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Thread: Houston ‘F**k Trump’ Protest Wants “A World Without Police’

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    Houston ‘F**k Trump’ Protest Wants “A World Without Police’

    16 Nov 2016
    Houston, TX

    HOUSTON, Texas — A “F**k Trump” protest was held at the University of Houston that was billed as “A World Without Police.” It was organized by a group of the same name. DREAMers and “Undocumented! Unafraid!” activists were also part of the protest.
    The flyer reads: “F**k Trump No To Hillary & All ‘Lesser Evils.”

    It continues, “No one is coming to save us from these capitalist, racist and misogynist scum. We have only ourselves.”

    The notice also lists a website, AWORLDWITHOUTPOLICE.ORG, and a Facebook page, FB.COM/AWORLDWITHOUTPOLICE. When checked, the listed Facebook page shows the message, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

    “OUR PLAN,” says the organizers on the flyers in bold font and all caps is to:

    Protect each other from ICE and police
    Protect muslim, poc and queer folx from vigilante violence
    Provide each other sanctuary
    Disempower: build our capacity to rely on each other and keep cops out the hood
    Disarm: defund the police and take away the weapons they use against us
    Disband: abolish the police & transform society so that wealth is freely available to all!

    They say “TRUMP’S PLAN” is to:

    Cancel federal funding to Sanctuary Cities
    Deport “more than two million criminal illegal immigrants” and ban Muslim immigrants
    Build a wall at Mexican border
    Increase funding to train and assist local police
    Increase resources for federal law enforcement
    Expand military investment
    KHOU11 in Houston took video footage of the protest from their helicopter. Approximately 50 or more appeared to engage in, and/or watch the protest.

    Click2Houston interviewed students who were there protesting Donald Trump but also talked to a Trump supporter wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap. Gabe Grant told Click 2 News, “They think he’s against Hispanics, immigrants and black people. They think he’s racist, sexist, and homophobic. All that’s not true.”

    (video at source link)

    One of the protesters were reported to repeat a mantra that has now been adopted by the left, that they were protesting the Republican president-elect because “We are walking out against racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.”

    Some of the protesters went further, making demands of the administration at the University of Houston. Maria Trevino Rodriguez, a student, told the local NBC television station, “We want the university administration to take a stand and make a statement against [bigotry], ensuring that the University of Houston will be a safe space for these communities that feel threatened.” Rodriquez was reported to be the vice president of “The Youth Empowerment Alliance.”

    Looking at the Facebook page of “The Youth Empowerment Alliance” reveals that the group is part of the “undocumented and unafraid” movement and that DREAMers are apparently involved. This video shows a student who wants to go to law school speaking with shouts of “undocumented! – unafraid!” audible. She says she wants to be an immigration attorney.

    The University of Houston responded to the demands with a “UH Diversity and Inclusion Statement.”

    A third-year law student at the University, Dylan Blackwell, told Breitbart Texas that another student “used UH resources to print out the nearly two reams-worth of flyers.” He expressed the opinion that the flyers “were very politically extreme.” Blackwell said, “reviewing the flyers you will see that the protest in itself went much further than just disapproving of Trump’s proposed policies, but in fact called for something similar to 19th century Northern Mexico Anarchy and was rather extreme.”
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    These are not people we want in our country. We do not want people who don't respect our country, who march in the streets, who call people they don't know names, who live their lives based on their race or origin, and expect to take over our nation and turn it into a lawless land of gypsies.

    They're stealing our jobs and money, they're stealing our educations and seats in colleges, they're stealing the professional trades those degrees line them up for, they've stolen the Democratic Party, and until Trump came along, were making a great deal of headway in stealing the Republican Party.

    This has to end, all those here illegally must be deported, no exceptions, on the earliest date possible, and we must order a 10 to 20 Year Moratorium on All Immigration until we sort this mess out. We don't need immigration at all, our country is full to the brim, our pot is boiling over, we're bankrupt, we're in debt, 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, WE'RE BROKE!!!

    Stop this nonsense. Deport them all. Put CNN out of business, boycott until they're off the air entirely with MSNBC right behind them. We can NOT tolerate 24 hour a day foreign propaganda coming across our news channels. We need new companies that report the news not sell anti-American propaganda after after hour all day long. It's sickening what is going on. We have the power to stop it and we must.
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