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    On topic ..."..Sanctuary cities, "safe havens, and the law"

    What I have failed to find out is the disclosure of ,
    HOW MUCH in Federal funding is granted to all programs under the banner of Sanctuary.
    Where are the funds going?
    To whom and how much?
    Follow the money trail...

    This exposure for all illegal gifting under Sanctuary status and the illegal $$$$$ from the Federal Gov't in deference to the 1986 law has never been , to my knowledge exposed.

    How can we blow the lid off this dirty secret?

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    Talking about this on FOX RIGHT NOW!
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    Holder is a joke, he is making it up as he goes. He is a dirgrace

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    Sanctuary Cities Immune From Federal Law
    Last Updated: Fri, 07/16/2010 - 11:43am

    Days after suing Arizona for “intrudingâ€
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