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Thread: Honduras Travel Has It All: From Rugged Mountains to Deep Valleys

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    Honduras Travel Has It All: From Rugged Mountains to Deep Valleys

    Honduras Travel Has It All: From Rugged Mountains to Deep Valleys

    Tue, December 29, 2020, 11:30 AM EST

    LA CEIBA, HONDURAS / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2020 /

    Honduras is a country that a lot of people have heard of, but few people know a lot about. Honduras is the second-largest country in Central America, with the Caribbean Sea to the North and the North Pacific Ocean to the south.

    Guatemala lies to the west, El Salvador to the southwest, and Nicaragua to the southeast.

    Honduras travels is not just about the mountains that fill the interior. The country also contains numerous valleys throughout the interior highlands that are home to a variety of vegetation, from pine forests to remnants of dense rainforest.

    Offshore travel to the islands of Roatán, Utila, Guanaja, and other smaller islands that form the Bay Islands is full of adventure and relaxation. Of these islands, Roatán is probably the most popular for Honduras Travel.

    Honduras is an easily accessible destination. You can get there by plane in a short two and a half hour flight from either Houston or Miami, making it accessible for a long weekend. With little to no tourism budget for the country, many people have not even considered Honduras as an option. A look at all Honduras has to offer may change their minds.

    Honduras Travel Includes Mountains

    Nearly 80% of the interior of Honduras is made up of rugged, mountainous terrain that is largely undeveloped. The highest peak is Pico Congolón, located in the western part of the country. The peak rises more than 8,000 feet into the sky. The mountains are covered with mainly pine forests. To the east, you'll find Montaña de la Flor at just over 7,500 feet, El Boquerón at over 8,000 feet, and Pepe Bonito just shy of 8,000 feet. The mountains contain abundant wildlife like monkeys, birds, ocelots, and jaguars.

    Hiking in Honduras is amazing. Where else can you see mountains, valleys, rivers, rainforest, and the ocean all on one hike? There are many national parks in Honduras, with well-marked paths. Local guides are also available for hire. The hike to the highest peak will take one or two days, but the reward is spectacular, with hot springs nearby to soak your aching muscles. There are many shorter hikes through national parks, all with spectacular scenery you will come to associate with Honduras travel.

    Near the foot of the mountains, you'll find various lodging options like a small luxury hotel with 22 cabins, aptly named the Lodge at Pico Bonito. This lodge was named by National Geographic as one of the world's top ecolodges. It is so breathtakingly beautiful that Sports Illustrated chose the location to film one of their swimsuit issues.

    Honduras Travel Contains Valleys

    Where there are mountains, there will also be valleys. The lush, green valleys of Honduras contain all kinds of adventure, from whitewater rafting to ziplining. If you aren't the adventurous type, you can spend your day's birdwatching or picnicking in the green grass.

    La Campa is the location of Central America's highest zip-line. There are a total of six zip-lines that cross through a deep canyon, at one point soaring 1,246 feet above the ground. The zip-line is definitely for the thrill-seeker but isn't the easiest thing to find. You'll need to take a bus or car to get to La Campa. Next to the Palacio Municipalidad, you'll see an office marked "canopy extremo." From there, you'll need a ride in an SUV or small truck to get to the starting point. The hassle of getting there is worth the payout, with unprecedented views of the valleys below.

    The price is different for Hondurans than it is for tourists and you should be prepared to pay in cash.

    If birdwatching is more your speed, you'll find more than 770 bird species in your Honduras travel, including nearly 200 neotropical migrants. This is partly due to the climate but is more likely due to the high percentage of natural forest that covers the country. Over 90 protected areas dot the country. There are many guided tours available for a fee, or you can likely walkabout in the forest and see many bird species on your own.

    Honduras Travel Brings People to the Islands

    The three Bay Islands of Roatán, Utila, and Guanaja are located anywhere from 15 to 39 miles off the north coast of Honduras. Their location along the second-largest barrier reef in the world means they are the home to amazing snorkeling and diving.

    Utila is the choice for the budget-conscious traveler. Popular among backpackers because of its small size and lack of cars, the entire island is only about 17 square miles. You'll find a more laid-back crowd here, with low-cost scuba certification, which often comes with free or discounted accommodations. There is a multitude of amazing dive sites where you will encounter fish, coral, sponges, rays, sea turtles, and possibly even whale sharks. Utila is a small island with a tight-knit community and has a reputation for being safe when normal safety precautions are observed (i.e., walking with a group at night, securing your valuables, etc.)
    On the opposite end of the budget spectrum is Guanaja, discovered by Christopher Columbus on his final voyage to the New World.

    The weather on Guanaja is spectacular, staying between 75 and 88 for the majority of the year. The natives primarily speak English even though the official language is Spanish. The island is full of natural beauty, with 90% of the land dedicated as either a national forest reserve or a national marine park. Safety concerns that have tainted Honduras travel are not as common on the islands because they are smaller and less visited. You can even rent your own island on Clark's Cay.

    Last, but certainly not least is Roatán, the largest and most populated of the three Bay Islands. It has become a popular stopover for cruise ships as of late because of the wide variety of excursions that are available on the island. If a small Caribbean paradise is your wish, you should visit Roatán during your Honduras Travel.

    Honduras travel sincerely has something for everyone, from the adventure seeker to the laid-back backpacker. This country is worth traveling visiting to experience the beauty of the unspoiled nature firsthand.



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    Soros, Hollywood, Bloomberg, Gates, Zuckerberg should be investing their money in building up tourism down there. Keep your cheap labor back in their country where they belong.

    Send some manufacturing of Meds and clothing to Central America and Southern Mexico and put them to work. Why should we ship stuff from China when we can have business there.

    Build golf resorts, retirement communities, restaurants, RV resorts, condos, entertainment venues.


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