are being forced to confront the issue of illegal immigration as never before, dotting the national map with dozens of new battlefronts in the debate on workers living in the United States without legal status."(45)

    Sister Margaret is obviously proud of her work, engaging in the illegal activity of 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens. Shamefully Sister Margaret has ignored American immigration laws by bringing in, encouraging and sustaining illegal aliens in the surrounding local Long Island communities. Her behavior is egregiously criminal. Sister Margaret's illegal alien crusade has disrupted and harmed the lives of Long Island's good, honest, hard working, law-abiding, American citizens. Her misplaced compassion for illegal aliens, has caused untold chaos in the lives of many innocent citizens in the areas where illegal aliens reside, causing a negative impact in those communities.

    In Sister Margaret's zealous drive to increase church attendance she has irrevocable altered the surrounding community. This she has done this in the name of Christ, with little or no regard, nor any apparent Christian caring and concern, for the rest of the community, leaving in her wake, an ongoing tragedy for the people of Long Island!

    4. Roman Catholic priests, Franciscan brothers, community activists and residents who joined Mexican day laborers [illegal aliens] in protesting their evictions from an overcrowded house [a 900 square foot home, housing more than 60 individuals] in Farmingville said yesterday they were offended by Suffolk Executive Steve Levy labeling them 'a 1 percent lunatic fringe.'"(46)

    Levy's comment, made in response to the verbal attack of the Rev. Allan Ramirez of the Brookville reformed Church and Patrick Young of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance who said Levy, who is enforcing the zoning laws of Farmingville, is involved in "ethnic cleansing" and has a "Napoleonic complex," and is considered "Public Enemy No. 1" by the Latino Community. This is the kind of abuse that is hurled, not just in Farmingville, but all across America, at ANYONE who would dare to enforce ANY of our laws against illegal aliens.(46)

    5. The Annunciation House acts as a waystation for illegal aliens. It is in a residential neighborhood that is a 10-minute walk from the U.S. border in El Paso, TX. The 'waystation' is used by illegal aliens "from Mexico and other parts of Latin America on their way to the 'fields, hotels and restaurants to the north. The shelter runs on private donations from unnamed Catholic residents of El Paso."(47)

    "There is no sign announcing Annunciation House. Unless a person knows differently, the old brick building in El Paso, Texas, almost looks abandoned . . . Knowledge of the Annunciation House spreads along the migrant [illegal alien] trail by word of mouth . . . During their short stays a Annunciation house, migrant [illegal aliens] collect the energy to continue their journey into the United States."(47)

    "Mary Fontana, a 22-year-old recent college graduate, has seen hundreds of people such as Carlos [an illegal alien] since she came to Annunciation Hours in October. According to the shelter's records, more than 20,000 people [illegal aliens] have stayed at the Annunciation House in the past five years."(47)

    Mary is spending a year volunteering at the Annunciation House, before going on to graduate school. She learned about the Annunciation House in a book about volunteer opportunities (from the Catholic Church perhaps?). Her logic for participating in the illegal activity of supporting, harboring and housing illegal aliens is: "Americans need to realize how lucky they are to be born in this country . . . You won the world lottery. If you lose your job, there is a support system [unemployment compensation which you fund by your taxes]. There are free public schools [Mexican schools are not free?]. . . You have that, not because you earned it, but because you were born here. People look at these immigrants [illegal aliens] and they think they don't deserve to be here [they shouldn't be here], but is that accident of birth enough to bar them from all those things you want for yourself and your family [yes]?"(47)

    Mary needs to recognize that her misguided, misplaced compassion for illegal aliens is a criminal act. Where are her parents? Do they know she is breaking the laws of our country with such impunity? Since Mary receives only $8.00 a month in spending money, in addition to her 'room and board' how does she manage? My guess is that her parents are helping her and therefore they too are 'aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Mary's should understand that her 'accident of birth' is a product of her parents and her parents, parents, etc., having worked hard and long to provide for her. For some reason Mary seems to think that poverty exists only south of the border. She needs to wake up! Mary, should quit breaking our laws by participating in such criminal activities and go find some American citizens or legal residents to lavish her compassion upon.

    One wonders if Mary has any clue as to the 'hell' she is unleashing on honest, decent, law-abiding Americans, by 'aiding and abetting' the illegal aliens that use the Annunciation House. Just one small vignette might enlighten her: Since 'Operation Hold the Line' was instituted it has posed "an impenetrable obstacle course that separates Juarez, Mexico, from the Ascarate Municipal Golf Course in El Paso [the town where the Annunciation House is a 'waystation' for those illegal aliens that still get through] . . . Hold the Line is designed to push illegal immigrants out of the cities where it is easy to quickly blend in and disappear, and into the open areas where it is difficult to hide . . . Operation Hold the Line really improved the quality of life in El Paso, Garcia said. The year before it began, we apprehended 285,000 trying to cross into El Paso [keeping in mind that for every one they catch three get though]. That has dried up by 70 percent."(47)

    However, holes open in other places "affecting small towns such as Fabens, Texas, and Columbus, N.M. . . . Before sunrise or right after sunset, people gather in the Mexican town of Las Palomas to make their run at the border. Three miles away sits Columbus, N.M. . . . With a population of 1,500, Columbus' downtown is a dusty block with one of everything -- a small grocery store, a police station, a town hall and the Patios Cafe, the town's social center . . . The town was built on ranching, but the once quiet life there is being replaced by [100 mile-an-hour] high-speed chases through town, fence cutting, burglary [twenty stolen cars abandoned in the area in one month] and drug runner revenge against landowners [on whose property the police burn large amounts of confiscated marijuana, or] who call the authorities."(47) Then there is . . .

    6. The Rev. Bob Vitaglione, a priest at St. Joseph's Catholic church, in Brooklyn, NY, where he delivers prayers at his daily Masses in Haitian-Creole, Italian and Spanish. For 22 years he has helped 'criminal aliens' fight for a second chance . . . " 'Father Bob' believes that: "No one should be left alone in our society, undefended. Otherwise we drift backwards to fascism - easily . . . We spilled a lot of blood in World War II to put and end to that." And, speaking about the latest human tsunami wave of illegal aliens overrunning New York, Father Bob calls their ordeals "'legalized, sanitized equivalent of the slave of 1857' since they often shoulder menial jobs and long hours." Oh, I guess no one but those illegals do those menial jobs with long hours. What nonsense!(4

    Father Bob also believes that: "Our democracy only works if the worst have somebody to speak up for them - or the fascists will be licking their chops." Father Bob needs to understand that he is breaking federal immigration laws to 'aid and abet' illegal aliens. Father Bob also needs to understand that a democracy only works if its citizens obey the laws of that democracy. Father Bob 'fobs off' any criticism of his 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens by pointing to the heavens and saying: "Take it up with the head of the firm." Again we find that the priests of the Catholic Church believe that they are above the law and are bound only by what they consider God's law . . . and yet he speaks of a democracy. Does he not know that we are a republic that is based on laws? Again what nonsense!(4

    How the Catholic 'Charities' USA 'Aids and Abets' Illegal Aliens:

    Charities is perhaps a misnomer . . . because it appears that the vast majority (67%) of the money they receive does NOT come from charity. Unless one considers taxpayer dollars, as charity! It seems that the Catholic 'Charities' is really a 'front group' that administers, controls and manages social programs for federal, state, county and local governments through contracts and outright 'grants' for programs and projects that provide a variety of 'social services' and 'public benefits.'(49)

    This includes many, many subsidized housing programs, across the country for which the Catholic 'Charities' and others, receive or control multi-billion-dollar 'slices' of funding from the federal government's Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) perpetuating the $ 37.5 billion dollar a year, subsidized housing industry.(50) Other programs include receiving hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, in grants to Catholic 'Charities' annually from state, county and local taxpayers for such things as operating local 'day laborer' sites for illegal aliens.(51) All done with taxpayer funded government 'grants,' which is 'free' (to them, but not to you), money that the 'charities' don't have to pay back!(52)

    1. Where do Catholic Charities agencies get their funding? "In 2000, about 67 percent of funding for Catholic Charities agencies programs comes from state, local, and federal government grants and contracts to provide services such as day care or welfare-to-work programs. Another 14 percent of Catholic Charities funding comes from private support-the church, donors, United Way, and CFC funds. In addition, program fees (10%), investment income (6%), and in-kind income (3%) support Catholic Charities agency programs . . . [for a total of] $2.69 billion [in 2000]."(49)

    In addition, for the fiscal year 2004-2005 CCUSA Housing Counseling received "nearly $2 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to fund 40 agencies’ housing counseling programs . . . the largest housing grant given by HUD . . . to a national organization [just] for comprehensive housing counseling programs . . . [to] manage the distribution of HUD funds to agencies and oversees the training of agency staff and the implementation of the program."(53)

    2. Catholic Charities "Welcome Refugees, Asylees, and Immigrants: Immigrants-including documented and undocumented workers [illegal aliens], refugees, and asylees [many who come here illegally, who] --come to the U.S. seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Often, they are fleeing racial, religious, social, or political persecution in their home countries."(54) The problem with this 'admirable' list of reasons is the fact that the millions upon millions of Mexican illegal aliens are coming here for purely economic reasons which is NOT included in the list! Do you know how many billions of people around the world would fit into the 'economic' category?

    3. Rubbing 'Salt in the Wound' the Catholic Charities states: "All immigrants [legal and illegal] are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. To this end, (CCUSA) [Catholic Charities USA] promotes legislative reforms to restore federal benefits to legal immigrants, increase admissions of refugees and asylees [many of which come here illegally], create better opportunities for undocumented workers [illegal aliens] to earn legalization, allow immigrants [this includes illegal aliens] to reunite with their families more easily [by bring their families to America], and improve protections for immigrants [including illegal aliens] under federal laws, including labor laws."(54)

    4. A Snapshot of ONE 'Tiny' Area Serviced By Catholic Charities: "Juan is a migrant [illegal alien] farm worker in Greeley harvesting crops to send money to his destitute family. With little or no migrant [illegal alien] housing available, Juan and most other farm workers [illegal aliens] live 20-to-a-hotel room or in vans or cars. To address this critical need, Catholic Charities will open Plaza del Sol Migrant [Illegal Alien] Housing for single [illegal alien] men in March 2004."(55)

    "Migrant [Illegal Alien] Farm Worker Housing: Plaza del Milagro housed 67 farm worker [illegal alien] families with 246 children in 2003, 88 children from 51 [illegal alien] families received child care . . . Immigration Services helped 143 clients in the Western Slope and 664 Households were helped by our Immigrant [legal and illegal] Community Advocacy program."(55)

    This is only ONE tiny area of this vast United States of America that is serviced by the Catholic Charities. Multiply the numbers given by every town or city, then, times the number of states, to get SOME idea of the vastness or territory and the numbers of illegal aliens that are 'aided and abetted' by the 1400 local Catholic Charities agencies with 51,004 paid staff, and 168,548 volunteers providing essential services to more than 9 million people annually.(49)(56)

    5. If Illegal aliens need legal help, no problem: There is the Catholic Charities Legal Services (CCLS). "Over 1000 individuals seek the services of CCLS each month . . . [t]hese individuals confront a complex immigration law [certainly no fear of being deported unless they commit ANOTHER crime] and a confusing bureaucracy. Many have unhealed wounds from a painful past [who doesn't!]. Many encounter unexpected bigotry and barriers as they adjust to a new culture and a new way of life. They face an uncertain future [so do the legal citizens of America if the Catholic Charities continues to ignore our immigration laws!]."(57)

    6. According to Randolph P. McGrorty, the Executive Director or CCLS: "The successful accomplishment of our mission transforms individuals from 'illegal aliens' to productive, participating members of our community. In turn, their contributions strengthen and diversify our nation."(57) Yessiree . . . THAT is something to be proud of, aiding a abetting of illegal aliens in contravention of our immigration laws while at the same time celebrating the desire to diversify, diversify, diversify, in contravention of our 'melting pot' and our national motto E pluribus unum (Out of many, ONE!). If they are allowed to keep going, as they have in the past, the Catholic Church and Charities will soon achieve their goal of a nation divided by language, divided by culture and a divided society. Congratulations, great job!

    7. Why Do The Illegal Aliens Come? Here's why: "Just a week ago, the Hernandez family -- Juan, Isabel and baby Ivette -- left Texas and arrived in Greeley, where Juan Hernandez had farm work awaiting him. Upon arrival, they found out they qualified to live in a two-bedroom furnished apartment at the Plaza del Sol housing complex, provided by Catholic Charities Farm Labor Housing. On Tuesday night, they found out where they can get dental care for $5, at the Sunrise Community Health Center; and day care for 10-month old Ivette, in the Migrant Head Start program, provided by the Family Educational Network of Weld County. As they waited in line for the Sunrise Health Clinic van, Juan Hernandez said life's treating them pretty well in Greeley."(5

    8. First Ever 'Migrant (Illegal Alien) Services' Fair Sponsored by CCUSA: "Representatives of 12 area and state agencies set up booths at the Plaza del Sol farm housing complex, 2501 Ash Ave., Tuesday night in the first-ever Migrant [illegal alien] Services Fair to educate migrant [illegal alien] farm worker families about what's available to them. About 50 migrant [illegal alien] mothers, fathers and children took advantage of the event, sponsored by the Northern Colorado Migrant [Illegal Alien] Coalition and hosted by Catholic Charities Farm Labor Housing Corporation."(5

    9. Participating agencies in the 'Migrant (Illegal Alien) Fair, included:

    * Weld County Employment Services * Family Educational Network of Weld County Migrant Head Start
    * Rocky Mountain SER * Catholic Charities * Catholic Charities Farm Labor Housing * Centennial BOCES
    * Sunrise Community Health Center * Division of Vocational Rehab (Colorado Department of Human Services)
    * Colorado Legal Services * Latino Research Center * Wells Fargo * Affordable Residential Communities

    * Health Department of Weld County(5

    "The information they are giving us is important because we're from Mexico, so we still don't know very much about here yet," said Cigala, who lives with her husband and children in Plaza del Sol.(5

    10. "In the Catholic tradition, people have a right to migrate if they can not support their families. In turn, the United States, a country of great wealth and power, has an obligation to both work toward economic and social justice in other countries so as to reduce the need for migration, and, to the extent of its resources, to accommodate those who must migrate."(59) This quote came from the CCUSA in a letter to Congress in support of the McCain-Kennedy 'Guest Worker' bill.

    Translated . . . The Church insists that the laws of the United States are superfluous because they believe that the accommodation of the 'migrant' is above and beyond our laws! Clearly the Catholic Church believes that the migrant [illegal alien] has more rights than law-abiding Americans and that our sovereignty means absolutely nothing!

    11. "Our [CCUSA] views on immigration policy are also shaped by the experience of our agencies, which each year help over half a million immigrants [illegal aliens] and refugees [many who come here illegally] to succeed in the their adopted country. Through immigration legal services, language instruction, job training and placement, and social services, our agencies are witness to the incredible capacity for hard work and strong family life of newcomers [illegal aliens] to our country. Moreover, Catholic Charities’ staffs and parish volunteers observe each day the unjust and counterproductive effects of U.S. immigration policies [they mean our immigration laws that remain unenforced] which often undermine workplace fairness and separate families. As outlined by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in their pastoral letter, Strangers No Longer, we come to defend for the migrant [illegal alien]."(59)

    Translated . . . Since we are 'above and beyond the law,' you as a good Catholics are expected to criminally 'aid and abet' illegal aliens, because the Catholic Church and Charities does that and says you should too!!!!

    12. "We believe that no immigrant should be treated as an outsider or economic threat. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ who are searching for the better life they deserve [conversely, the rest of us law abiding citizens and legal residents, be damned!]. . . CCUSA is particularly supportive of provisions of the McCain-Kennedy bill [Oh, I bet they are!] that would allow undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] to register for a temporary [and who will see to it that they go home at the end of the] six-year visa [and other visas that] . . . could eventually lead to permanent residence [which means they can petition the government for 'family reunification' in order to bring their family members here] status for many of the ten million [actually 18-20 million or more] undocumented immigrants in the United States today and the thousands [actually millions] of migrants [illegal aliens] who will arrive at America’s borders in the future."(59)

    13. "At St. Cecilia's Church in New York's East Harlem neighborhood, Regina Kirk directs a Catholic Charities support program for Mexican and Ecuadorian mothers - virtually all of them undocumented . . . Mary Ellen Ros, executive director of Catholic Charities Community Services in New York, said her agency assists roughly 80,000 immigrants a year, many from families with at least one member in the United States illegally."(60) Think about that! This is just ONE of the 1400 Catholic Charities local agencies and institutions.(56)

    14. Lastly, a quote by Mia Crosthwaite who is a legislative liaison for the diocese of Boise and Catholic Charities of Idaho and coordinator of adult Catholic education who is dutifully following the Church's mandate:

    "We are called to pastorally and lovingly respond to the immigrant [illegal alien] we find in our midst. In the end, we will be judged by how we treated the least of these. Did we welcome them? Did we clothe, feed and give drink to them [and house them, educate them, provide free emergency care for them and more, much much, more]? All around us is Jesus in the beautiful disguise of the Mexican illegal alien." Well . . . at least she didn't call them "undocumented!"(61)

    15. The Catholic Church's Announced Mandate: "Before God all are equal; the earth was given by God to all. The native does not have superior rights over the immigrant [Translation, our government's laws are superceded by God's laws]. While no country has the duty to receive so many immigrants that its social and economic life are jeopardized [which is exactly what IS happening here in America], we should recognize that when a person cannot achieve a meaningful life [what exactly is a 'meaningful life'] in his or her own land, that person has the right to move."(62)

    Translation . . . it means that even if we are so overwhelmed with illegal aliens that our quality of life is threatened, it doesn't matter because, according to the Catholic Church, the Mexicans and other Hispanics have the right to continue to invade America, and all Catholics are mandated to welcome them!

    "The Church is especially concerned with undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Their presence is often considered criminal [it IS a criminal violation of our immigration laws] since they arrive without legal permission [in violation of our country's immigration laws]. However, their lack of legal status [they are here illegally] does not deprive them of rightsâ€
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    This article should be framed and treated as an official document to the truth of what is going on in 2005.
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    Let's hope that dear little Mary doesn't get gang banged by some of those illegals. Any woman who has ever encountered a group of Hispanic men knows what I'm talking about.

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    Since they're working as a political organization, I'd like to see their tax exempt status removed.

    At least it would be a start.
    It's like hell vomited and the Bush administration appeared.

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