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Thread: Illegal Alien Bit by Copperhead After Cartel Coyotes Abandon Him in Texas

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    Illegal Alien Bit by Copperhead After Cartel Coyotes Abandon Him in Texas

    by BOB PRICE
    28 Oct 2016

    An illegal immigrant from Mexico who had been bitten by a venomous snake was rescued after being abandoned by cartel coyotes in the Texas desert. An Air and Marine Operations (AMO) aircrew and helicopter were dispatched by U.S. Border Patrol agents after receiving information on Tuesday about the man’s plight.

    Two women who had been traveling with a large group of illegal immigrants whom had just crossed the border from Mexico turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents in Alpine, Texas. The women advised the agents that a man had been abandoned by the group after being bitten by a venomous snake. The agents quickly dispatched an AMO search team to find the distressed illegal immigrant, according to information received from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials by Breitbart Texas.

    AMEMS-AIA Agent Derek Richardson administers life-saving medical attention to snake-bit illegal immigrant. (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

    The AMO aircrew included an Air and Marine Emergency Medical Service-trained Air Interdiction Agent (AMEMS-AIA). The aircrew located the man in the desert south of Highway 90 near the town of Alpine. That Big Bend-area town is located about 80 miles north of the Texas/Mexico border.

    The man was suffering the effects of heat-stroke secondary to his wound from the snake. The snake had bitten the man in the lower leg. AMEMS-AIA Agent Derek Richardson quickly administered life-saving medical assistance, officials said. He quickly splinted and stabilized by Agent Richardson. The foreign national was transported by the AMO helicopter to the Big Bend Regional Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition.

    The snake-bite victim had been traveling with a larger group of illegal immigrants who were being smuggled into Texas by cartel coyotes. The coyotes reportedly abandoned the group at some point during the night of October 25 and left the group to fend for themselves in the hazardous and dangerous area. The larger group split up into smaller groups as they made their way through the desert night.

    The victim was traveling with one of the smaller groups when he was struck in the lower leg by the venomous snake. The group left him behind with “little idea of where he was located or what his condition would be if found,” officials reported. Fortunately for the victim, the two women made their way to Border Patrol agents in Alpine and reported his condition and approximate whereabouts.

    Immigrant airlifted to hospital after being stabilized in the desert. (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

    “Providing a humanitarian effort is a large part of what we do at AMO. People are coming into our country illegally every day, and they are risking their lives by crossing rugged terrain and trusting in people who leave them to die,” Agent Richardson said in a written statement. “We work extremely hard to try to locate and save those who have been abandoned or injured.”

    It is not uncommon for cartel coyotes to abandon their human cargo. They do so whenever someone is unable to keep up or fear they group may be captured by Border Patrol agents or other law enforcement officers.

    “There are not many guides who actually care about the people they are smuggling into this country,” Richardson explained. “They just take their money and leave the pieces behind for us to pick up.”

    These types of cases are seen repeatedly all along our southern border with Mexico. Breitbart Texas reported on Friday that in one Texas county alone (Brooks County), the remains of 53 abandoned illegal immigrants have been recovered this year despite the best efforts of federal, state, and county law enforcement.
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    We should make a deal with Mexico that would enable us to medevac injured or ill illegals found in the desert directly to a hospital on the Mexican side of the border. Why should American taxpayers be forced to foot the bill through increased insurance premiums and government subsidies to a border hospital? Furthermore, Mexico should be held accountable and forced to pay for any transportation and assistance expenses incurred!

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    Hand their dead people over to Mexico as well. Let them identify them and find their relatives...NOT US Taxpayers!

    Same with the pregnant ones...immediate U-Turn right back over the border!

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