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    Illegal Alien Charged After 2-Year-Old Son Found Dead in Trash Can

    Illegal Alien Charged After 2-Year-Old Son Found Dead in Trash Can

    by John Binder 21 Jun 2020

    Lorenzo Gonzalez, a 39-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, has been arrested and charged with second-degree felony child endangerment after police said he left his two-year-old son Frankie Gonzalez in the care of the child’s mother who was barred from being left alone with her children.

    According to police, Gonzalez had been ordered by Child Protective Services (CPS) not to leave his three children alone with their mother, 35-year-old Laura Jane Villalon, who has a history of drug use.

    On May 28, though, police said Gonzalez dropped all three of the children off unsupervised with Villalon. On June 1, Villalon reported their son, Frankie, missing. The next day, police said Villalon led them to her son’s body in a metal trash can nearby a church.

    Police allege that Frankie died in Villalon’s care on May 28, the day Gonzalez dropped him off, and that Villalon disposed of the child’s body the following day before reporting him missing.

    The surviving two children, an affidavit claims, tested positive for meth and are now in the care of CPS officials.

    Villalon has been arrested and charged with first-degree felony injury of a child. She is being held at the McLennan County Jail. Gonzalez is being held in McLennan County Jail on a $50,000 bond.
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    ICE needs to go in and get his ENTIRE illegal alien family off our soil.

    Send his children to Foster Care in Mexico.

    Chain deportation!


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    If the wall had been built like we were promised back in the 80s during the king of all amnesties, that kid would still be alive, and the family likely employed with a decent wage in Mexico.

    Building the wall, and forcing Mexico to solve its issues is the most compassionate thing that can be done.

    I saw a youtube video where it was described that because of a lack of a border wall young women are raped on their way up from central America. Young central American men are often killed by the cartels in satanist rituals. Make no mistake these are satanists who form the core of the cartels.

    Young kids sold into slavery and prostitution, some don't even make it up north. Why would anyone hate their kid so much that they'd expose them to the endless dangers of traveling through Mexico as an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT in MEXICO. We are more compassionate with illegals, too much, compared to the Mexicans.

    The Mexicans deport on the spot.

    Build the wall, do the compassionate thing. End the magnet. These nations are losing their most energetic, most active, and those who can enact the most change to the great magnet of the North.

    The great criminal enterprises of the south would see the drug trade severely curtailed and the end of the failed drug war would bring peace to Mexicans and Americans.

    Mexicans could then prosper on their own lands, free to pursue trades without the specter of organized crime haunting them.

    Americans battling the opioid epidemic would have their supply of smack cut off. They could get clean and into a job.

    For our great nation is in disarray and we cannot, and should not be world police in 3rd world dumpster fires while our nation is under a cold civil war.

    The United States cannot afford overseas military operations while the household is in shambles. Who gives a shit about the third world. Let the Chinese and Russians inherit this endless quagmire that is the war on terror. They can have the fool's errand. No more war. Stop wasting American blood for nonsense.

    In Summary:
    Build the wall. Bring our troops home. No more useless mid-east wars. Stay out of 3rd world dumpster fire nation civil wars. Rebuild America.

    Any nation that wants to fight can eat a nuke.

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    Bring our troops home from Germany and all over the world. Let these countries ENLIST their own men and women and pay them a wage.

    Our troops paychecks are being spent in Germany and these countries and not spent here in our economy.

    These countries have thousands of fleeing men and women...enlist them where they live!

    Put our troops on our Federal Land on OUR border and let them do training exercises with TANKS and bulldoze the brush where these illegals hide. Let our troops report illegals to Border Patrol where they are picked up and IMMEDIATELY expelled back over the FIRST border they illegally crossed including the UACs.

    No more free airplane ride home, we are not their Travel Agent. Their Embassy pays for their travel back or NO more work visa's, or any visa's should be issued to these countries and they cannot come here!


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