Greg Abbott: Kamala Hasn't Contacted Me on the Border, Texas Is Alone in Dealing With the Crisis

By Brandon Morse | Jun 15, 2021 2:30 PM ET

Texas is one of the most affected border states when it comes to the Biden administration’s border crisis, and while they have said they’re going to send Vice-President Kamala Harris to address the situation, the VP has yet to make any attempt to contact him despite being put on the job back in March.

According to The Hill, Abbott appeared on the “Ruthless podcast” wherein he revealed that Harris, nor any of her representatives, have made his phone ring since she was appointed to the border crisis.

“The president hasn’t called, the vice president hasn’t called. The only person I’ve talked to are some folks in the Department of Homeland Security, and that was a long time ago,” Abbott said.

Abbott attributed the Biden administration’s absence to the fact that they’d rather pretend the border problem in Texas doesn’t exist.

“They have a game of pretend going on, they are pretending that the Texas border does not exist because they’re not talking about it either publicly or privately or calling us or anything else like that. They just have this attitude that the Texas border with Mexico does not exist,” Abbott said.

Abbott was asked toward the end of the podcast whether or not he felt totally alone when it comes to the border crisis, to which Abbott responded matter of factly “we are.”

Abbott has already begun taking steps to improve the situation at the border in the absence of the Biden administration. Last week, Abbott announced that he’s allocated $1 billion of his state’s fiscal year budget to completing the construction of the border wall.

“We have to build the border,” said Abbott. “I’ve been down here talking to the people in the Rio Grande Valley and the way they are being overrun is reprehensible, it’s disastrous what the Biden administration has done.”

On top of completing the wall’s construction, Abbott has increased arrests and issuances of jail sentences under the disaster declaration he declared earlier in the month.

Interestingly, while the Biden administration is content to ignore Abbott and Texas as the border crisis continues to escalate, Abbott says that his taking these actions has resulted in lawsuits from the Biden administration against Abbott.

Meanwhile, Harris’s contribution to fixing the border crisis included going to Guatemala and Mexico, and to tell them “do not come” which has all the confidence of all of Kamala’s fan that it will stem the tide.