Published Thursday, Jun. 5, 6:50 pm

Eric Cantor’s promise of citizenship for illegal immigrants has opened the floodgates on our border. Eric Cantor has repeatedly – over and over and over again – promised citizenship for those who illegally enter our country. Mr. Cantor continues to demand citizenship for illegal immigrants, and continues to work to erase our borders. He has put our country in danger.

Many of us have been shocked to read Eric Cantor’s lies about his own pro-amnesty record. Eric Cantor saying he opposes amnesty is like Barack Obama saying he opposes Obamacare. His big money donors in LA and New York – the donors for whom he works – are hoping to re-elect Mr. Cantor on these lies so he can deliver them cheap labor.

Virginia workers are suffering. And the only thing Eric Cantor cares about is delivering low-wage foreign workers to his corporate donors.

I have called on Eric Cantor to release the names of the corporate lobbyists he is working with on immigration and he has refused. I am here today in front of Eric Cantor’s office to tell Cantor that hard-working Virginians cannot continue to go unrepresented in Washington. I am here asking the media today: hold Eric Cantor accountable for selling out our district to his corporate backers. Ask him to release the names of the wealthy immigration lobbyists who are more important to him than his own constituents.

Cantor drafted the House Leadership amnesty plan, which according to the Wall Street Journal, contains the same core elements as the Obama-Reid immigration plan. Cantor’s plan – known as the House Immigration Principles – includes amnesty for all illegals and it includes a massive boost in cheap foreign labor for corporations. His plan has won praise from President Obama, Chuck Schumer and Luis Gutierrez. While I have signed a no-amnesty pledge, Eric Cantor authored a plan to pass amnesty! Eric Cantor is the most pro-amnesty Republican in Congress.

There is no member of Congress more beholden to global corporate interests than Eric Cantor. He has spoken for hours and hours about immigration yet never once spoken one word – one word – about protecting unemployed American citizens… about protecting the jobs of college students, single mothers, and working families. He doesn’t work for you. He works for larger corporations seeking a never-ending supply of low-wage foreign workers. He even praised the Chamber of Commerce guest worker proposal that drives down American wages and imports millions of guest workers to take their jobs.

Eric Cantor is trying to turn Virginia workers into an underclass in their own country. If he is re-elected he will resume his cheap labor crusade with everything he has. There is no lie he won’t say, no deal he won’t cut, no arm he won’t twist, to deliver low-wage foreign workers his corporate donors.

A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for open borders.

A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for amnesty.

A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote to sell America to the highest bidder.

Eric Cantor and the multinational corporations backing him think they can buy this election. I am calling on the people of Virginia tonight: prove them wrong. Protect your family, your jobs, and your freedom. Stand up for your country. Vote for me on June 10th and let’s stop amnesty once and for all. This is where we draw the line. This is the moment the middle class fights back.