Tuesday, May 30, 2017 03:40 PM

The scuffle that broke out in Texas during a protest against the state's sanctuary cities is a sign the nation is approaching "anarchy," Michael Cutler, a former special agent with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, told Newsmax TV.

"This is the epitome of anarchy . . . the slippery slope to anarchy," Cutler told host Bill Tucker on Tuesday's "America Talks Live."

Tensions between Republicans and Democrats came to a boil Monday as protestors filled the Texas legislature in Austin to denounce a new state law that bans cities from giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants. One lawmaker appeared to shove a colleague as others rushed to pull them apart.

Afterward, Republican Matt Rinaldi tweeted he was physically assaulted by Rep. Ramon Romero and threatened by Rep. Pancho Nevarez.

Cutler said the protests take away from the commitment by law enforcement to stop crime committed by those in the United States illegally.

"When you shield illegal aliens from detection by ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], you lose the opportunity to find out who the [drug] traffickers was so you can prosecute them," Cutler told Tucker.

"Unlike the lies being spewed by the mayors of sanctuary cities, in fact, illegal aliens who are the victims of crimes can be given visas if they work with law enforcement to catch the guy that assaulted them. We give them those visas. They can work. They can stay here.

"If you can give us information about terrorists, criminal organizations, you can even get your family to come here as lawful immigrants. There's no better incentive."